Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hippie Hair

Hippie Hair

To answer your questions about my hair :P

I have inherited my mom's fine, thin blonde hair and it has been the bane of my existence my whole life. OK, that's an exageration. LATELY it has become the bane of my existence.

My hair gets damaged easily. It's very flat on top and string on the bottom. I have to wash my hair everyday because my scalp is super oily. It has a slight wave to it, so if I don't brush it after washing it it can look like this:

Swiss Alps Maiden wave hair

Which isn't so bad but it does make my hair look shorter than it is. Anyhoo, I've always had longish hair, like this:

uma's kill bill costume

Drinking can be stylish

Until Jan 2006 when I did the big chop and cut it to this:

The Elisha Cuthbert hair cut

At this point I had lost a lot of weight, so I felt that I could pull off short hair for once in my life. I enjoyed my hair at this length because it looked good curly too, like this:

Sex and the City party short wavy Carrie Bradshaw hair

Anyway, it eventually grew back (once I got past the awkward phase) to this:

wavy boho hair style

Before I decided to cut it again, last April 2008 to this, (haha I love Kaiti's bf Greg's face in this pic):

the blonde posh spice hairstyle

And ever since then, it hasn't really grown...I had it cut again in November and in January but just a little bit. Anyway, big mistake, my hair just doesn't want to move.

So I was uber bored of having gross, in-between hair. I wanted it LONG again but I knew I would have to wait forever...or I wanted it short again, in which I would soon regret it. I just didn't like this shoulder-length blahness.

And so, I decided on getting extensions. I knew they were mighty expensive so I saved some money, researched the best places in Vancouver (ironically it's called Vancouver's Best Hair Extensions) for some that didn't ruin my already damaged hair.

Carolyn Kind, who runs the business out of her adorable studio apartment, just 4 blocks away from me, did a fantastic job with my Euro-locs. The real Russian hair she purchased was a fantastic match too, in terms of my real colour and and the way my hair behaves.

Euro-locs aren't weaved in, they aren't fused in and they aren't glued in, so the damage to your hair is minimal. The strands are applied to your own hair with wax and then sealed with a small metal clip. They don't hurt at all getting them put in, and they don't hurt after.

The extensions will remain in my hair for about 3 months - I should be getting a touch-up in July because it is normally for clips or strands to fall out but so far, it's all pretty stuck in there!

I'm still getting used to it. I've never had hair THIS long before and not this thick. The texture is a little rougher than my own hair, so I have to start investing in more anti-frizz gels and sprays - my own hair was too limp to handle them.

There are some things that I have to be mindful of...I can't blowdry everyday, I have to sleep with it in a bun, ponytail or braid - I've been doing the braid a lot and my hair has been nice and wavy. Wind is not my friend but luckily even if a clip is exposed, it matched my hair colour so it's hard to see. I can't just brush my hair, but must hold the hair with one hand first and then brush, so I don't pull out the clips.

People do look at me differently and not just the people I know, though everyone at work kept remarking how they never realized how long my hair was! I guess because I had been wearing it up for a long time. I feel different wearing it to, younger and more casual and have a feeling I will be inclined to dress way more BOHO than usual this summer!

I thought that longer hair would help with confidence and it kind of has (it gives me leverage) but by no means does it make me feel any thinner lol, as I stupidly thought it would. I still feel like a chunky girl, just one with long hair! At least that's something...


Me with extensions

Blonde hair extensions like celebs have

These shoes are the Harajuka Girls ones I scored at Winners for $60CND...just saw them on ASOS for $134USD - finally, I win at Winners! Dress: Forever 21; Necklace: French Connection UK; Bag: Some store in Italy; Ring: ASOS

PS -
Blog contest is still going on, don't have the time to do the draw today so it will be tomorrow. And if you forget the rules of the contest: A) link me to your blog and I will link you (will be updating all my new links tomorrow - yaya, so excited for new blogs!) and B) pick your prize! (see previous post)


DaisyChain said...

Aw, I love your hair.
Mine is an utter nightmare. I could dedicate several million blog posts to it ;)

Odette said...

Hey hey! Love the extensions! I wanted to go that route for the wedding so that I could cut my hair now and still have it long in August, but alas that won't be happening. Yours look great and I am soooo jealous! :)

MizzJ said...

Haha your coworkers aren't very observant are they, oh techies ;)

Hillary said...

your hair looks great and I do not think you look like a chunky girl AT ALL!

Eyeliah SS said...

Lovely hair, can't wait to see it in person.

Eyeliah SS said...

p.s. - you not chunky even a tiny bit, get it through your fat (skinny) skull missy!!!!!!

OmnisLucis said...

you look so fabulous in your last haircut picture. where on earth did you get that yellow dress from? i need one right now.

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

your hair looks lovely! you look great with short or long hair - you're so pretty! and in no way chunky!

lopi said...

You chunky? No way!
BTW, love that shade of blue on you!

The Clothes Horse said...

Your shoes are gorgeous! I think your hair looks great too. My sister has hair like yours--I think it's really pretty and much softer to the touch than my own.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

I do love your hair so much! I always wanted extensions until I heard how much work they were haha. And I knwo what you mean about that in between stage, I hate it. LOVE those sandals. Winners is amazing

Erica said...


You are not chunky. AT ALL.
And your hair is lovely, I would have never guess that it was extensions. I couldn't imagine washing my hair every day! My scalp is so dry as it is, if I wash it every other day, it gets really dried out...blah. I guess everyone's different!

Underfunded Heiress said...

Can do you wash your hair regularly?

You look great with the hair. I like it short too though. I always feel prettier with long hair.

indigotangerine said...

it looks lovely. i looked horrid with long hair and have had it bob length for years, before having my own great chop, to pixie length. my face shape has changed a lot and i would probably look fine with long hair now, but i'm far too impatiant to grow it out.

Anonymous said...

When I was reading this, I thought to myself - "that's my hair!"
Oh man, the trials and tribulations of having thin, fine hair.
I had always worn it long, but cut it shoulder length a couple years ago. I can't get it to grow long again :( Still, it's *so* fine that it just looks pathetic when it's long, so maybe that's a good thing!
The extensions look great!

Carlotta said...

gorgeous outfit, love the dress and the necklaces!!

Cheri said...

The hair looks great! I've been trying to grow mine out for a few months and while it's longer I think it'll take another year before it's as long as I want. I doubt I'll be patient enough to wait until then. I wish I could afford extensions - yours look so good!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about wanting your hair to be long! Mine grows to a certain point and I swear it just stops or just splits into oblivion. I can't stop dying it either. ha ha. I hate hair. BUT your new hair looks fab.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Great look for summer when you want to wear a flowy dress! I wanted to cute my hair off (its really long) in April but I'm glad I didn't!

Holly said...

you are not chunky at all!!!

Anonymous said...

I want it! All of it!

Anonymous said...

hey, just started a new blog and looking for great reading material! you're already on my blogroll!!!

great blue on you btw!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love your hair!! i actually have the very same hair story as you - i even got extensions a couple of years ago! but now i'm back to short hair...i'm getting lazy as i get older!
i love your blue dress too!