Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yellow Musings

And how is everyone today? Splendid, I hope!

I enjoyed reading your Cost-per-wear comments on the previous post, it's insightful to peak around inside the brains of fellow fashionistas (and admitted non-fashionistas). As Noe summed up best, cost doesn't matter if it makes you feel like a million bucks.

Anyways, here is what's making the rounds in my life:

*I'm officially on my shopping ban (got a little last minute eBay scores and a Sephora order in there) for the month of March AND May. See, I'm calculating how long it will take to pay off all the stuff I just bought this year (and it's a lot) so May 1st will see my credit card down to a happier state of mind. It will be hard, of course, but I am allowing one splurge in April, on those lavender Nine West gladiators that I mentioned a few posts back. But that's it.

The thing is, I have so much stuff, so much that I don't wear, that I need to start making use of them and being creative. I think a lot of creativity will flow over the next two months, not to mention that I have a few boxes of clothes that I haven't opened yet (saving it for when a shopping binge hits!).

I've also been inspired by With Love and her "to buy list." I've started a small and simple one so that when I do start buying again in May, I'll concentrate MORE on what I need and not on impulse items. Because if you need it, you're still gonna have to buy it.

I'm also listing like 20 things on eBay - shoes (all size 6, some Prada, some Marc Jacobs), lots of dresses from Forever 21, Zara and ASOS. If you want to see the listings, just email me! If a reader wins an auction, I'll give away some sweet jewelry or sephora samples with each package!

*As you know, I've had two months of complaining, sweating, working out, counting calories. I only ended up GAINING weight.

Last week I stopped taking my birth control pill. I also started the "4-Day Diet." The diet is pretty vague but interesting and though the title is misleading -it's different stages that last 4 days - I actually did lose weight in 4 days.


Now you can't tell that I've lost the weight, which means it's probably all water. But I SERIOUSLY don't care. Five pounds - wow - in less than a week! It made my day, in fact, I am all smiles lately. Silly how that works.

Anyway, even though it might be water loss, the fact is I feel and look less "puffy" and "lumpy." It's hard to explain but my arms and stomach always looked so bulging, ripply and dimpled. Not cellulite exactly but this weird, quality that I've had as long as I can remember.

Now, they are smoother, sleeker. I'm pretty sure this is the side effect of stopping the pill since the pill affects your kidneys into retaining water. Who knew that my appearance was a result of that, and I've been carrying around all this extra water?

Anyway, that's good news. I doubt I'll lose another 5 this week but I'm hoping for at least another pound gone :)

*I freaking hate Canadian Forever 21. I look at the US site and I see all these lovely items, including new swimwear, and their awesome 12X12 section and NONE of them are ever on the Canadian site. It's like we get all the overflow and rejects that the States stores don't want.

And when you finally do see a cool top or dress, it's GONE in your size within an hour. No kidding. This is why I order so much from them, I have to buy it the minute I see it because if I wait a day, it's definitely gone, in ALL sizes.

Just who are you, out there, snapping up all these clothes from under my nose. Huh?

I even tried to order it from the US site and ship it to my PO Box I have in Washington State (parents live by the border) but Forever 21 told me I would have to call my bank and get an authorization code, yadda yadda. What a frickin hassle. No thanks!

*I also have beef with Victoria's Secret. Yes, their bathing suits can be a good deal. And their bras are lovely, though they size them too big, in my opinion, and they stretch out too easily. But what I hate most is their clothes.

I'll be more specific. I hate their pricing. Because I'll see a lovely shirt and find out it's $80! Or a thin maxi dress for $198. Look, these are all Vera Moda clothes, and from experience I know they aren't the best quality. So why does VS have to mark them up to ridiculous amounts? If I'm gonna spend $198 on a dress, I'll get something designer from Bluefly, thank you very much.

* I think the worst thing in the world is seeing a man cry. Yesterday, my lovely boyfriend - who doesn't have an enemy in the world and is truly the most loved and liked guy (SO the opposite of me, lol) - had to "break up" with a member of his band. The guy, someone I liked a lot, was just not pulling his weight and not taking things seriously. I mean, it's been a year and a half and he still doesn't know the songs. Anyway, my bf had to tell him he was out of the band and I guess the guy didn't take it very well, saying things like, "I thought you were my friend, but if that's how it's gonna be" - so when I came back from my run, tears were in my guy's eyes. I just don't get the band life - it's like being in a relationship with five people at once - just how can you keep that going?

