Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Playing Favourites

I often read in girlie magazines these quizzes that they give the celebrities on the cover. One question is always:

"What is your favourite part of your body?"

There are usually a few annoyingly humble responses "My hands because they look strong" or a few proud ones "My ass. I work hard for it."

They never ask what the worst part is and for a good reason. The minute you tell someone what your worst part is, they zero in on it. Case in point; Julia Roberts was once asked that question and she answered in the same way. Then I read in an earlier interview that she said she hated her arms. Well, after that all I could do was notice Julia's arms. Now, her arms look fine, maybe not stick thin like everyone else, but it suits the rest of her body. But I can see why she didn't want people to know that.

I got to thinking what I would consider my Favourite Body Part.

I could easily go into my worst, but I would only bore you because it would compile all of my 1998 parts (according to Lever 2000, we have 2000 parts, which seems like they are being awfully open-mided as to what is considered a body part. Hmmm I like the area below my knuckle on my pinky finger).

But what would my favourite part be? I could go for the easiest answer, which is what all women tend to go for. My boobs. How can I not like them? But at the same time they have been wishy washy as of late and plus, I wanted to be a bit more creative than that.

So, I decided on my calves. They are a bit wimpy, but it's the thinnest part of my body. That reasoning sounds a bit sad, but I've never ever had an issue with them, so I figured it was a safe choice. Besides, when I used to horseback ride regularly, they were strong like bull.

The runner up is my ear (well, both ears). A quirky choice but they are small, nicely shaped, they don't stick out and they look nice with earrings...although my allergy to metal can turn them a nice shade of green.

Anyone else?


Indiana said...

If you are going to do this it is only fair that you post a picture of all your favourite bits...who knows they might become ours too? ~grin~

Wombat & Aspen said...

I like the area below my knuckle on my pinky finger, too.

Nice ears, btw.


ChickyBabe said...

My favourite part has to be the breasts. People tell me they notice my eyes when they meet me, so that would be my runner up.

Anonymous said...

Eyes is a good one. But one is lazy so I'm gonna say my ankles. They are very delicate and look great with a bracelet!!!

Anonymous said...

I love my lips and men do too!!!

Hollywood Heroine said...

Oh and we so believe it when Jessica Alba says her best feature is her "heart."

Give. Me. A. Break.

Janellerific said...

My personality is my favorite part of me.

Hmm...that aughta piss off a few people. Actually, sad as it may be, I can't think of anything right now.