Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm on a boat, Motherf*cker!


This is a pre-scheduled post because as of right now, I am cruising down the I-5, probably just pulling into Portland, Oregon (or cruising past that and straight to the mall to raid Sephora and Twelve by sales tax, baby).

Last weekened was our annual sailpast. It's a longstanding tradition at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club where we take our boats out and one by one sail (or motor, for you non-purists) past the commodore where he salutes us. You can't salute him though, for some reason. I learned that the hard way, but when you are all standing in a line like that - you have to line up tallest man to shortest woman alongside your boat - it's really hard not to!

Anyway, as per usual I got stinking drunk, spilled a whole whack of red wine down my Suzy Shier sailor pants and had to change into my Forever 21 dress. Woot for blue!

Good timez all around.

Run! We are late!!

You can see my apartment...try and guess which one?

My father, Captain Sven and Lt. Nerd Face

A great excuse to buy ASOS deck shoes

A wonder that no boats ever collide

Once a year, we are the preppy couple

An ad for beer or for Tommy Hilfiger?

Totally thought this was a great idea at the time

Hmmm don't really remember this part but I know that's tequila!



Somehow can take good photos when wasted...must be the camera!

Anyhoo, thought I would leave you all with some food for thought - it's question time!

Question A) What designer do you find overrated? Please feel free to express yourself and don't worry what people think. I for one just don't "get" Alexander Wang. Like, I don't really feel for his stuff and why so pricey, yo?

I also don't get why Marc Jacobs (I do love MJ though) can sell this dress for $1,500:

It's hideous!!!

Question B) which "fashionista" do you think is the most overrated? You know, say people are always praising Peaches Geldof's style and you have no idea why...

Happy Weekend, see you all Tuesday with a Inspired By post on The Beach Boys, yay!


STARR said...

wow it look so nice! You look so pretty in that shade of blue :)

Erica said...

I would have to say Betsey Johnson is probably the most "overrated" in my opinion. I like very few things from her collection.

A fashionista I feel is RIDICULOUSLY overrated is Michelle Obama. I don't know if you've had the terror of experiencing it where you live, but here, all they rave about is how she wore this and matched this with that and how she's accentuating her waistline with gets old because so much of her stuff is designer (yet she claims that she dresses like the average american...) and she had the gall to wear $500 shoes to a soup kitchen. I just feel like that's kind of tasteless. I just feel like she's nothing compared to Jackie Kennedy and she spends way too much effort trying to be stylish so the tabloids have something to rave about.

Wow, I wrote a bit of a novel, haha! Your pictures are really nice, I would love to go on a boat but I get horribly seasick :(

Anika said...

Ahhh, that looks like the boat trip of THE century! Fantastic and it all looks so serene and picturesque (love boat trips)!

And lol at the captions for the photos...hehe, still sniggering. Meanwhile, loving the ASOS shoes, the blazer and that F21 dress.

Overrated? I do love Wang's stuff but it's ridic overpriced...sheesh!
LV's bags/Coach are on my list of overrated....cannot see the appeal for the life of me. LVs shoes on the other hand...those tribal beauts, yum yum!

OmnisLucis said...

That gorgeous photo of you lying on the deck could be in a catalogue- and this post makes me wanna work harder to get my first boat. (I *knew* you had scandinavian genes but didnt know you were 100%, explains the innate style:) Have fun.

the yellow elephant said...

i got to say balmain. the it-jackets with huge shoulders was horrible! btw, i hope you had a wonderful time on the boat.

Vegas Princess said...

That picture of you laying on the boat is awesome! But I would have fallen into the drink, for sure.

Betsey Johnson. She has a few stores here and everytime I walk by the displays I can not see why people would want to wear her clothes.

DaisyChain said...

You are seriously the most adorable blogger, the photo captioned "I thought this was a good idea at the time" is beyond beautiful.

Mary said...

I'm not sure if this counts but I don't understand Louis Vuitton. I'm just not sure I'd pay that much for a bag or a piece of luggage that says LV all over it and is just basic brown (for the most part). Also, I have to agree with lots others and say I don't get Betsey. Also, I wish Jessica Simpson would stop designing shoes. It's icky.

As for overrated fashionista... Paris Hilton. Do people really consider what she wears fashionable? More like skanky! :)

~nOe~ said...

i loved that blue dress!!! and those shoes were cute too.

Alice said...

haha, "lt. nerd face" cracked me up :-)

i am so bad at designers. mostly i don't get how ANY dress / shoe / bag can sell for over $1000. ok.. sometimes i can understand it for a dress. but a shirt? or even a bag? hai, i not has fashion sense.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

that navy blazer is so so chic!! you look gorgeous!! and that mj dress is ridiculously priced!

Chels said...

That last photo is beyond gorgeous!
chels x

fashiongeometry said...

you look gorgeous! and love the blue hues matching the ocean :D

and there's no sales tax in Oregon??? wow that sure beats the now 9.25% sales tax in CA :/

Couture Carrie said...

You are so chic and fabulous! Love the deck shoes.

And I'm totally with your on Peaches G ~ what's the big deal?


Neira said...

i love that royal blue color on you! blondes + royal blue= hotness

issa said...

you guys look freakin fabulous.

Eyeliah SS said...

The best part is your title! :-) cleaned out my closet for the swap.

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Those pictures are great. I love the one with you lying on the side of the boat! Looks like too much fun!

Most over rated? Gosh I don't know. I personally think all the designer stuff that we lust after is way way way over priced. There is no F'n way that shit should cost that much EVER! I also love MJ, but a lot of his stuff is cracked out (nice example that dress/shirt is HIDEOUS) I gotta say that I find Alexander McQueen's stuff really NOT READY TO WEAR and most of it I don't get. OH and COACH! The C's = sick. If your gonna buy Coach buy a leather bag! Their leather bags are gorg and beautifully crafted, but all that C shit makes me vom a little bit okay, a lot.

OVER RATED FASHIONISTA = MICHELLE OBAMA!!! Some of the crap she wears is HIDEOUS! Like that green piece of crap suit she wore on Inaugration Day! I don't like her style or rather the style that her stylist gave her. BUT then again I'm not into wearing suits that remind me of the Queen of England. Sorry.

Oh wow, I went on a bit of a rant!


(would love to do a link exchange ;))