Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding of the Year

So, like I did in April, I reunited with my Journalism School Crew for a wedding of our fellow alumni. Like in April, it was held in the interior of the province and like then it also involved copious amounts of tequila shots, free-flowing wine and happy times with my camera, as well as general debauchery. A hangover from hell followed the next day, as well as the usual sense of "what the?"

That aside, it was a gorgeous wedding, held at a winery amidst a rolling thunderstorm. The bride was gorgeous, absolutely, and her, I just want that for myself. You know, to wear clubbing :P

I had been planning for months to wear this seafoam green, one-shouldered, draped dress to this wedding but decided to go with my backup dress instead. I felt comfortable in the backup, whereas the green dress would only work if I lost 10 pounds and wore ten pairs of Spanx. I'll certainly wear the dress someday, to the wedding of our next J-Schooler NEXT April maybe, but I'm glad I went with comfort this time.

Thanks everyone for entering the giveaway - I'll announce the winners on Saturday :)

In the meantime, I would love to know a little bit about you.

See, many of my followers and readers have blogs and many don't. The ones who have blogs, I try and go around to read but to be honest I haven't been able to devote hours a day reading the blogs that I like to (and YES i know, I should subscribe to Google Reader or Blog Lovin!) - and when I do read, it can feel rushed. I know that my readership (AND COMMENTS) has dropped simply because I am not "making the rounds" as often as I like to, which is kind of disheartening.

I know Eyeliah just touched on this a few days ago, I just kinda noticed it now as well. Maybe it's the time of year?

Regardless, I wonder if I should keep doing what I am doing? Post more often? Post less? Less pictures? More Writing? Visa Versa? More pictures and writing about other stuff other than what I wore? More personal? I mean, there is a LOT going on in my life, I just don't blog about it. Granted, I used to have a VERY personal blog which was more or less anonymous except to some people but now my blog isn't anonymous at all and maybe even the people I don't like are reading this and now I can't bitch about them. Or maybe some relatives read this and I can't really talk about how incredibly wasted I got at the wedding.

By the way, I go incredibly wasted at the wedding haha. My third wedding in a row - guess what? My bf, his sister and I are all not drinking until October. Very happy about this decision.

Anyway - I pose to you, followers and readers, I would like to A) know more about you! Tell me where you are from and - if you feel like it - a random fact and B) if you have any thoughts about this blog. I just think if I knew more about YOU I would feel more connected.

Keep in mind, I still write for me, so I'm not going to change that or who I am (ie, not gonna start wearing crazy f'ing clothes for shock value) but it does help to know WHO IS OUT THERE :)


x0x0 Lusty

PS I took my extensions out, which is the part that was died blue. So I don't have blue hair anymore. But for warnings about extensions, that's for another post (ie don't get them!)


Kristin said...

Love the cork place cards. And you look gorg. I LOVE your hair!

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks! I had always planned on the braid, but because I was going to go with the grecian dress - glad it still works!

I stuck an "faux hair bun" at the back too, hence why it looks two different colours in the last photo.

Heather said...

Wow, so many weddings! I love the first photo and you're braided hair style is so pretty.

As far as comments, there are TONS of great blogs out there (and yours is one!) and I think commenting serves as a reminder "hey remember me and my blog". So sadly, less comments made equal less comments received.

I heard most people follow about 100 blogs. I use google reader, so even though I'm looking at the posts I don't have time to click and comment on most. I aim to comment on bloggers that comment on mine as appreciation.

pretty*pink*rat said...

Side Braids! YES!! Just posted about these last Wednesday! Lovin them!

Ok, so me?
I'm from Champaign, Illinois, 2 hours south of Chicago.

Interesting fact: I actually have a pet fancy rat, Max, part of where my blog name comes from :) (the other part: my last name is Ratcliffe)
He's cute, I promise :)

And I love all of your posts, just the way they are! Personal or not, they're always written well and are interesting. :)

Couture Carrie said...

