Friday, May 01, 2009

Sorbet (and giveaway!)








Skirt: Missoni; Gladiator sandals: Pour la Victoire; Tank + ring: ASOS; Cuff, earrings, shrug and scarf (used as belt): Forever 21; Pink leather purse: Kenzie; Oilcloth lunchbag; dunno, but ain't it a cute alternative to "brown-bagging" it??

I got this gorgeous Missoni skirt the other day that just made me think of watercolours and summer sorbet - ahhh refreshing! Only problem is that's slightly on the large size and a bit too long. In the pics I've actually saftey-pinned the waist smaller and it's still a bit stumpyfying. Now at work, I've actually hoisted the skirt up so it's almost at my bra and re-fastened it again - seems to be doing the trick.

Anyway, most gorgeous of all is this necklace I got from Cupcakes and Cashmere's Etsy shop. How unique is this blue agate?

I love the length of this necklace and the fact that it's 18K gold (or was it 24k?) plated, perfect for someone with metal allergies! I think she's sold out at the moment due to awesomeness, but I'm sure she'll have some more fanciful items in the near future :)


So I've got a wedding tomorrow which I am a bit apprehensive about. My boyfriend is the best man (yes again, he was the best man at a wedding in Sept) and I won't know a single person at the wedding - except for him, the bride and groom and I'll have zero interaction with them all day and night.

Normally I don't mind going places alone as I make friends/getting along with people fast but I have no idea what to expect and it really bugs me that the only people I do know will be there but NOT there, you know? I hate feeling like some straggler, like I'll have to tag along with people I don't know or something. And I have no idea what to do in between the ceremony and reception! I would go to the mall or something but I'll be too overdressed for that. Maybe find a field and take pictures (I will be in farmland)? Sigh. I don't even know what I'm wearing yet...yikes.


I know I just had a giveaway for TWO gorgeous dresses, which will be on their way shortly to their lucky owners, and now it's time for another one!

I just bought this dress a few weeks back and am too lazy to return it. It's from Forever 21, is a size medium and 33 inch long. My problem is my mega wide hips - the top part fits fine, but the bottom is really stretchy so it rides up to be REALLY short when I walk. I hate my legs so it's not the best look for me. Also, I have a looong torso and a bubble butt which makes many dresses even shorter on me. Le freakin' sigh.

Anyway my loss is your gain! To win this new with tags dress, all you have to is answer the following question:

What are your biggest fashion pet peeves?

For example, a few of mine are leggings worn with denim skirts, heavy black shoes paired with pale denim (I once turned down a guy once I saw his shoes), really long nails, brown lipliner with pale lipstick, crimped hair, leggings as pants (as in hello Camel Toe!) and anything from Mariposa.

The winner will be selected at random next week. I will ship to anywhere in North America, as well as the UK, France and Germany, NZ, AU, Singapore and Japan :)

And for shits and giggles, a friend of mine dug up a still of me on an episode of House :P

Aren't scrubs sooo flattering?

Happy Weekend!


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i'm so glad to see you're putting your necklace to good use and i must say, it looks fantastic on you!

DaisyChain said...

Biggest fasion pet peeves;

ugg boots + calf length leggings (bonus points if teamed with a denim mini)

ill fitting jeans (too tight) combined with a too short top (normally equally tight and somewhat see through, as witnessed on the bus this morning)

nylon tracksuits

ill fitting clothes that don't flatter the figure, or are age appropriate.

people that dress as if they've bought a shop window display; no personality injected in to an outfit to make it their own.

I could go on forever, I was ranting away about this at college today!

Kelly said...

Loves the necklace!!!

Ohh...mine would have to be that whole legging thing...I mean...I did it back when I was 9 or so...but to see that come back around?? Shouldn't be. Ohh...and flannel shirts. Not sure why on that one...just cause. Oh...and guys that wear there pants around their knees...yuck.

Okay...I think I'm finished ;-)

Couture Carrie said...

Love how you tied that scarf at the waist - fab!

Biggest fashion pet peeve: terry tracksuits.


Alexandra said...

I know it's unoriginal, but I hate it when girls wear leggings as pants. Wearing leggings with a long shirt or a skirt or a dress is fine, but you may as well be naked when you pair leggings with a short t-shirt or tank.

Also, someone (I think it was Chloe or Kate Moss) was recently spotted wearing socks and sandals at a music festival in the UK. I REALLY hope that trend does not catch on!!!

I really love your blog and I appreciate how often you update! It always gives me something fun and interesting to read. :)

Shannon said...

I have serious issues against crop tops (unless it's summer and you're at the beach). Seriously: even if you have Britney's Spears' abs circa 2000, it is not a good look and can make even the thinnest girl look stumpy.

