Thursday, September 17, 2009

Musings in a post-apocalyptic world

I've been feeling extremely under the weather lately - both mentally and physically, sleeping a lot, moping a lot and feeling what my doctor wrote down on the lab form as "general malaise."

However, for about an hour last night I snapped out of my funk and started studding the crap outta things.

I started with afixing studs to a skinny elastic bracelet (which you can see in pics below) and then moved on to a pair of flat mary-janes from Payless which always seemed too "Minnie Mouse" to me.

Then came a few minutes of me wishing I could afford a studded vest. Preferably real leather. Before I knew it, I took this XS jacket out of my closet and torn the arms off of it.

Yep, demolished a vintage leather jacket...that said, the jacket is SO small, not even the skinniest people could get it on - and probably why it never sold or garnered any interest in my store. So I figured, what the hell.

I ripped off the sleeves, added studs to the pockets and voila...had a pretty strange looking vest lol. But I was determined to wear it.

Today for work/doctor's office I decided I would make use of my "new" vest and found the perfect shoes to pair it with. Since it technically is still sandal weather, I brought out my Jeffrey Campbell cuff sandals - I got these a YEAR or TWO ago and didn't wear them at ALL this year! It was about time....

As I was leaving the house, I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror. With vagabondish hippie/gypsy shoes and a disheveled and ripped studded brown vest I felt exactly like an extra in Mad Max.

And felt like I was a road warrior all day.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; Dress: some store in Rome, Italy...Habana? Vest: Vintage/DIY; Cuffs: Forever 21 and DIY; Earrings: ASOS; Bag: Kooba

And onto today's musings from a brain-fogged mind:

* Can Bloggers "Sell Out?"

Bands are constantly being accused of "selling out" - you know, when they alter their original sound in order to appeal more to the masses. Sometimes of course, they alter their sound because of natural experimentation and progression. Led Zeppelin never sold out but their sound did evolve and change over the years (as Robert Plant's voice got inexplicably higher).

But can Bloggers sell out? Not naming names - I don't really know anyone who does this but I've heard- but say a blogger is know for a certain look and style...if she starts accepting advertising and starts turning her blog into one big ad for that company, thus creating a more biased looks and potentially changing the blogger that we come to know and love...does that mean they are selling out? Should that be applauded as the thing to do ie; Sure if American Apparel offered me tons of money to look like a whore, I'd take it! (note: just an example...I think all of AA ads are distateful and tacky).

I think there is a correct way to do this and most bloggers with ads on their blog do it well - they keep being themselves and aren't pimping themselves out. Especially if the outfits they are given fit with their style and personality - it's a win win for the blogger and for the PR people because the blogger is staying "true" and is actually just really lucky! I wish F21 sent me clothes :P But what do I know? That's why I'm asking you!

*Why don't shoe-makers alter the heel to correspond with foot size?

My size 5.5 foot is about 8 inches long...with a four inch heel, that means I only have about 4 inches to play with making shoes very hard to walk in. However someone with a 10 inch foot has more space to make the shoe look good. Why haven't designers altered heel heights to fit the size of the shoe-wearer? This happens often - you know those street style photos of girls with toe overhang? This is NOT because the shoe is too small as so many people comment but because the shoe is too big.

When I wear high heels, my toe totally comes forward, mainly because there is room for it to slide, and also because my foot is too short to lie flat against the sole...something someone a size 10 would have no problem with.

*Why do some many bleeding heart PCers have a problem with images of smoking?

Am I the only here who isn't easily influenced by photographs/media and can actually think for myself?

I think smoking looks romantic in real life it is gross, but who am I to lecture someone? Everyone has free will to do what they wish with their life...I'm pretty sure every smoker on earth knows of the risks and it's up to them to listen or ignore it.

If I see a picture of someone smoking, I just think it looks cool or I don't really notice it at all. Does that mean I'm going to go smoke? Hells no. I don't smoke, never have and never will (tobacco, anyway) but I don't look down on those who do smoke and I certainly am not naive enough to think that "smoking = fashion." I'm tired of people who raise a fuss over everything - chill the F*ck out people! Not everyone is going to agree with your uptight views. Some people smoke, some people drink - it doesn't mean YOU have to do it too.

*No white after Labour Day?

Do people actually believe in this old-fashioned rule? To hell with them...I'm wearing all white this weekend!


Why bother? It seems like half the stuff that is "in" for Fall was "in" for Fall last year. I'm not complaining...I like to wear stuff for infinity with a tweak or two, but it just goes to show EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS IN! HUZZAH folks! This means you can rip out that poncho from 2004 because I'm sure next year it will be in and now you'll be considered a trendsetter. So follow the mags but follow your own style too because if you wear it, it's either in now or it will be soon!

That reminds me, I wonder if I still have that poncho?

*Stores that change for the worse
Remember the stores you used to frequent when you were younger? When I was in my teens, I was all about vintage shopping and Hot Topic before I grew somewhat out of my "punk/skid" phase.

Then it was all about Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal, Le Chateau and Annex, Plenty and Aritzia. Arden B and Bebe. Remember Bebe? I went into that store for the first time in years (last I went was the outlet mall store at Desert Hills outlet mall in 2006) and holy crap! Bebe is so damn A) expensive (more so) and B) tacky! Like really polyester clubbing dresses kinda tacky. Ew. What happened? Did I evolve or did the store?


The Bargainista said...

love this outfit, the shoes are awesome!!!

pretty*pink*rat said...

Love the result with the jacket/vest! And I say 'tru dat!' to all of your points. Well said, sista! :)

Royal said...

tons of bloggers sell out. Fuck it. To each their own. The term selling out is old and outdated now a days because everyone at some point, about something... sells out. Just what I think. No big deal.

