Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survive The Savage Sea

Just to keep you all informed, I have the latest report from my father's sailing trip. Currently, Norfinn is blasting towards San Francisco at an alarming rate. The waves are absolutely huge, the wind whipping up the swells as the weather pushes them south. In fact, tomorrow they should be in San Fran...and they've only been gone 4 days!
But despite this advantage, things on the Norfinn arent looking too friendly. The microwave has decided to dislodge itself from the wall, the waves are too high and too rough for them to use autopilot...the crew haven't eaten since its too rough to make any food, let along keep it down. And I suppose its not easy to sleep in that kind of situation. They called into Ventura, California, to see if they could seek a safe harbour for the night but the Coastgaurd said it was way too dangerous for them to come in. And to think I almost went on this trip at the last minute...
But on the plus side, they should be sailing (floundering?) underneath the Golden Gate Bridge tomorrow afternoon, hopefully safe and sound.


Wanderlusting said...

My Father, Norfinn and crew have arrived safely in San Francisco, where they will stay the weekend.

Apparently it was a disaster. The instruments all broke, my dad was praying every night so that they would live, and everyone was scared to death.

50 knot winds! 15 foot waves!

But Norfinn held it together, she didnt sink or break and hopefully the worst of the trip is over.

But as in the words of my dad: "Never again."

Anonymous said...

well they are going on with the journey..... so oat least it didn't bother him enought to turn around and come home!!

Bon Voyage Sven!!!

Have a fun trip!! All the Best

.....and good luck with the weather!

Anonymous said...

SORRY!!! Trying to fend off my animal children and type at the same time!!