So fun! Love your dress, and you and your gal pals and the bride all look fabulous!


Marietta said...

Lol, about the comments meaning "hey, remember me and my blog".I think it's right, that's why lately I'm picky and comment when I feel like actually saying something, even if I love the looks and the photos.
I like your blog they way it is, that's why I keep coming back, right?It's good you're writing for yourself, this is how it should be.So just keep doing what you're doing! ;)
Miss Marietta from Greece, not many other things to say about me.
The scenery is amazing and I love your braids, you look good!

Amber said...

oh, such stunning, stunning pictures! And the back-up dress looked gorgeous, too :)

As for the blog thing, I've noticed the same thing. I figured it was probably just because there's not a lot going on in my life at the moment, but I also know I'm not "doing the rounds" as much as I should be either. To answer the questions, though:

1. I'm from a large-ish town just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. I hate it with every fibre of my being.

2. I'm asbolutely terrible at coming up with interesting facts.

3. I think your blog is perfect as it is. I think it may well be the time of year, as you said - people are back to work/school, focusing on different things. I hope so, anyway!

Melissa Blake said...

That looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I love your outfit.

Anonymous said...

I like all the pictures and hearing your personal stories, I find those blogs to be a lot more interesting and of course I love seeing your outfits!

Sher said...

I also love the brides maids dresses. I'm guessing the color is "eggplant" Deep purple. Scenery is gorgeous and of course you are too!

Eyeliah said...

I really like your blog as it is, posting more often is always a good one and more things I can think of I will email you....

Alice said...

i CRAAAVE your dress.

and i love those braids! my hair is so thin & fine that even when i try a style like that, the braids are so tiny it hardly shows :-(

i love all the pictures you post! i definitely don't vote for less pics.

also, HOLY COW you need to get yourself on g-reader! i have my reader divided into folders - daily musts, maybes, ones i only lurk & don't feel the need to comment, etc - and it REALLY helps sort everything out and save time :-P

Jules said...

I'm just new here,

I'm a mother of four from the South Island of New Zealand.

I am outspoken but honest and never mean to cause anybody any harm.

I am a hippie at heart but am too "chunky" to carry it off, fat and hippie just don't go together well in my books.

I live on 50 acres and am obsessed with horses.

I am a student of Naturopathy

I love your blog, I love that you are so funky and dress so well and it all works, all the things I'm not.

I gave up blogging a couple of months back but missed it too much, came back on my own terms though, I blog about what I want, when I want, who I want, say what I want and don't say if I don't want, and all of that suits me fine.

BTW, could that be the most beautiful bride, in the most stunning dress, in the most gorgeous location, with possibly the most bridesmaids, I've ever seen.

You were knockout too, with that gorgeous hair, I remember when Kylie Minogue used to wear her hair like that..... wandering now.

issa said...

awww you are just the cutest!! and that wedding looks fabulous!!!!

and i agree keeping up a blog is lot of work and time.. which is why i've been posting less frequently lately.. it's like another JOB! lucky to those whose blog is actually their job though

Wanderlusting said...

Welcome! Where in the South Island? Thanks for your link, I do like outspokeness...

PS yes, I do too remember when Kylie wore her hair like that. Oh, Kylie.

Sarah said...

hi! I wouldn't worry too much about the commenting on others blogs - nobody has all the time in the world to do that! I haven't commented on yours in what feels like ages because of my change of job - meaning more internet scrutiny! But Im still reading!
Im Sarah - the only really interesting thing about me lately is the fact that we are about to move into our first home - its extremely life consuming - I feel like am a house zombie!

Francia said...

I love the blog exactly as it is, I've reading it for quite some time now and I wouldn't change a thing!
As for the personal facts, well I'm from Venezuela and about to start college in a few weeks(my major will be journalism),so that's about the most important thing going on with my life right now.

Underfunded Heiress said...

