Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Damaged Goods

A bit off topic, but how can you tell if you have a concussion?

I've been dizzy for the last few days, thought it was just a long hangover, but today it's still there. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open though I'm sleeping enough.

The side of my head is swollen too and if I touch it(gently)it makes me feel sick and nauseous.

Am I in any danger? Is it just stress? Anyone?


Wombat & Aspen said...

Not concussion.

Your head is full of whales is all.

Anonymous said...

If you've been hit on the head then yes, for heavens sakes go to the doctor! If not, drink lots of water and have some fruit. And remember to breathe.

Anonymous said...

If you've been hit on the head then yes, for heavens sakes go to the doctor! If not, drink lots of water and have some fruit. And remember to breathe.

almost famous kiwi said...

ITS YOUR DIET!!!!!! These silly hollywood diets, who wants to look like Nicole Ritchie....hmmmm sexy. My diagnosis: Go and eat a big sandwhich made with wholegrain bread, fill it with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and whatever else you desire. Wash it down with a big glass of milk, have a banana and later on treat yourself to somthing yummy.

I know you, you're probably starving yourself of all the necessary proteins and carbs your body is craving.

Now once you've done all this go and stand in front of the mirror. tell yourself that you're beautiful and be glad you don't look like a Q-tip!

In the case that you are eating nice healthy big proportioned meals that include carbs disregard this message.

parsnip said...

If yeve ruled out the whales and tried water and eating something sugary, then i would go get it checked out. You wuldnt want it to sneak up on ye while yur driving or worse. My sister had a mild one and her bump made her feel sick to touch it.

amanda jane said...

GO SEE A DOCTOR!! If I recall you did say.... that you hit you're phone on the side of your head.... better get it checked out to be safe....

almost famous kiwi said...

Hmmmm, come to think of it heads aren't supposed to be swollen. What would House do? Ah yes, he would be cynical and say something really offensive and then hit you on the head with his cane. I love that man! Maybe you should see a doctor, your symptoms don't sound good. I should be a doctor, "your symptoms dont sound good" who says that? Maybe House, hmmmm House. You know what, I'd like to see House take on Dr. McDreamy oh yeah bring it on Freshman! Ok, sorry I got off topic.let's so, oy yes, Go see a doctor, preferrably not House!

Wanderlusting said...

I wish it was full of whales. That was my first thought.

But I think I'm going to have to go. The room is starting to spin and I did have water and I did eat something and I'm having trouble focusin and everything is going slanty and feel like im going to throw up so

excuse me

Wanderlusting said...

PS. If I see House I will say hi for you. I'm starting to think he hit me on the head with my phone (crazy drunken doctor)

Web md said...

Are You exeperienceing any of these:

-Changes in your ability to think, remember, or solve problems.
-Changes in your ability to concentrate.
-Changes in your sleep patterns, such as the inability to sleep (insomnia) or sleeping all the time.
-Changes in your personality.
-Lack of interest in your daily activities.
-Becoming easily angered or anxious for no apparent reason.
-Changes in your sex drive.
-Loss of your sense of taste or smell.
-Dizziness, lightheadedness, or unsteadiness that prevents standing or walking (ataxia).

They can happen days after a mild head injury and if so seek medical help immediately.

almost famous kiwi said...

My god, I experience those symptoms everyday!!!! maybe I should go see dr. House, Im sure he could help my sex drive!

Fantabulous Brit said...

If you haven't checked it out already, do so immediately. It's probably nothing but it cant hurt to be careful.
Most likely it is just a mighty build-up of all the past day's events. I know that when I've cried for days, my head feels like it is full of snot, which it most likely is. Too much snot in the old head can lead to dizzyness, slanted sight and a nasty case of the blues. I hope it turns out to be the case for you.
Nontheless, I feel badly about kicking you in the crotch now.

manders said...

Okay girl...I agree w/ almost famous kiwi....
Get off the silly diets... eat healthy and exercise...
though your head hurts on the side, go to the doctor, silly!
love you very much!

maders again said...

wow...who is the web md? you are very thorough!
karina you should listen to him/her... go to el doctor pleeease

Vegas Princess said...

Could be allergies...or a sinus infection. They effect your ear canal which helps with your equalibrium. I had that when we first moved to Vegas because of the altitude change, the pollen and the dryness. Got on a pill and it all worked out. Hope you feel better soon!

Glad you stopped by my blog. I'll add you to my list, I love new blogs to read!

Shanathalas said...

Depends what kind of "dizzy" you are feeling. Is it "room is spinning dizzy", "Wants my name again dizzy" or is it "I'm going to faint dizzy"?

Room spinning is likely an inner-ear thing caused by the grog or a virus.

What's my name again could be postconcussion syndrome, which is more likely than a concussion at this late a stage. To have concussed yourself that badly would be difficult by hitting yourself with a phone. You would need someone else to hit you with the phone to get that hurt.

The I'm going to fate dizzy is likely from your diet. As a recovering anorexic and someone who has studied a lot of anatomy and physiology, I can say that the low carb diets are very unhealthy. When I was on them I was fainting left, right and centre. My suggestion is just to eat healthy (particularly a low-gi diet), especially as you are already in your healthy weight range.

Wanderlusting said...

I still think that that caustic Dr. House hit me on the head with my phone AND his cane.

but thanks Shanananana (can't spell), I think it was just a combo of things. And I'm fond of all things Vertigo.