Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For Sale in 2010

Yeah, well I'm jumping the gun a bit here but I've decided I'm going to put my apartment up for sale in 2010. Of course, I have to clear it with my father first since he owns half of it but I'm sure he'll agree. Or, he can just buy it off me! Yeah...

The thing is, I love my apartment. Especially after all the time I spent this weekend making it a chic and livable bachelorette. But I do think if I have to spend more than four years in this place, I will go nuts. That doesn't mean of course that I will actually be living here for the next four years, because hey anything can happen. In that case, I would rent it out and charge an obscene amount for it.

But I also think that the value of the property will peak around the time the Vancover Olympics are held. I'm not sure if selling just before the Olympics or just after is better, but either way I'm gonna make a nice profit. I hope anyway. Mind you, I live downtown and the area I live in will never go down in value since it is the most lusted for. Plus, there's the sea view from my windows and the pool on the roof. Which is rather pointless right now, considering it is filled up with cold rainwater, but shhhh.

The thing is though, when it comes down to it, I don't think I'll be living in Vancouver after 2010. Now, I've had a hard time making five year plans and such, so nothing is ever set in stone, but I just don't feel it. I love Vancouver with all my heart, and it will always be home, which is why I don't feel so bad about leaving it.

I've learned to appreciate it for what it is too, by living in other cities and comparing them. I've lived in Auckland, NZ for over a year, in Sydney, AU for 3 months and Kamloops, BC for 2 years. I've also lived in six different suburbs of Greater Vancouver over my lifetime, so I've seen all facets of it, as well. I know the city as well as anyone can and maybe that's why in 2010 it'll be time for me to leave. Start anew somewhere else, where everything is fresh and waiting.

Another thing is, I don't think I would want to raise my children in this city. Sure, I had happy memories here as a kid. But things just aren't like they used to be. I would want my kids to live in a more simple, safer and less vulgar place...if places like that actually exist.

Of course, that is if I have kids.

And if the kids will survive being raised by me as a mother (I have a feeling I would put Britney Spears to shame). And if I survive having kids (if I'm a bad mother, I can only imagine what terrors my children would be).

Where I'll go, I don't know. But considering my insatiable wanderlust and curiousity it'll probably be outside of Canada. Because if I'm not living in Vancouver (or Victoria, I suppose) I don't want to live anywhere else in this country. What can I say, I love the ocean.

Of course, the way my life works, all of this could change in a Vancouver minute. But since deciding my time here has a deadline, I've felt surprisingly more at peace. The possibilities are endless.

All right, I'm off to get my haircut. I can see how that is going to bode well with the "Heavy Rainfall Warning" that is warning us Vancouverites that an "intense rain system" is going to be moving into the city today and flooding the place (and yet another reason to move).


Kass said...

*scratches head* a hint at moving on AND children? Interesting..Is this what I think it is?

Janellerific said...

move to Grande Prairie...

If I'm still here in 5 years I'll die. Seriously.

Kass said...

Grande Prairie...That's close to Edmonton right? *scratches head*

almost famous kiwi said...

I find it funny how Vancouverites always say they'd never live anywhere else in Canada and most of them haven't travelled around canada. You'd be surprised how beautiful it is out east.
Does this mean you're moving to Scotland to have children? I'm beginning to worry about you girl! Call me

Kass said...

AFK - I thought the same thing lol.

Shawn said...

Hey, they have oceans on the east coast as well. And the Maritimes may be a little less crazy spot to raise kids...

Ok, a lot less crazy. The key is not to move to a place where it's TOO less crazy = boring.

Karinaxoxo said...

I am the same - now that I've got the travel bug I dont think I'll be able to settle anywhere for a long time yet!!

simon said...

Um... I am an auctioneer and my advise is never sell the first property you own.. use it as leverage to buy another one...

Put a tennant in it, pay as much off as you can..

So, if you want to own property in say Paris (or by the ocean etc) then you can borrow against your unit in Vancouver..

That way you can have flexability. Here in Aus property values double every 10 years... better than money in the bank.


Wanderlusting said...

Kass - No.

Janelle - No.

