Friday, September 29, 2006

Playstation 3 and Me

As you can see, I've had it up to here with this Playstation 3 business (for your reference, I am gesturing to an area far above my head). I may look like I am having a blast in the picture, but the reality of the situation is that I am cold, scared and using laughter as a way to channel my rage.

For all you gaming people out there...let me tell you, it sucks. Now I have signed confindentiality agreements with the company so I can't give away any secrets. But I can tell you it sucks. To be fair, it sucks because the versions we have to work with are huge, like the size of a TV and the game is so crap because its in the midst of being done. I've seen the commercial version and it is pretty sleek and sexy looking, much like Xbox 3. But this testing stuff? Sheesh.

Anyhoo, so not looking forward to this sports day crap I have to do today. I'm wearing high heeled boots so I'm going to pretty useless when it comes to anything sports related. I have a feeling I'm going to tear the shit out of the soccer field.

Do other companies make you do this? Anyone had any "team-building" crap? I've heard of team building events and how they are beneficial to certain my old job, we just got drunk at work. And that just made us hate each other more. I just don't see how stuffing marshmellows into your mouth and saying "Chubbybunny" makes people bond. But we shall see. Maybe the experience is so traumatic it will bring us all together. Maybe one of us will choke on it. Maybe that person will be me.

Oh. And the name of my team is "Pierre and the Hell's Yes Posse." Odd, since no one on our team is called Pierre.

The overheard conversation of gamers:

"Satan doesn't actually do anything...he just hates you."
"He hates me?"
"Yeah, Satan wants you to hate him."
"Well, how does he expect anyone to be on his side if we hate him."
"No one said Evil was smart."
"Lex Luthor is smart."


parsnippy said...

Dr. Evil was pretty smart. He was a frigging doctor for crying out LOUD.

parsnippy 2 said...

Forgot to mention that we had to have a wilderness retreat at my current job. Half the people quit afterwards. The woods can play nasty tricks on your mind. That and the spiked hot chocolate.

Kass said...

i like satan. hes a hater like me

Wombat & Aspen said...

Has your boss hired a loopy relative as your corporate bonding guru?

That is the only way to explain all the forced game playing.

Friday nights are for getting away from work, shorely!

Janellerific said...

For my work today, we're having a photo shoot!! For the first part, I get to pose as a client...meaning I have to be the one with the mental illness. This wouldn't be such a big deal, except I spend most of my time trying to convince people that I do NOT have a mental illness. Then for the second part I get to pose as myself, playing pool with my clients. I think I'd rather eat marshmallows.

Wanderlusting said...

Wombat - I don't know who my boss is.

Kass - do you know who my boss is?

Kass said...

Is it Satan?

I wish I had Satan for a boss, he might let me leave early on a Friday.

Wanderlusting said...

I thought all big corporations were run by Satan.

Would explain the basketballers with no eyes.

Rachel said...

With budget cuts and micromanagement we don't really do anything other than have a monthly recognition meeting for the top 3 people for achieving certain goals. Makes the other 60 of us feel pretty great...uh..not so much.
At least we get free food.

Wanderlusting said...

I guarantee I would be in that other 60...

...but yes, 20 min till the BBQ. You are right. At least it is free food. And marshmallows. We just have to work for it in the most peculiar way.

Kass said...

I would rather be playing sports than sitting here doing nothing.