Thursday, November 02, 2006

And we've Lost Mr. Eko

R.I.P Mr. Eko.

You were one of my favourite character's on Lost.

Now you have died, beaten senseless by the smoke monster, against a couple of trees. All because you didn't ask for forgiveness.

What? Yeah, that part was weird. Why oh why, when the "monster" has done so many horrifying deaths, did you have to go in such a cartoonish way.

Not ripped to shreds and spat up in a tree.

Not sliced up and thrown in a river.

But the monster banged the poor priest against the trees and fucked off.

Now he is dead, and according to his dying words to Locke, everyone else is "next."

Who is going to beat people with his Jesus stick now?


I'm too upset and taken aback that they just randomly killed one of the best characters to even mention that if I were Jack I wouldn't trust Juliet for beans and I think she is a power hungry bitch who wants to overthrow dying Ben so she can lead her own cult. And does she really think that Ben won't fall for the cuecards while the "video" is playing? And that the "new" characters, Nikki and Paolo (who is Brazil's "Tom Cruise") are hot but annoying as hell and why couldn't the monster (b)eat them instead? And is the guy with the eye patch the owner of the glass eye the other tallies found in Season 2? Is he another poor sap, locked away in a hatch, like Desmond was (soooo glad he's still around).

Anyhoo, I'll miss you Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and your incredibly hard-to-pronounce name. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten a driving violation like everyone else who is no longer with the show. Remember folks, drive safe or the monster will get you.


Anonymous said...

Paolo is a hottie!!! WHy would you want him to be eaten???

Shawn said...

I need some help... my channel froze near the end of the show.

What happened right before Eko didn't ask for forgiveness?

And what happened after he got beaten? I saw him whisper something to Locke and then the show ended where I am... fuckers.

Wanderlusting said...

Um, after he got beaten he whispered "You're next"

Which Locke translates to the others, "He says 'We're next'"

So I'm not sure if Eko said "We're next" or "You're next" or "You are all gonna die suckers!" or whatever.

But either way, it looks like trouble.

And right before he didn't ask for forgiveness, he was just chasing his brother around wasn't he, and walking through a red flower strewn clearing.

somethinglikebradshaw said...

Jesus stick...hahaha jesus you make me laugh...!

Hollywood Heroine said...

You are on the right track with the theory that The Eye Patch man is another "Desmond."

Talk around town is that "Patchy is in the Flame station and is the last Dharma guy not to be absorbed into 'the others'."