Thursday, November 09, 2006

Betting on Beta Blogger?

I keep getting these little invitations to join Beta Blogger, as I'm sure all you other bloggers are getting too. Originally, it seemed like a new fad and a risk, but now they are promising that nothing else will change and instead you will find more options and other shiny new stuff.

But then in small print, it stipulates that once you go Beta you can never go back. That worries me. What if I hate it? What if it fucks up? What if I find it really annoying to use and long for the simple days of Normal Blogger, a medium in which I am finally starting to get the hang of.

Then a more terrifying thought entered my mind:

What the hell would I do, if one day, I woke up and my blog was gone? What if something goes wrong with Blogger, for whatever reason, and all of our blogs are erased? What if there is nothing left?

What would you do?

To me, my blog is like a giant, super-cool journal. It's a record of my life, of my thoughts, what I did, what I saw, plus a showcase for photographs and pictures. Not only that, but it's interactive which means that other people's thoughts and ideas are part of it as well. It's Organic, whole and all encompasing.

I couldn't think of anything worse than having it all go down the drain one day.


Indiana said...

A geeky answer...

Open each month of your blog and go to the file menu in your browser and do a Save As. Save each month into a seperate folder, that wasy you have a local copy of all your entries.

You will lose all your comments this way, unless you do it entry by entry, but at least if something goes wrong you won;t have lost all your thoughts and words.

It's what I do, there are probably better ways, but I have been to lazy to find them.

Kass said...

I would die. Die inside. Alot.

Wanderlusting said...

Good point Indy. I was wondering if there was a way to save everything.

Of course, if Blogger itself goes down, then we'll all be fucked.

almost famous kiwi said...

I love blogs, they're a great way to vent, for instance, my boyfriends brother is being a jerk! He wants my keys to his and my boyfriends apartment so that I can only get in when my boyfriend is there. My boyfriend says that I can keep my keys and am welcome at any time but I dont feel welcome anymore and now I feel like I don't want to go to their apartment. So this means that my boyfriend will be coming to my house which means he has to bike from work at 1am to my place which is a 40 minute bike ride! all because Mr unsocial wants to be alone, well here's a idea: LIVE ALONE! ahhhhh I love blogs.

Wanderlusting said...

What a fuckin' nutter. Maybe he's just jealous because his LOVER Darlene left and you know how in love they were. LIES!

That is crap. I say, keep your keys and keep going in there. Piss him off. Make-out in front of him. Have sex in front of him. Ruin his life, mwahahahahaha!

M said...

I've been there. I was blogging at diary-x (a smaller journal site) before blogger and when it went down NOTHING could be salvaged. No backups. Nothing.

I had been journaling for 3 or so years there - I lost a whole year of writing - where I more or less wrote every other day. That was a very, very black day when that happened :(

arbyn said...

this is my exact fear.


now I know why we're friends.

we're afraid of anything beta.

minijonb said...

I share your caution. I want to check out Blogger Beta by opening a test blog with a new identity. If I like all that jazz, then I'll switch my current blogs. I just haven't had the time to that this past week...

Scorpy said...

I type all my stuff in word first - Saves time on the dashboard and it formats better - so I have copies of all my stuff in a local journal in case blogger goes wheels up. I have a few blog buddies that are using beta and I am wacthing them to see if they dissappear from the ethernet LOL They have no complaints about it YET!

Vegas Princess said...

I seriously would curl up and die if my blog disappeared. I have had some sacres when I couldn't get my page to load or the address wouldn't work but everything always worked out. If it just disappeared I would need a twelve step program to get me back on track.

I have been saving every month on a disc and printing them out too. I am very anal.