Thursday, September 07, 2006

Family Fun

above, from left: Roz, Rick, Sven, Kris, Trond, Ross and I

Last night I traveled to T-town to attend my Father's going away party. Well, it wasn't really a party, just an excuse to eat at the Beach Grove Golf Club and for the family to see my Dad before he goes. And as Trond put it, "It's not so much a going away party for him, but a celebration for us." Cuz, you know, the boss is leaving.

So gargantuan I don't even fit in the picture

While my half-sister Linda wasn't there (she lives in New Zealand...ahhh, New Zealand), it was a pretty good gathering. Above is my Dad, me and my brother's Kris and Trond. I'm thinking it would be a nice idea to print out a copy of this picture and give it to my dad before he goes away. That way he can have something to deter him from coming home when he gets homesick.

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