Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alter Ego

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In continuation of my FNM-inspired post below, later that night I decided to keep my alter ego alive and take her to my boyfriend's band's concert. I added a kicky beret to match my beloved Chloe boots and felt very avante garde, dangereux and French. No one really recognized me, which I got a kick out of, and I totally felt bitchier than normal. Which was a suprisingly good thing - I sneered at most men I saw, and this time it fit the character!

What was really fun to see was some people giving my bf the stink eye when I started hanging off of him. They were mighty relieved to see it was actually me, and not some random. Most of my friends didn't even make eye contact with me, they thought I was some stranger...I guess the last time most people saw me was when I looked like this:

And that night, I looked like this:

Skirt: ASOS
Hat: Forever 21
Top: Zara
Jacket: Forever 21
Cardigan: ASOS
Boots: See by Chloe

Pretending to sing at the band's rehearsal space


The girlfriends, manning the merch table

The Saint's Collapse

Rythm Guitarist aka bf

Drummer Extraordinaire aka Captain Party

Lead Guitarist aka General Pattullo

Bassist aka David Usher

Singer aka Gold Teef for Erbody

For those that were asking about the band (The Saints Collapse) last post, you can listen/buy their tunes from iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon, etc.

Stream them here first on their Myspace page.

If you're at a show, you can pick up their CD or amazing poster drawn by the talented Jesse Castillo (nee Barber). He can sing, write music and is one bad ass artist (just wait for there first video - totally animated in Flash, it will blow you away).

Or just watch them on Youtube!

Last year they did a rad cover of Dick in the Box, where the singer's brother joined him on stage for that special song. Hilarious.

Anyway, if you like them or know someone who would, show me a little love and lets spread the band around. The Vancouver music scene is notoriously difficult for live shows, especially if you are in rock, so it's hard to get the word out, unless you are totally mainstream (and suck balls, imo) like Theory of a Deadman and Nickleback (sorry Amanda, I know your cousin is in Theory of a Deadman...:P).

PS - I should mention that I went to this show instead of my TEN YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! Can't believe I have been out of high school since 1999!!!!!!!!


Joby said...

How hilarious that people were giving you eveils but loyal of your friends, love the beret as well, looked a great night and a great altar ego.

Kayla said...

You look so great as a brunette! It's so funny that no-one knew who you were, but how nice to know that everyone is watching your back with your boyfriend when you aren't around!

Lily G. said...

How stylish are you girls!

Amber said...

Ah, the wig so suits you - I particularly like the "manning the merch table" shot, so pretty! So funny to hear about your friends' reactions too, but hey, at least you know they've got your back!

J-Diggety said...

You kill me - I love the alter ego look!!! :)

Wondering Woman said...

I'm surprised that you look so good as a brunette -- are you a natural blond? If I'd tried to imagine it before I saw the pics I would not have thought it would suit you, but it did.

Dani said...

love the beret on you! you look like a little rockstar!

i'll have to check his band out, for sure.


Annie Spandex said...

I am now convinced you need to bob your hair and dye it black for real!

MizzJ said...

WOW you look totally different!! No wonder nobody recognized you! Lucky you for being able to pull off both extremes.

Btw I'm giving away a pair of hot LNA zipper leggings thanks to Chickdowntown - check out my blog to enter! http://highmaintenancewoman.blogspot.com/2009/09/get-fresh-for-fall-with-chickdowntown.html

Underfunded Heiress said...

Love the dark hair wig! How fun! That's funny that ppl didn't know it was you at first.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Love the edgy feel of your new look! When I cut 10 inches off a couple years back, my friends didn't recognize me either and I didn't even dye it!

elena-lu said...

thats too funny and wow i seriously need an alter ego outfit hmm ok will have to give this some thought!
you look fab either way! :)

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling! Love your look ~ you totally ROCK!


Fashion By He said...

great outfits....you have an awesome blog!!!

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Isa said...

ah, just read your comment, thank you so much!
yeah, things will get better, that's life but sometimes it feels as if you're all alone in space no?

on another note I think you absolutely rock that darker hair and should definitely consider getting it done permanently!


Annie Spandex said...

I added you to the tag list! :*

pretty*pink*rat said...

So awesome that your friends have your back, and that you got to see it first hand!! :)

Love the outfit, especially those boots!

Meg and Komie said...

WOW, You look AMAZING as a dark haired lady...sexy Raven!!! Love it, what a fun, great change. That's so funny about everyone giving you "the eye" hey at least you know your friends firm loyalty to you =)

Wanderlusting said...

It was probably only shocking cuz my bf was/is the least likely person to ever cheat, to be honest. That probably produced the stink eye, rather than loyalty to me!

myedit said...

Let me just say that your alter ego is pretty hot!!!

Vegas Princess said...

That video is pretty hilarious. :)

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

Wowser, I just LOVE your look with the wig and beret--perfecto! I so admire that French chic look, and you pull it off famously..and how hilarious that peeps didn't recognize you :D I really need to get me a wig now, haha.

Ten year reunion eh?! you youngin' you lol..my 20th was last month! *gasp*