Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Husband(s) for Rent

So I enquired about Renting a Husband and they gave me a bunch of Swedish men on a boat. How lucky am I?

Ah, just kidding. As you can see, my father was there too. I guess on vacation you just have a good knack for getting to know everyone around you. These guys sailed down from San Francisco like my father did and jetted off across to Mazatlan yesterday. It was funny to have a beer with all these boys since my dad is Norwegian (which means he can speak Swedish) and they all went off talking about who knows what (probably me...or boats).

Anyhoo, Blogger is being a pain and I was able to upload a lot more pictures on my other blog, so go check it out.

I'm afraid this will be my last post for a while since I will be sea-locked for some time. But I will report back as soon as we reach land in Puerto Vallarta. Providing, of course, that I don't (as some of you have suggested/hoped) end up being swept overboard and onto an island with a volleyball and a hairy Tom Hanks.

On another note, my mom turns 60 on the 23rd (yeah, I have old parents). She can already tell she's getting closer to death cuz the other day when she was sitting by the pool, about 5 Vultures kept circling around her (I shit you not).


Karina said...

ohhh - spunky men!!! hehe

Indiana said...

Well I can't speak for Wombat but I was sort of hoping the hairy Tom Hnaks might be...erm...me ~grin~

Wombat & Aspen said...

We must be chanelling each other, Indy.

More surprising is the way our Lusty can conjur up:

* cab rides
* beer
* husbands
* chips and salsa
* more beer
* seafood feasts
* a hangover
* seemingly endless wardrobe changes
* more men
* yet more beer
* another bunch of men

All with two credit cards and a smile.



simon said...

what sort of beer!???.... :o)

Indiana said...

Wombat, I bet you wish you had a smile like that ~grin~

Wombat & Aspen said...

For sure, for everything but the dudes and the hangover, Indy.

(Replace dudes with babes, and I'd take the hangovers too.)


Scott McLean said...

Seeing the beer makes me thirsty, for a soda pop! lol

M said...

oooo, you make me jealous. I wish I was surrounded by Swedish men. I should take a trip to ikea.

almost famous kiwi said...

Your pics are amazing? So that means you're not drinking enough cos I know the kinds of pics you take when you're drunk, How is Spears? Please tell Tuuli I said happy birthday! Have an amzing vacation hun and you better call me when you get back! I love you and miss you!

niels said...

As a fellow Norwegian out of school (a grad school dropout as of four days ago), it's good find a kindred spirit.

My own wanderlust is taking me to Australia next week to embark on a new career as a dating coach. It's a bit of a change from electrical engineering, but I'm optimistic.

Janellerific said...

Aah...I haven't been keeping up with the blogging/harassing as much as I should be. But I've decided I will turn over a new leaf. Or something.

Congrats on the Swedish men.

PS Your dad is hot.

amanda jane said...

.... you are having a great time in the HOT HOT HOT wheather, while we are suffering back home.... in the snow... boo!

You're special day is coming up... are you gonna be home for it???

sipwine said...

I want your sort of vacations. :)

lady miss marquise said...

Um, can I swap you for one of the Swdish rent a husbands, please?