Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mommy Dearest

The other day I went to the Aquarium. On the account of not actually seeing any whales in the wild, we thought it would be a good fix for those of us who were jonesing.
Of course, we no longer have Orcas at the Vancouver Aquarium, because their enclosure was small, it was cruel, they were unhappy, etc. But we do have Belugas who make a wonderful, if not fat and goofy, substitute.
It was a bit like a journey back in time. It was only our second date when Ross and I first came to the Aquarium, on a similarly rainy Sunday, back in January. And like our visit several months ago, this one was plagued by the same problem: The aquarium is packed with whining, screaming and disobedient children.
I think Ross and I bonded on that cold, wet day, months back when we "joked" about tossing children into the dolphin pool and/or shark tank. This say was no exception. Joking about throwing kids into harmful situations has become a passion of ours.
Of course, we aren't really serious. Well, atleast I don't think Ross is.
I, on the other hand...well.
OK. Here is the thing. I'm not very kid-friendly and I never have been. Yes, I've warmed up to the idea of children over the last few years, but...I've yet to feel any sort of motherly instinct running through my veins. Kids to me, are a very scary subject.
Maybe because I'm afraid I'll be a bad mom...or that having responsibility will hinder my get-up-and-travel personality...or that one day all the children in the world will turn on us "adults" and recreate the Village of the Damned. I'm not sure.
But I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. There must be other women out there who don't have that baby-yearning uterus, just as I don't. And I'm not saying that it's a good or a bad thing. It's just that while there are some wonderful wannabe mothers out there, there are also women who feel a bit more confused on the subject of procreation.
Would I like to have kids one day? Sure, maybe, I don't know, I guess we will see. One thing is for sure, I sure as hell wouldn't want one now. Think about how many times I've lost and/or damaged my cell phone, passport, keys, camera, plane tickets, wallet, credit cards and various other "important" items.
I'll probably wait until children come out with an implanted GPS tracking device. Oh, and while they are at it, they should create a child that doesn't whine, cry or beat you up. Then maybe I'll consider it.


Anonymous said...

perhaps u have forgotten that u to were once a winny child.. somedays I'm sure u still are. I am the happy parewnt of two such childern and rest assure that although "public perception" of childern is one thing most times they are that way because a "parent" is not listening to them or is doing what they wish instead of remembering it is not going to be a all about me day when your kids are with you. If you treat your kids with respect and let them know that no means no the first time u say it they usually are great. They are the only thing that u will do that will give u completeness.. Having said all that I comend u fore not being someone whohas kids when they are still into their own thing. unfortunly if u don't like kids u should stay away from the zoo, mall, any restaurant, the beach, park, well lets face it just stay home.

Wanderlusting said...

But, what is the public perception of children? Because I've never heard it to be in a negative light.

almost famous kiwi said...

Do you know what scares me about having children. Having one just like me! My parents always said I would enivitably end up with a kid like i was because its karma. The thought pertifies me. Yea yea kids are wonderful, make you feel complete bla bla but i was kicked out of home so i cant have been a great kid who made my parents feel complete. And for that reason the thought of having children terrifies me. Im with you Karina, its a scary thought and we are too young to think about it. Lets get rich, become famous and then buy an island where we can place all our children once they are able to speak. Sound good....

Wanderlusting said...

Kiwi, I'm in!

The point of my post was just my opinion of children. And compared to most women, my opinion differs greatly. Or maybe that's stereotypical of me to assume that... I don't know.

The majority of women, so it seems to me, love children, feel they complete them, etc. And while it's probably true, you can't really compare someone who is happy and doesnt have kids to someone who is happy and does have them.

Different strokes for different folks.

My reasons for not wanting kids have little do with the fact that there are a few sniveling brats out there, and more to do with the fact that I'm just not ready for them and don't feel a yearning to have one.

Jess said...

Those children in Village of the Damned were creeeeeepy.
I work in a children's clothing store. Imagine how I feel about them. I'm glad school is back in so I can deal with the little...darlings...less.
The whole craploops thing is mysterious because I don't always feel that way about it. Which is what disturbs me. And Jackson...the stories do end abruptly, I find that quite bizarre also. It wouldn't be quite so bizarre if the *entire book* wasn't like that, but it is. Hah.

Wanderlusting said...

I find that people who are born in Kamloops like it a lot better than people who come from elsewhere. I guess cuz it's your home and you grow to love it, through all the ups and downs.

That said, there are some foreign weirdos who loveCraploops and all its smelly glory.

You know who you are.

CMAN said...

yea yea we all know you turnt to jello whenever you see a baby and started cooing like one. You probably just saying all this cause you think thats what your Englishman wants to hear and its true too.

jeff and ross said...

Uh oh...kindergarten's out and the children didn't get their much-needed nap.

jeff and ross said...

Nor their spelling lessons.

Wanderlusting said...

I think what Cman is saying might be true...

...if i were, with an Englishman. Thankfully, I'm not.

almost famous kiwi said...

awwwww fruitloops, I love fruitloops. I remember everytime I told my dad I was going to Kamloops he would say kamloooops. Such a fun name, hours and hours of fun. I loved my visits there, and that creepy bar with all the cowboys, whats it called? Rivers? Last time I was in KamLOOPS I hardly left the apartment because I was kidnapped by Lost. Many good memories though, especially of karina nearly killing me on the drive up there....although that wasnt as bad as the dragonfly incident (shivers)

Wanderlusting said...

We don't speak of that incident

almost famous kiwi said...

Ka: Did something just fly through the window........
Ke: no, no i didnt see anything
time goes by
Ke: hmmm whats that rustling?
turns around to look
Ke: Oh god nooooooo the horror
and the rest is history....

You mean that incident?

AJ said...

You know.... I run into many young ladies (because we are.....or can be!!) that aren't ready to have babies... All my girlfriends get scared from time to time when they start feeling maternal...then they come to visit me!.. and my babies!!

They're feelins subside in an hour!!

We are still young.... enjoy you're young self!!

You may get the nerve to procreate...and if you do it'll be the right time for you... if you don't then... well... you don't.... and if you are worrying about having kids and travelling... bring them too!!!

or you could just plan on certain DISNEYLAND!! PIVOT! is the happiest place on EARTH!

Wanderlusting said...


I was like, who the hell is AJ?

Then the "Pivot" gave it all away.