Monday, November 27, 2006

Back in Action

Sorta. Meaning, I am back and connected to the Internet. Wow. I can't believe it has been a week (almost) since my last post. But considering I have been on a boat, you can't blame me. Although, at one point while we rocking off the coast of Cabo, I was able to access the hotel across the bay's wireless. But that was a looong time ago...or so it seems.

Good God it is so hot. I am sitting in Nuevo Vallarta's wee Yacht Club sucking back a margarita I shouldn't be (I should be drinking water, damnit) and sweating buckets.

Ok, no, I don't want the snow that is apparently gracing the soggy city of Vancouver right now (Ha! Seriously though, I would rather snow than rain) but it is freakin like 35C (like 90 something for you Americans) and %100 humidity. Yuck, seriously.

Anyway, I have to back track a wee bit to almost a week ago and then, as the days go by, catch everyone up(and myself since I don't seem to know where I am or what day it is).

All right, so my American friend Jessie left on Monday (as did the Swedes) so it was a quiet last evening in the hotel before making it across the bay to the boat.

Below is a picture of my boat that Jesse took from the beach one day. Apparently, he took one of those waverunner/jetskis that eventually became my nemesis and went around the boat but no one was home. Probably on the shore looking for me. Or drinking tequila (He might have to consider going across the border to one of those Arizona alcohol rehab programs). Either one.

Anyhoo, my first official night over on the boat was the worst night EVER. There is, or was, a hurricane somewhere south and west of us, so the remnants of that was spewing towards us in the form of gigantic swells.

Now, if any of you even get remotely seasick, you would have been puking within minutes. These were HUGE swells coming in from the night, and sideways. Therefore, every couple of seconds or so you were thrown from the left and then the right. Back and forth, up and down. Oddly enough, you somewhat got used to the sounds of cupboards opening, frying pans flying out and becoming lethal weapons, books falling out, waves being washed on board and your whole world becoming slanted. Plus, whatever was going on in your insides. I don't know if it's good for your organs to get the benefits of a washing machine cycle but they do.

Anyway, next morning the waves calmed down a bit for us to go swimming.

Now, I would rather swim in the ocean than a pool. The ocean is always a bit more adventurous, while the pool is, well, boring. But the problem I have had with conquering the deep blue sea is the fact of SAND. Sand blows in your eyes, rides up your bum and in your suit (have you seen the waves here?) and leaves you with a sense of nitty gritty.

Not so when swimming off the boat. You get clear, warm water and refreshing waves that raise you up and down. The only real problem (as my poor mom found out) was being sucked under the boat as the waves came. But I managed to navigate that hurdle quite efficiently.

I have to say that despite the inconveniences of being offshore and the fact that the storm swells make sure you don't sleep a wink, nothing can be compared to swimming off the boat in water that is a tad* warmer than at home.

*OK well the warmest water at home that I have ever swam in was 17C, while in Cabo it's 25C.


Indiana said...

So you survived the crossing and are relaxing with a tequila based libation to ease the pain of sleepless nights, all while basking in the sun while your friends at home freeze in a snow storm...I feel for you. ~grin~

And I totally agree with you on the sand thing.

Kass said...

The water is so blue! Neat!!

And how dare you look so good in a bikini!

Scorpy said...

Glad you had a good break...except for the first day :)
That water looks amazing...I live in the tropics but our water isn't that blue unless we get out to the edge of the reef.

almost famous kiwi said...

How would you feel about a certain NZ guy coming to stay with you for a couple of weeks next March whilst he finds an appartment and job? He wanted me to ask you if it'd be ok. He's going to do a year work visa like I did the way I'm talking about Josh, not Jono...sorry hehehe

Wanderlusting said...

Kiwi-OMG I would LOVE if Josh came and lived with me WHEEEEE! What fun we would have!

amanda jane said...

I do envy you!!!

... with the loss of power from 9am until 2am, scary drivers, getting my vehicle stuck in the middle of the carport and a little bit of freezing to death with the heat cranked..... I HAVE to say... sea sick or not I'D TRADE YOU PLACES....NOW!!

almost famous kiwi said...

Yay he'll be sooo happy. I'm definatly going to come visit too a house full of Robson yaaaay.
I do feel bad that all you vancouverites are in the snow, and it is odd that you have snow and we don't in Montreal, but -5 is just a little crisp, try -30 and then you know the meaning of freezing!

Danny Cabeza de Calabazo said...

I love you ... I hate you but good blog

manders said...

The color of the water is AMAZING!

Wombat & Aspen said...

Is that 'kini made from the skin of the Yukon Zebra?


Karinaxoxo said...

omg it looks amazing... i never realised that area was soo gorgeous!!!

Vegas Princess said...

I can not get over how blue that water is! It is beautiful!

Oh and I'm with dare you!

M said...

oh my god your description of the boat and waves almost made me throw up. I get sea sick on any kind of water object in any kind of sea weather. *puuuuuke*.

Can I just say you are absolutely gorgeous! I mean, you always are in all your photos but I just had to say it today. I have a girl crush :)

Anonymous said...

I surfed in from M's blog (hope you don't mind).

You are so lucky! Those photos are gorgeous. The water is so blue ... like me, blue that I'm sitting here in the northeast awaiting winter. ;)

Wanderlusting said...

Indy - Sand is my nemesis. It gets in places it shouldn' your eyes ;)

Kass - phffff thanks to digital technology the pictures that weren't so flattering (and there were a LOT) magically disappeared.

Scorpy - Well you at least LIVE close by. I spent a few days out on Great Keppel Island and MAN that water is bluuuuueee.

Amanda Jane - That may be, but remember it doesn't matter where you are in the world...when you are with your parents (and you know my parents) they have a great way of making the most tropical paradises into Hell.

Kiwi - Yeah, it's crazy crap that vancouver has snow before you. Oh well, it will all be melted when i get there and be slushy all the way. Boo.

Danny - You sound torn by your emotions but thanks

Manders - Probably not as blue as the water you saw in Cancun

Wombat - Ha, yes or made from the hide of a European store called C&A (or as my German friend calls it Cheap and Awful....hey it was only $10 Euros for the whole thing)

Karina - Yeah I suppose being in North America we just take Mexico for granted...whereas you probably visit the Seychelles, Bali and new Caledonia more often. I would rather trade!

Vegas - Thanks, I've actually been feeling like I'm gaining weight like a heifer over here. Not even eating much but I feel so sticky and puffed up....could also be the 1,000 calorie margaritas, too.

M - awwww you made me laugh outload in the Internet cafe. It's pretty much my first photo of me in a bikini so your nice words does being picky with my photographs ;)

Dan - Surf away! I'll have a lot more pics up soon, preferably today. It's just a pain in the ass to blog from an Internet cafe...feels so impersonal and uncomfortable.

Kass said...

Whats the point in having a digital camera if I cant delete the bad pictures? lol I know that was my main reason for getting one lol,

Scorpy said...

Damn...I must have missed you. I live on the mainland adjacent to Great Keppel Island!!! The water is VERY clear but I don't know if it is THAT blue.. It is still a great day over there though.

Jeremiah said...

Amazing and a good writer I think you have a new fan! :)