Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So long as it is out of the world

I know I promised my next post would be about whales. But I'm in no state of mind to post happy little pictures about happy little whales (well, the whales aren't little...they are freakin' whales after all). I promise I will post the happy pictures at some point, but whales are pissing me off at the moment.

So instead I will leave you with a simple qoute from Baudelaire:

"Carriage, take me with you! Ship, steal me away from here! Take me far, far away. Here the mud is made of our tears.

Anywhere! Anywhere! So long as it is out of the world!"

Oh, God. Wasn't that deep? I'm reading abook called The Art of Travel, which ironically I bought in the Frankfurt Airport, back in April. I haven't had a chance to read it until now, but seriously it's amazing. If you are anything like me, or atleast profess some interest in travel, I highly recommend you read it, because it's not about traveling per say, but answers: Why do we travel? What are we looking for? What are we running from? As the cover says "It can enrich and improve your life."

Oh. And thanks to all of you for your support during this difficult time (boy does that sound cheesy). I won't post much about 'the incident' again, because its a bit unfair to Ross for me to involve him in my blog, especially since I've done enough damage already. As for the dinner last night, I will just say that it was nice, his parents are very sweet and understanding and they didn't run away from me. As for everything else, I just have to be patient (God, I am so not patient). But yes, regardless, thank you all and thank you to those who gave me what amounted to a tiny kick in the crotch.

And Janelle, I will take you up on the offer, so as long as Jeff doesn't mind.


jeff and ross said...

Yeah, help yourself... Everyone else seems to be wanting to have a go at her anyways.

Janellerific said...

Hahaha...aah...Jeff has no say in it anyways. I'm in love with his mom. She's in love with me. Shaving goes on. It's life.

Wanderlusting said...

I noticed Jeff's comment was a little despondent and wistful.