I love your blog and love photos (especially because your area is so pretty and love the fashion posts)and I like what you write about. You keep it real! I think you should just keep doing the same.

Can't wait to hear about your extension post.

janettaylor said...

Wow! What a great card! Love it!
by the way: U look so lovely...


Alexa said...

jeepers, i have been reading your blog forever (since you were in paris with your ex-bf). i am a social worker, i live in ak, and i love doing lots and lots of different things. i am a thrift store shopper extraordinaire and am known for my skillz. i will try and comment more often, but i am totes a lurker. xo!

ana b. said...

I've noticed a general drop in stats around this year blogosphere-wide, I think! I think it is that time of year. I know what you mean about your comments & stats being directly correlated to how active you are in the blog community too.

I enjoy your outfit posts. You look ravishing in this dress. Red is definitely your colour.

Karinaxoxo said...

love your dress! wow that looked like a huge bridal party.

i totally feel like i know you (even though i've never met u hahah)

Wondering Woman said...

I'm an old grown-up hippie living outside a small town in Arkansas. Used to be addicted to travel, which is what drew me to your blog. Now I like to stay closer to home working in the yard and playing with my 3 dogs and 2 cats. I love your upbeat attitude, normally I wouldn't care a bit for fashion but I enjoy the way you do it. You and your bf are so cute together and I have the feeling you'll be the stars of a wedding yourselves before too long. I like your blog just the way it is.... and I'd miss you if you weren't here.

Glitter Scrubs said...

Your blog is fantastic as is :) I loved the old stuff too - the work stories, friend stories, the weight loss journey and of course the fashion - my fav! but I mentioned that before and I completely understand why you can't do that anymore. Even if it does really suck :(. I guess that's the shitty thing about having a popular blog eh? All things must evolve I suppose.

And as far as comments go.. The way I found your blog was actually by a comment you had left on a random tiny fashion blog of another girl.

I think she was just getting started and you were maybe one of two/three comments, but the words you said were really kind so I decided to check out your blog. And I've been checking daily ever since! :)

I never really got into the whole comment thing myself in the beginning... I'd creep regularly on all sorts of blogs, but never ever leave any evidence behind lol. That is until I got my own blog! Then I realized how awesome it is to get comments!! It's great encouragement and let's you know at least someone out there is interested.

So off topic, but back on track now :)
Where I'm from: Langley, BC (exotic eh? hahaah)
Random fact: In the past two years, I've done more travelling, made more thoughtless purchases, risky decisions, spontaneous long haul roadtrips, partying, bungee jumping and just having a general not giving a shit attitude than I did all throughout my teens and early twenties.. Quarter life crisis much? lol

Jules said...

North Canterbury, 45 minutes Northwest of Christchurch.

I was born in Central Otago, not far from Queenstown.

Thanks for your interest.

Vegas Princess said...

What a another fabulous wedding outfit. And the pictures, especially of the stormy sky, are amazing.

You know pretty much everything about me since my blog is an open book, but I do have a question. What does your lovely bf think about your fashion sense? He seems pretty trendy himself so I was wondering if your more daring outfits are fun for him to see you in as well. :)

PoliticsChick said...

Hey there Wanderlust,

Nice post. You looked great, red suits you.

I'll tell ya a bit about me. I think I emailed you sometime back when I stumbled across your blog. I really enjoy your posts, traveling is a hobby of mine and I love how you incorporate that with lush pictures and great clothes - all of which are horrible vices of mine.

I'm a novelist and a columnist - blah, let's just say Writer. So, I've been fascinated with the intricacies of relationships so I started writing a column about it years ago but all that's left now is my blog

I needed time to finish my book and travel but I've the blogging community has got me hooked again. Particulary your writings...I would love to know how you travel as much as you do. I'm always looking for ways to increase that.

love it here...

OceanDreams said...

Beautiful wedding and I love your posts and know how you feel about getting around to everyone's blog - it's really hard to make the time, seriously. Keep up your gorgeous blog land lady!