Kass - I have no idea.

Kiwi - I've lived in Canada all my life. You've lived in NZ all your life. Now you've left NZ for here...



Kass - You Kiwis are all alike...your imaginations run away with you. Did you not see the word "IF"?

Shawn - Yeah, I would consider the maritimes if it weren't boring and so...I don't know...Canadian. Maybe because my parents aren't Canadian, I don't feel I have any strong ties to this big ol' country. However, I would never give up my citizenship (but take another on? Possibly).

Karina - All Karina's are alike ;)

Simon - You raise a good point! That's probably what my dad would say too.

*Sigh* No one said anything about my haircut

Indiana said...

All the guys didn't mention the haircut because women getting a haircut scares us more than anything we can imagine.

So you are planning on having kids and moving abroad, but you have no idea where, just somewhere "away".

Sounds like the beginnings of a good plan.

KK said...

Move to Saskatchewan. There's no ocean but there's a Navy ... it's a nice halfway point for them i guess.

Wanderlusting said...


I said "IF" I have kids, not "WHEN" I have kids.

You are all doing this to torture me, aren't you?

But yeah, Indy, that's the plan, more or less. Move away from Van to who knows where. And who knows, maybe move back to retire? Well, here or the Seychelles.

But anyway, I have 3 or 4 years to change my mind so who knows.

BTW, the haircut...they straightened the crap out of it and then trimmed it and gave me fringe. So, as I look in the mirror, my hair looks longer than when I went in there. Don't know how that happened, but I like it.

Kass said...

You're only denying it because Ross reads your comments ;)

Wanderlusting said...

...pure torture

jeff and ross said...

I think she's denying it coz she's planning to leave me in Canada while she moves to Scotland to have kids with Ewan McGregor...can't blame her though; I would too if I had a uterus.

Vegas Princess said...

Having a plan is good but just be prepared to change it. Nothing I planned out ever happened (and that is not a bad thing)

Ever think of the States?

Kass said...

Well, it does have a very nice penis, so I wouldn't blame her lol.

Kass said...

it? I mean HE lol.

surfercam said...

Sounds like a plan.
I lived in London twice (2 years and then 3 months), Dallas Texas (2 years), Sydney Australia (4 years) and now I am back on the Gold Coast in Australia, where I grew up, mainly due to it being a great place to bring up my own kid.

amanda jane said...

OK, so with a little wine and laugh that scared the crap out of my husband-to-be and kiddies.....

I think you have a good plan brewing in you're head....."IF" HAHA

...and I'm officially banning Jason from coming here since HE wants to MOVE FAR FAR FAR away!! With all you people (and by people I mean my lovlies) moving away, HE will be justified to move us too!!!

Indiana said...

Seychelles...Scotland...they both start with S...do we see a theme here? Or maybe a clue?

Wombat & Aspen said...

Is this why you called your blog "Anywhere But Here" Lusty?


Wanderlusting said...

Ross - Well, you did promise you would introduce me to him...that's how we met, right?

I said: "hey you talk funny, where you from?"

You said: "Scotland, ya stupid cunt"

I said: "Cool. Do you know Ewan McGregor?"

You said: "Erm...yes. Yes I do. And I'll introduce you to him if you come back to my place tonight. I, erm, have his phone number there."

I'm still waiting for that number.

Vegas -This is the extent of my five-year plan. 1) Write a book 2)Move.

If I had to move to the States, it would be San Fran all the way. Though I like Seattle...and of course, New York or Boston might be nice.

Kass - Lol and yes he does!

Sufercam - Yes, you've got the right idea.

Amanda - Where does Jason want to move to? And are you keeping me a secret? How scandalous.

Indiana - mmmm and how about Spain?

Wombat - You got it. Though I originally called it that because I was living in a shithole town called Kamloops...and now the Kamloops people are gonna come after me.

amanda jane said...

Jason wants to move far away...
like Wells BC in the middle of butt f*ck no where... because all of a sudden he's decided to be a GOLD PANNER!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

good thing we aren't married yet!! I still have some time to change my mind!
other days he talks about moving to Alberta! Pshhhht