Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Dating Game

There are a lot of blogs out there that deal with girls in the dating world. I find these blogs to be highly entertaining, especially when a writer's style makes me think of a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, traipsing around NY, or LA, or Kansas City, living the fun, fabulous single life.

But as I read these blogs, I can't help but be so thankful that I am not in the dating world.

My aim is not to come off as a smug coupled-up person because, as we all know, it's just as dangerous in the relationship pool as in the dating pool.

The truth is, if I were single, I wouldn't be dating. I was single for three years before, and maybe went on one or two dates. That was it. I guess I subscribe to the notion that things will happen when they are meant to happen, and I wouldn't meet anyone special by dating everyboy that came my way. And I was right.

Of course, some people love dating, the thrill of going out with new people and so on. And I know there are a lot of people who end up meeting their true loves or lays or whichever by putting themselves out there and going on dates. But as for me, it wouldn't be the case. I'm probably too old-fashioned to survive out there in today's SATC world. And besides, I hate everyone anyway.

The post has been brought to you by "I-have-too-much-time-to-kill-at-work-I-am-so-bored-kill-me-now"


somethinglikebradshaw said...

Karina why is it that your new posts show up in the middle of the day...? don't you WORK?

And yes...the dating world is quite interesting, I still haven't decided which I like better...singlehood or couplehood.

At the moment my car is being driven around by the guy i'm seeing while his truck is in the shop. I wonder, is this part of the dating deal? You're dating me and my car? Not that I mind...but I love the assumptions that come along with a relationship no matter what kind.

Wanderlusting said...

I think it's pretty obvious that I DON'T work, as my next post will prove.

All right. Back to work for me.

almost famous kiwi said...

I think if I were in the dating world i would become one of those ladies with lots of cats. I think im so terribly unbalanced that i need someone in my life to balance me out, does that sound co-dependent, dammit haha.
Singledom can be great though, and everyone who's in a couple does dream a little about what it'd be like to be free as a bird again, but if your relationship is good then you always remember that freedom had its downfalls, and nothing beats having someone to cuddle up to at night, to make you breakfast, to buy you diamonds and pretty dresses, takes you on vacations in exotic places.....dammit Im dreaming again!

almost famous kiwi said...

hey, somebody check out my blog pleaaaaaase, no one visits me. is it because i cut my hair off ohhh god, the horror

Wanderlusting said...

I won't visit until you respond to my masterbating bear comment.

Wanderlusting said...

I have pictures, you know.

almost famous kiwi said...

oh god, the photos, they still haunt me. Why whhhhhhy spears???? Its ok spears, its ok, its ah normal and ah its well its oh god no its much will it cost to get the originals?

CarrieBradshaw said...

The entire game sucks!!!! That s why we settle, that is why our divorce rate is so high.