Friday, May 22, 2009

Portland's Saturday Market


Last Saturday we arrived in Portland to some gloriously hot and sizzling weather, punctuated by an endless blue sky and Willamette River-fresh breezes. Not knowing exactly where to go (I knew about Powell's Used Books, the infamous bookstore that is the size of a city block) we decided to just hop on the MET rail system (free heading into the downtown core) and see where we ended up.


With luck on our side, I picked the Skidmore Fountain stop as the place to embark on our journey, and what a fantastic place it was! We ended up smack in the middle of the vibrant and pulsing Portland Saturday Market, where cool clothes, bags and hippie accessories abounded at every turn.



Bought the skirt/dress! Gotta support the locals :)

Keep Portland Weird!

Admist the chaos, were local Portlanders who mesmerized me at every turn with their unique and eclectic style. If the Sartorialist ever makes it up to the Pacific Northwest, Portland has to be on his list - no offense to Seattle or Vancouver but I found Portland so much more zesty. Everyone looked so fresh and fabulous, from emo hipsters, to moonforest children, to colour-coordinated families. I wanted to become a street-style photographer right there and then but was way too shy (what exactly do you ask these people?), so I snuck a few pics where I could:

These long, slouchy bags were everywhere - and how awesome is the other girl's tattoo?

Monochrome Family Brights

And to think that I thought Hendrix was dead...

Please check out that awesome mess behind me :P

The market also served alcohol (how perfect was that Corona?), had live music and an amazing array of eateries.





Though we ended up spending more time than we should have at the market (and missed the bookstore as well as the outstanding amount of vintage clothing stores that Portland happily posesses), I feel like I got the perfect taste of Portland in such a short time. I'm already plotting my next trip there!

Dress: Unknown; Scarf: Forever 21; Woven Bangle: French Connection; Fringe Bag: Miele Bianco; Cork Wedges: Michael Kors

To read about where we ate in Portland (highly recommended), please click onMy Travel Blog Link


Anonymous said...

I'm going next weekend! I've got four days but will be arriving (unfortunately) after the market will be done for the day.

The Clothes Horse said...

Love your dress. It really looks like there was a lot of entertainment at the market!

Emz said...

I love your dress! It looks like it was fun =)

OmnisLucis said...
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OmnisLucis said...

so much randomness (e.g. awesome bbq sandwich sign), love it. glad you had fun. show us what u bought!

Eyeliah SS said...

What a fun place to stumble on! I so want to go there (can't believe I haven't been to Portland!!) I have one of those slouchy bags, will use it all summer for the beach babe!

Kristin said...

LOVE those wedges. My girlfriend is moving to Portland this week. Now I can't wait to visit!!

Underfunded Heiress said...

You look like you had so much fun! I went to portland for a friends wedding last spring. Loved it there but it rained on and off all weekend. Maybe that is why it's so clean. haha. I liked the vibe there but a little too granola even for me. I wanted to tell the girls there to not be afraid of gloss. haha. Just kidding. Maybe I've been in so cal too long! Would love to visit Portland again.

Thanks for your hair tip. Extensions....oh fun....can't wait to see a photo! said...

Thast last picture of you is SO cute! I love your smile. It brings a smile to my face everytime I see it.

And as for Portland. Have I mentioned this?(I think I have..) that you are the luckiest girl to travel like you do! I want to head to those local markets, it's totally a dream. I can already spot out some hats, and garments I want to buy!!

Lovvvvvve always

Vegas Princess said...

I love street fairs like that. OPen markets and booths selling their wares, always such fun and a great way to test out the local feel of a place. :)

Couture Carrie said...

So fun! Love these pics and your dress!


Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

you look adorable! and that sounds like such a fun trip! just teh perfect market, i'm so jealous!

tanya said...

first of all, I'm completely in love with your dress you're wearing. Second of all, don't you just love weekend markets? :-)

styleburst said...

I love your photos. And the dress is lovely. The market looks like some great great fun. :)


Anika said...

I love the pics you've put up. They really are vibrant and give a great impression of Portland. Loving too the "hot mess" (or maybe not ;) and your outfit.

Have a great week

T said...

cute dress! i wish we had a market like that in holland

love your blog btw

Dane said...

Youre adorable in that dress. And yay for markets.. my favorite place to scour for amazing finds.

Anonymous said...

Hee, I feel the same way about taking street pictures. I'm like "What if people think I am weird??"

Love these photos! You are too cute!

Oh, and I tagged you on my blog for something!

Wayfarer said...

Ok I'm a first time poster who is finally caving and leaving a comment, because I figure after reading your blog til 1am I should quit being a creep! I really enjoy your posts, especially the fashion ones! Keep on keepin' on :)

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today and have to say, I'm loving it!
This post made me homesick (I grew up in Oregon). Portland is SO fabulous...Saturday Market is one of my favorite things to do in the summer!
Bummer you missed Powell's! It's really crazy...if left to myself I'd probably drain my bank account in there :)

Tiana Couture's Addict said...

You're so pretty! I love your wedge !

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip. That market place looks like a blast. That women's leopard leggings are kind of insane. Love the cork wedges!


Dani B said...

OMG you are on FABSUGAR!!! They posted your Volcano Ballerina outfit...
Nice to see a Vancouver girl get posted there!
Congrats from a fellow Van fashionista x

Holly said...

your 'unknown' dress is killer, i love it