That... and the black tights ugg boot uniform of university. I spent 4 year at University, took a hour and a half bus ride every day, almost always showed up early and never ONCE wore that. I never understood why someone who lived 4 minutes from class would look so frumpy.

leeselooks said...

the necklace looks beautiful!

pet peeves:
short jean shorts on guys (i have seen it!!)
juicy couture
labels all over clothing
overly distressed shirts, jeans!
gold lame :)

he he. not that they are bad, just not my thing!!!

have a beautiful weekend loves


Joby said...

My pet hates are two denims that dont match like a bleach denim jacket and dark denim jeans. Worse is matching denim, ewww!
Nasty greying bra straps peeking out of a strappy top.
Short trousers on men who then have white socks and brown shoes.

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Cupcakes and Cashmere necklace = AMAZING! I want one but sadly they are all sold out! BOO.

fashion pet peeve...

I for the life of me I will never understand why really really overweight women will wear a pair of leggings as pants with like a t-shirt. It is seriously the most unflattering thing in the entire world. Its like please leave more to the imagination and don't subject yourself to such humiliation. Glad I got that off my chest.

The Clothes Horse said...

That necklace is gorgeous. I love the way you wrapped the scarf around your waist.

Krystal said...

so chic, the jewelry is gorgeous with it! thats so funny about your bf company and that ad! x

iluved said...

too tight clothes when just one size bigger would look SO much better

i feel you on the long fingernails

Mary said...

cute outfit!! Loooove the necklace.

Fashion pet peeves??! Hmm, when people wear socks with flats. THAT'S WHAT BOOTS ARE FOR PEOPLE!!!!! Oh and pregnant women who are obviously REALLY pregnant trying to get away with wearing regular clothes. Just buy cute maternity clothes-- they are out there!

ana b. said...

Your necklace is so pretty! And the Missoni skirt is so iconic. I love Missoni, Margherita especially.

So nice to hear you spent time in NZ! When I have time I always hit up Trademe for some great bargains.

You've been linked - hope you don't mind! And one of my biggest fashion peeves is Skechers. They're icky.

Hanako66 said...

You are so pretty...I am glad I found your site!

My pet peave is socks with sandals...not cute little socks, but white athletic socks.

dapper kid said...

I love that skirt and your ring is so pretty! Ooh and definitely a good alternative to the brown bag lunch. I can't really enter the competition, but something I am seeing more and more of is people on the tube in suits....and cr*cs. I mean seriously?! And wow, I would kill to get on House!

Budget Babe said...

I adore the necklace from C&C, I'm dropping hints big time to my bf to buy me one :)

Do you act? You're gorgeous all around but really have a face made for TV. You should consider it.

Oh, and I love hte color palette of your entire outfit.

Finally, I want to win that dress! I've been eying it, haha. So my fashion pet peeve these days is tights with cut-off jean shorts. UGH!

Juicy said...

i'm not sure if you can count this as a total fashion peeve, but it BUGS me when people confuse seven for all mankind with sevens from like macys. it BUGS ME.

also, when people should be wearing a size up and they're wearing something way too tight. my philosophy? WEAR CLOTHES TO FLATTER YOUR BODY! haha :o)

lisa said...

Hmm mine would be: tracksuits, Lululemon yoga pants, any sort of workout attire worn out and about when you're not working out or on your way to the gym; Crocs; Uggs; and leggings as pants.

STARR said...

You look so pretty and the colors in your outfit are really gorgeous :)

Write Me Beautiful said...

Are you a part-time actress or something? I love the show "House"!
My personal fashion peeve is ugg boots with gym shorts.

Ashley said...

Hmm biggest fashion pet peeve? Probably wayyy too low cut jeans, so that undies stick out the top. That's the worst.


Jessie said...

Wow awesome!

Mine are bootcut jeans with high heeled boots...erk.
Guys who wear pants which are obviously too short for their legs!
Denim on denim (although there are a few exceptions for people who pull it off well!)

xx Jessie

Amber said...

You have such awesome style!!

My biggest fashion pet peeve is uggs with skirts!

Were you seriously in an episode of House? That is so cool!!

MizzJ said...

Man these people have some good peeves, it's gotten me all steamed up thinking about them! Too bad about the dress, but I'll gladly take it off your hand if I win hahaha. You are lucky to have a long torso and bubble butt - thats what all the models have!

Ok, my peeves are: Ugg boots (they're called Ugg for a reason ladies), velour tracksuits (only JLo back in the 90s could pull that off), and yeah the calf-length leggins with a denim mini is VERY MUCH OVERDONE. Oh, and geek shirts, GROSS, you are so not being clever!!

Abbey R said...

#1 Fashion Pet Peeve:

OTT bling'd out Guess Handbags! Eww!!

P.S. Love the colour of your pedi!!

PY said...

ok. it's not really a fashion pet peeve. but i really hate it when everyone starts wearing the same thing because it's "in". everyone ends up looking the same and completely unoriginal.

for instance, everyone starts wearing tights with short skirts or black stockings with a micro mini (and end up looking like a hooker).

it's quite obvious these girls weren't thinking about what they were putting on and were just putting it on because everyone else was, or were simply copying unthinkingly.

so, there goes.

