Friday, September 25, 2009

How to look cool*

(Subtitle: Or how to dress like a jaunty old Oxford professor who went fox hunting in his spare time before deciding to become a Pirate)

I'm not very fashion forward - least I don't aspire to be. But there have been two instances that have come to mind in which I have worn something years before it became "IN." First there was the gladiator sandals, which I busted out back in 2006:

To the strange looks of people around me.

And NOW there is the over-the-knee boots trend, boots that I bought back in 2006 as well and which I then proceeded to wear...a lot. I got them in Paris and featured them on this blog quite a bit...and most of my readers JUST DIDN'T GET IT! They said I looked like a pirate and/or hooker (perhaps a dirty Pirate hooker?):

Well, now the boots are in so who is laughing now?! Me, or the pirates?!

Wait, what?

Anyway, I'm not pretending I started this whole trend because let's face it, the only things I start are fights, but I like to think I might just be more fashion forward than I think.

So for nostalgia's sake, I present to you the outfit I wore to work yesterday.

I call it "A jaunty old Oxford professor who went fox hunting in his spare time before deciding to become a Pirate."

Hat: My Finnish Grandfather's
Velvet blazer - Skinny jeans - Tunic - Scarf: Forever 21
Necklace: Paraphanelia (can never spell that right)
Boots: Some store in Paris
Bag: Hayden Harnett

Flowers: Courtesy of my boyfriend who thought it would cheer me up. It did! Though he's the one who deserves flowers, being that he is usually my photographer. These photos though were ALL used on self-timer, as the camera was wedged in a tree (don't have a tripod). The light was fading and I couldn't wait around - gotta be creative!

PS is it just me or do these boots resemble these hot-off-the-presses Carry boots by Jeffrey Campbell?

*disclaimer: I use the word "cool" because two people at work said I looked "cool."

I am not cool.

What IS cooler than being cool though, is ICE cold. Uh huh. For pictures of ice (aka when I went Glacier Hiking in New Zealand) click here (opens new window).


Fashion By He said...

love the boots, very sexy

come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

cailen said...

Please do not take this the wrong way because I joy your blog and your quirky personality, but your photos don't look as good as usual. They look a tad staged/forced - usually you look SO natural and gorgeous! Just don't try too hard, your readers love you the way you are!

Wanderlusting said...

"Cailen" - Maybe you've noticed that my photos that are done on self-timer are more posed and staged than the ones my bf takes of me. I mean, how could they not be staged? The shots aren't exactly candid. Especially when your camera is in a tree.

Nice of you to say my photos are otherwise great though.

Fashion Court said...

just wondering, how tall are you? i'm a hairline under 5'2 so i feel a bit intimidated by over the knee boots haha ... although i do enjoy my hunter boots and some other higher type of boots. i just don't want to look shorter than i actually am!

btw LOVE this .. it belongs in a magazine!

Fashion Court said...

eek, i tried copying the pic location. let me just put it easily - the picture above where you list your outfit :o) haha

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks Fashion Court =)

For the record I am 5'5" - 5'6" on a good day!

Fashion Court said...

haha, i am 5'2 on a good day! oh well i embrace it though :p i'm going to have to try this trend out nevertheless, it looks awesome! xo

Plain Jane said...

Found you through Budget Babe! Just spent the last 30 min reading your blog and I love it love it.

I think your photos are great - that was the first thing I was going to comment on they are very editorial-like and fun and I think the fall colours and your "jaunty" poses work well together.
I don't know what Cailen is talking about? Arent all fashion/clothes blogs about posing in pictures hahahaha?

Ta from Oregon!

FashionCity said...

lurve the lighting in this photos! wish i could wear hats like that my head is too big tho! i dont think you look like you are trying too hard when your just standing there and looking at the camera?? i dont get what that person is talking about. its very simple and it works!

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks guys, I'll admit my photos are all staged, lol!!

I respect Cailen's opinion though even though I think these photos look the same as they always have.

Couture Carrie said...

You look gorgeous, darling! Love the over the knee boots ~ I think you are very fashion forward!

And LOL at "dirty pirate hooker"!!


Ashe Mischief said...

I'm kind of surprised by the reactions about the posing in your images. Your images are cute and playful in this post and in others... to be honest, you'll be hardpressed to find a fashion blog where the images aren't posed to a certain degree...

You may not think you're "cool", but you've got an amazing personal style (which I think is worth so much more!).

Your boots are great--I love how they don't appear forced or dominant..

Eyeliah said...

haha, and here I am wishing I posed MORE like you. That second pose is awesome, goes so great with the title - hehe.

The Budget Babe said...

you are a trendsetter baby! im going to feature you, if you dont mind, in an upcoming post on HOW to wear those over the knee boots. also love the colors in that close up shot, great saturation!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look so glamorous!! I love the photos!! Have a fabulous weekend!! xxoxoxo

Ashe Mischief said...

p.s! Just realized you have on a Paraphernalia necklace. Love.

nifer said...

Wow, you look amazing! I love everything about this outfit (including the boots! but, especially your grandfather's hat!

And, let's take a moment for the red lipstick. You pull it off so so so well. I just can't do it, but it looks incredible on you!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

~ Jen

Karinaxoxo said...

I love over the knee boots!!!!

daisychain said...

You are awesome, love the boots and your outfit is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots! You are definately fashion forward! I think we are all our worst critics. AND I love your pics staged or not. For the record, every single picture of me on my blog is done on self timer! HA! And I find werid places to put my camera like the hood of my car, a tree stump, a bucket, chairs yada yada. Not everyone can afford to A) hire a photographer to follow them around or B) convince their friends to take pictures of them all the time and not consider them a narcissit. HA HA. Oh well. Cheers doll I think your fab! Tree timer or not.



Cafe Fashionista said...

Personally, I'm obsessed with over the knee boots. Have been for months. Initially, I was frightened to try them out because I'm short. But I ordered a pair of knee-high boots that ended up being too tall for me (i.e. over the knee), and now I wear them all the time. Gorgeous! I love your style! :)

Isa said...

hey there!

ah, I haven't been here or commented in forever, I can't wrap my mind about why as you're style (both fashion and writing) is as refreshing as ever, it puts an instant smile upon my face.
what I admire most about you is your honesty, you never hide when you're under the weather or try pretending being something you're not. magical!

you're of course beautiful in those pictures, I love your freckles and that amazinglip colour goes perfectly with them, I can't stop looking at you!
hope everything is fine and there will always be someone who brings you flowers when it's not.


Meg and Komie said...

Mmmmm those Boots *drool*