Annie Spandex said...

Glad you're snapping out of it. Sounds like the studding was therapeutic. xx Your outfit it awesome! I love those sandals. :)

Sher said...

Hon, you and I are close in foot size and I HEAR YOU!

I actually blogged about it before I met you.

And I have a similar leather coat from the 90s. same color too! Wonder if I should start ripping it apart LOL!

(hugs) Hope you get back on track on again.

Meghan said...

I can't remember the last time I walked into Bebe and found the urge to purchase anything. Dang. I was just eyeballing that jacket at your store. My loss for not doing anything about it as that vest is fun!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Honestly, I adore reading your posts... they are always entertaining and I always agree with majority of the things you say :)
I very much admire the opinionated side on you!

I think that many of the blogger's sell out which I find to bizarre since thecome to be know for their individuality rather than the brands rep :S I think that it is important to remember who you are and the reasons why you started the blog in the first place and stay true to it :)

I adore this outfit, I find the
leather vest to the a very nice touch.

Wanderlusting said...

Sher - just read your post! Genius and so true. I am a 5 at times (except in boots) and it makes me so sad to think some designers will eliminate that size?? WTF Rachel Bilson and Hayden Patteniere have size 5 feet - where will they get THEIR shoes???

Megan - awww boo. Snooze you lose, I guess :P Let this be a warning to you all...if you don't buy it, I may rip it apart lol

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks Marta! I try and keep my opinions at bay most of the time but they are always wanting to come out - I get tired of being afraid I'll offend someone, lol.

Couture Carrie said...

I'm sorry about your malaise, darling!
You look lovely ~ especially diggin the sandals!

And yes, there are some bloggers who sell out, probably without meaning to, in order to make ad $ - what a shame!


The Budget Babe said...

Ripping the arms off that leather jacket was the best thing you could have done. The result is amazing. hey can you do a shoot inspired by Blue Velvet? i've never actually seen it but i think Isabella Rossellini would be a good muse :)
And yes, Bebe got all euro trash but then their balmain knock offs put them back on the map.

Wanderlusting said...

I love Blue Velvet! I almost bought a Lochers shirt that said "Don't you fucking look at me" at the back haha.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

the jacket looks fab and i'm lmao at the american apparel comment!!! :)

Blicious said...

i loe your vest!! you look so pretty in all the pics!!i do think that bloggers sell out..especially when they copy post for post. ;)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I adore your outfit! The leather vest, the sandals, those bracelets! I love it all! The music is pretty cool too :-) xxoxoxo

Eyeliah said...

Ok miss, this is a bunch to tackle! Good job on the studding, I should do some too...

Yes bloggers can sell out ie: change their style, stop communicating with their readers, start doing lots of sponsored posts. But that is there choiceand we can choose if we want to keep reading or not.

I dislike cigarettes but I'm not gonna push that on anyone else, that beign said if I see someone cute I want to photo for my ss site and they are smoking, I pass on asking them.

I don't get the white after labour day, I broke that 'rule' already!

indigotangerine said...

i am not a smoker and don't support smoking but I am so with, I love smoking pictures, the effect is enchanting.
I think that bloggers can sell out, usually because as their readership grows they freakout about being themselves and state thier own opinions for fear of getting bashed.
I love looking at old magazines and seeing how the lastest trends are the same in every issue. love the vest can't wait to see what you did on the shoes.

Wanderlusting said...

Indigo - that's a good point...more readers you get, the more you can be afraid to be yourself, ironically.

I'll be sure to wear the shoes soon! x0x0

Georgia said...

I compliment you on the use of that supposedly useless leather jacket.
You raise interesting points, I agree with you on the "smoking" front, people who complain about it really need to move on. We KNOW its bad, we KNOW it damages your health, but THATS why its cool. Because it's such a careless thing to do.
It would be mine

Cassiopeia said...

great fun... love love love studding. you look immense! sorry ur not feeling well tho! xxxc

J-Diggety said...

You are so awesome. Love the studded vest!!

And I say suck on it to the no white after labor day rule - winter white, hello?? :) I have a rockin' white Diesel coat, and I'm always drawn to white winter outerwear in general.

daisychain said...

I love the outfit doll, amazing DIY skills.

And yes,
bloggers can "sell out"
but idk
each to their own I guess. I'm not quite sure where I stand on this issue so I won't comment futher ;)

Jules said...

I must admit, as you were describing the outfit I was thinking "Okaayyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeee" but then I saw it and my god it WORKS!! How you do it perplexes me.

Damsels said...

i dont know about bloggers selling out .. i know a blogger that now wheres almost only AA which isnt really like what she used to wear .but what do i know

btw i agree with you on the Ads ..they are gross

oh and glad you snapped out of your funk :)

ive been meaning to try to studs some stuff .

Fashion Court said...

currently loving leather & studs (and apparently sounding like a biker haha)

Amelia said...

Yay for your DIY spree! I love the studs.

There are some really interesting thoughts in this post. I think bloggers definitely can sell out, but many of the bigger bloggers seem to be handling it well. In real life, I think cigarettes are absolutely revolting, but they can add something to an image (although, on the other hand, they can sometimes ruin an image, as well). Finally, I think fall in particular really has a classic look that can't be altered by trends--I love it.

geisharock said...

the leather vest looks amazing. I can see how it would have been pretty tiny as a jacket though. You made a good decision to tear it up, don't worry ;)

i haven't worn a poncho since I wore my first woolly chocolate brown one with pride at age 13 and some guy came up to me and asked why I was 'dressed like jesus'. hahahah.



Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love your outfit!! So cool and chic. Fabulous.

Florrie x