Underfunded Heiress said...

I'm sure you will have a great time at the wedding. Don't worry!

Biggest fashion pet peeve:
For guys- shirt unbuttoned one too many buttons (just the top one please) and even worse when thier hair shows-eek!

For girls- Very long and large square cut fake french manicures. OC loves them!

Renee G said...

Let's see:
Hairy guys with no shirts
bra straps that show
slips longer than the dress
sleeveless shirts on flabby arms

TigerLily said...

too bad i'm a small size :( so i can't participate in the free giveaway ^__^ but it's so nice of you to give away your stuff ^^

may the best one wins ^__^

Emily Giang said...

My biggest fashion pet peeve would be athletic pants (lululemons, etc) with pumps/high heels. Ew. OR
Wearing a denim mini skirt with skateshoes.. or skinny jeans with skate shoes..

La Chauve-Souris said...

very cute blog, just discover it!!! love it
the bat

Daphne said...

let's see, my biggest fashion pet peeves:

- people with absolutely no fashion sense at all
- denim from head to toe
- combining holiday colors on non-holidays (like red/green and black/orange)

there's alot more, but i'll just end it there =)

this is a great contest!

geisharock said...

You look great, love the necklace! Oooh a giveaway that's open to the UK!! (No Forever21 over here so anything from that shop is exciting).

My biggest fashion pet peeves would be...

- G-strings poking out the back of people's jeans... Ugh.

- People wearing heels/shoes with the labels still on the bottom. This is something you see very often in the UK for some reason!

- Guys who try to dress "casually" but are obviously taking their appearances FAR TOO seriously. For instance - too low-slung baggy "distressed" jeans with shiny loud squeaky hi-tops and a cap with the sticker still on the underside of the rim that is at a "casual" angle on their head. Not sure why that annoys me so much but there you go!


copperoranges said...

my biggest fashion pet peeve is when people do not dress seasonally appropriate! just because the sun comes out in february does not mean you should bust out flip flops and cargo shorts!

The Giveaway Diva said...

uggh i hate when people wear shorts or mini skirts when it is freezing outside!! seriously save it for the summer!!

Trisch said...

My biggest pet peeves include:
uggs and sweats
uggs and anything
excercise wear when you're clearly not exercising.
muffin top jeans
huge wedges
crop tops

Trisch xo

Susie Orman said...

I decide what I’m doing with the site. I appreciate all the comments and all the visitors I’ve had but I feel like my blog has been sadly scattered over things I find interesting without developing a voice of its own. It will be reincarnated into something more focused shortly  but in the meantime, feel free to peruse the brilliant posts made and wait with bated breath for the supercalifragilistic reincarnation…

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love the sandles & cardi, amazing necklace too!!

Vegas Princess said...

That scarf is gorgeous and makes a great belt. I am sure you will have tons of fun at the wedding. Seems to me you can meet people and have a good time pretty easily. :)

Uh, when were you on House?

Also,I have a contest on my blog if you wish to check it out! :)

Sandra said...

My BIGGEST pet peeve is people who live enslaved to trends with no attention to their own body type. I don't care if it's the most popular thing ever and all the celebs are wearing it and it's made of rainbows and unicorns and the tears of angels, if it makes you look bad, you still look bad!

And yeah, UGGs with miniskirts, I must concur. :(

Amelia said...

Nice outfit! I love the scarf as a belt.

Definitely enter me for the dress. My biggest fashion pet peeve? Probably the return of 80s style. I just don't get it. It's not terribly attractive in my opinion. If we're going to look to the past for inspiration, can we look back a teensy bit further?

Erica said...

That is SO COOL that you were an extra on House. I adore that show.

Pocahondas said...

I have just discovered your blog, and i love your style!

Memphis Steve said...

I don't think the dress will fit me. :(

takoxiao said...


I'm new to blogging, and I just happened upon your site. Excellent job btw, with the hairstyle you did for the wedding ^.^ It did look professionally done. I wish I could do the same with my hair! Haha.

As for fashion pet peeves,my number one is exposed butts or thongs from jeans/pants that are too tight/small.

Any outfit with distasteful skin exposure irks me. Other than that, in general, I do not have much of a problem with anyone's fashion choices because fashion choices usually reflect a person's personality and gives her/him a unique quirk. But that's just my two cents, hehe.

Have a good day!

Cassiopeia said...

Trackies... Ick ick ick. Only allowable in the gym or doing all nighters in the library. Those and plain black leggings with everything. And Ugg boots.



healthy ashley said...

Ugg boots with shorts (I'm in FL so it happens a lot!)

People who look too uncomfortable int their clothes

Guys in wayyyyy too old denim!

Neira said...

that jewelry is amazing! complements really well with the outfit!

pet peeve.....velour sweatsuits..yuck!