Friday, September 29, 2006

No time for losers

...cuz we are the champions...of the world.

Ok maybe we aren't champions of the world, but we are atleast the champions of the damn NBA Live 07 team-building extravaganza. Turns out that despite my fussing and my hesitation, my team, Pierre and the Hells Yes Posse, actually won the event. I had little to do with it. Or maybe because it was the team with the only girl on it.

Nah, I had little to do with it.

Started off with a nice BBQ on one of the several roofdecks of the building. Awesome view of...Burnaby. But anyway, did you know that besides the basketball court and the football (soccer) pitch, we have a SAND volleyball court? Beach volleyball at work, how awesome is that? Well, it would be more awesome if those damn volleyballs didn't hurt so much.

Anyway, after we were filled with meat, we took a break and met in our teams on the pitch. First task: take 6 sticks and make equalateral triangles out of them. I suck at math so I just watched them do it. Anyway, we got bonus points for making an 8 sided 3-D model.

Then we had to make the tallest structure possible, without holding onto it, out of pipecleaners, a few paper cups, cardboard paper, bandaids and paperclips. Stewmac (our revered appointed head honcho) asked "does it have to be freestanding?" No answer, so what do we do? We make the longest line possible, send Stewmac to scale the stadium lights and hang it from there, making sure one end is touching the ground. That was about a 25-foot long creation out of all of the above. Impressive, if you ask me. The other teams thought we were cheating but hey, we asked. Anyway, we won that round.

Next up: the dreaded Chubbybunny. Thankfully only one of had to do it so we had to nominate Stewmac because he had the biggest mouth. I'm so glad no one made any comments about me. *Sigh* to being the only girl. Anyway, Stewmac had strategy and artfully compacted and jammed each marshmallow in there. I think he got about 9 in there while still being able to say "Chubbybunny."

After that we did the blindfolded softball grab. It is what it is. We blindfolded one of us and directed him on to the field to retrieve as many softballs that were scattered about as he could. And there were 4 scavenging, running blindfolded people out there. Utter chaos.

And then a game that involved running up and down the length of the field while tossing waterballons at each other. Again, utter chaos.

Finally we ended brainteasers. I was able to use my brains that werent jostled by trying to run on artificial turf in heels and get a few of them. I even got an affectionate pat on the head. Yay me.

Can you get any of them?:


light light


4) GR 12in AVE 5)Fairy, Wolf and Duckling 6)insult + injury

must get here
must get here
must get here

Anyhoo, the best part of the day was that I got to go home at 4:20!!!! Traffic was so light that I got in at 4:50 and the smell of sea air and the warm breeze flowing through the car, coupled with the fact that Rock 101 started playing "We Are The Champions" by Queen made me feel on top of the world. Which is good since I spent the first part of my day not only dreading the event but also feeling blue about stuff in my life. But how can I blue now when I have won these awesome prizes below:

No, it's not a fried egg. It's a homemade pencil sharpener. Oh and I also got a free slurpee.


Vegas Princess said...

Okay I think the first one is double burner? And the one with the alphabet, I figured out some letters missing but no clue what it mans. I am really tired tonight and can't think.

I am proud to say I was the Chubbybunny champion of my sorority...12 marshmellows before I almost gagged to death! To this day no one else has done better!

Janellerific said...

That pencil sharpener is really sexy. It almost looks like it would work.

Matt H said...

Neon lights, the missing link, one foot in the grave, adding insult to injury... thats as far as I can get right now.

Matt H said...

Oh and 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'...

What a sad way for me to spend a Saturday afternoon.

jeff and ross said...

No.7=Three musketeers

Wanderlusting said...

yay! you all get pencil sharpeners

Wanderlusting said...

Except for Ross because you made fun of me for the Black Mamba remark.