Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Office

I think I have the strangest job in the world. I wonder how many of you will agree...or how many of you have similar jobs.

Normally, in a typical office (pictured at left), you may notice your co-worker slacking off . Perhaps they are playing video games. But what if your job is playing video games. How do you slack off? What do you do when you should play video games, or just look like you are playing video games?

I look around and notice my colleagues have started up hockey pools. Some surf the net. Some watch Futurama. Some actually still play video games, albiet different games from the ones we are supposed to play.

What I do? I write blogs, read blogs, make inane comments on other blogs, check out perezhilton or Pink is the New Blog (both of which drive me nuts and yet I can't stay away). I check the only email account that works, I text people, I look at Youtube, check out my old job's website and laugh. I'm not actually doing my job, which means I am pretending to play video know, make "gamer" noises, jiggle the joystick, etc, all while doing anything but. That strikes me as odd, as far as jobs go (and sounds a bit perverted too). What am I getting paid for again?

Yesterday they threatened to take away my Hi Def TV and replace it with a smaller model. I rock paper scissored my way out of it.

As if that's not enough, we get to do "team building" events. So, this Friday, from 1-5pm, my "Team NBA Next Gen" get to have a BBQ and then have our own cutesy competition. We are all divided into teams of 6 and get to make up "Kooky Team Names" and "Fun Cheers." Then we get to take part in Sports Day type activities such as blindfolded softball tossing and who can stuff the most marshmallows in their mouth. Luckily, I can fit a lot in my mouth but this whole blindfolded sports thing is a disaster. I hated Sports Day at school with a passion because I would always let my team down. This isn't going to be any different.

Have I mentioned I am the only girl in the whole competition?


After writing this post I set out for the washroom and noticed an entire row of people just sitting around and intently watching a DVD of The Office. On another row, the FIFA people are playing Guitar Hero on PS2 and riffing away. Doesn't anyone actually do any work around here???

Later discovered that when most people slack off here, they are doing this: Line Rider. And it's so damn addicting. Sigh. Now I'll never get anything done.


jeff and ross said...

I will comment on you being able to fit a lot in your mouth only if you don't make it so easy. I will, instead, make a comment about Jeff's mum:
Jeff's mum likes marshmallows.

jeff and ross said...

Do I win the prize for least valuable comment-maker on the blog? I think I just might.

Wanderlusting said...

You win the "Most Confusing Comment Award."

I understand what you meant about Jeff's mum. Everyone knows that (Jeff especially).

But I'm befuddled over the mouth comment. How would I make it too easy? Please explain.

Wanderlusting said...

GASP. You were trying to be perverted!

jeff and ross said...

'Luckily, I can fit a lot in my mouth...'

Too took all the innuendo fun out of that one. Next time, please choose words more carefully so I can flex my immature I just did

Wanderlusting said...

Are you insinuating that I was trying to sabotage your innuendo fun? I was just trying to make a point.

Only, I can't remember the point.

Oh yeah. Line Rider is a really fun game.

Anonymous said...

Guitar hero rules!!!! Can I come work for you?

almost famous kiwi said...

I like marshmallows! Hang on a minute, did you say youve been texting, oh really, so you DO have a phone and you DONT have an exccuse for not calling me! CALL ME!!!! well, not right now cos im at work, but about 8pm your time! CALL MEEEEEEEEE I NEEEEED ATTTTEEEEENNNNTTTTION

Anonymous said...

you should definitely visit my site where you can bitch about your job all day long!!!

visit and tell the world about it.

Rachel said...

sounds like you have a great time wasting time at work. We are not supposed to surf the internet at work but everyone does it. We just have to be covert about it. Don't know how covert we actually are considering that they have a program that shows real-time what we are doing. But at least we make an effort.
We aren't even allowed to listen to music at our desks because we are "too loud".
I am sure that in different areas of my company that it is a great place to work. In my area? Micro-management at it's finest.

Anonymous said...

have you seen the original british verion of the office?? It's so funny!! Not as clever but very british AND very funny.... they try and use the same scripts... with a little twist and turn!

Kass said...

I think the british Office is funnier than the American one, and besides, it is the original.

Anonymous said...

hmmm yes... I agree with you, just a lot of people don't appreciate british humor as much as I do..

... so they give the american version the american twist..

Wanderlusting said...

I think British version's are always better than the American versions...

Good Lord, could u imagine an American doing Fawlty Towers??


But yes, I heard Ricky Gervais is a genius and I should really get the British version out one day.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Okay, this is probably the whole grass is always greener thing but your job sounds awesome! I would love to work somewhere like that. However, other people's jobs always sound better than your own. So wanna switch for a day? You come direct the news and I'll play games all day. Fair trade.

Wanderlusting said...

I would love to direct the news! But I'm afraid it would turn into Anchorman and I'd probably call someone a dirty pirate hooker.

Unless that's how you do the news in Vegas. Sign me up!