*Question of the day: If you were given $1000 and were told you could buy ONE thing with it (clothes-wise) what would it be? I would snap up either a gorgeous Missoni dress (there's one I have my eye on, that's thankfully not 1K) or a deconstructed, open Rick Owens jacket.

Ah, what I wore yesterday. Felt slightly European to me, and people were complimenting my scarf which is nice (but not my shoes, which is fine cuz they still make me happy and low and behold I am wearing them again today!). Plus the cut of that jersey faux-wrap dress is tres flattering (more so in person).

Wooden bangles, purple coat, yellow scarf: Forever 21; Wrap dress, rings: ASOS; Bag: Giant bag: Mango; Tights: unknown; Yellow nappa puzzle flats: Kate Spade


Kass said...

Making a list is such a good idea. You can still buy things, but they'll be things you need instead of crazy impulse crap that you get home and you're like "why??!!" lol. At the moment I'm trying hard not to go into any clothing stores, because I know I'd be snapping up things left, right and centre, then regretting it later when I have no money left. I'm so glad I don't have a credit card lol.

Congrats on your weight lost! Even if it is just water, at least it's made you feel better about yourself, and you're actually seeing some kind of results! :)

Awwe poor Mike! I hate breaking up with friends, must be really hard to break up with someone in your band :(

I love that outfit on you, nice and dark and fitting, and then SNAP there goes the yellow. Lovely :)

Alice said...

i'm currently in a No Shopping Zone so i'm living vicariously through your fashion instead :-)

i like the list idea. about a year ago i forced myself to stop buying cheap impulse stuff and ONLY buy higher quality, more versatile pieces with structural interest (no more plain solid-color shirts!!!). it's been hard, but i wear the newer things WAY more frequently because they last longer and they're more fun :-)

Odette said...

Oh my god they dropped a member? I can only imagine that it's the bass player? Poor little bruva from another muva! :(

I can't wait until I start seeing results from my diet! I'm so jealous! :)

Love the Kate Spade flats! :)

sil said...

great job on losing 5lbs! i think that soon you will feel better from being off the pill, my fiancee swears that i'm less emotional than i was when i was on the pill. no more pms really :)
if i had $1,000 - an louis vuitton wallet in black epi leather that i have been wanting since the beginning of time OR a pair of real diamond stud earrings :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I love the pops of yellow! Congrats on your weight loss--sometimes it's such a mental barrier to see the scale just stay the same.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Lovely in yellow!!

I ALWAYS WANTED THE CONDO COMPLEX !!! ::for the ponies:: haha- yes let's have out ponies play together, someday =]


Vegas Princess said...

I feel so bad for your bf. How awful. I am sure his friend will come around eventually and understand why it had to be done, but that sucks in the meantime.

Since I am not really into clothes and oculd only think to spend $1000 on a really cool leather coat, I would have to say I would buy a nice pair of diamond studs. Cause I am a jewelry freak. Although I will probably need more than $1000 to get the ones I want. :)

Love the yellow! Nice and sunny.

Karinaxoxo said...

I LOVE this look. I am such a fan of wearing all black, then accessorizing with bright and bold colours!
Hmmm... if I had $1000 I'd probably have to say I'd walk my Steve Madden heels right into Cosmopolitan Shoes in Sydney and purchase a pair of Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutin's. I can afford a pair off Ebay or on MASSIVE sale, but I'd love to just buy them straight off the shelf!

Couture Carrie said...

You are so fabulous, darling! Great job on the weight loss, the shopping ban, and the ebay listings!

CC Maegan said...

oh this is so cute!!! you are adorable!

Rachel said...

Congrats on the 5 lbs!! I love the yellow scarf, I just got another "little black dress" from White House Black Market (so much classic goodness) and I might borrow your yellow accessory idea! Thanks for being such a stylish you!

KB said...

I need to shop my closet as well, and make a list, and have a shopping ban, AND sell clothes on ebay. I definitely don't wear everything I have, and need to start doing this asap! If I had $1000, I think the poor exchange rate would give me just about enough to buy a Mulberry Bayswater, classic and timeless.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Hey hun,
I love your outfit.... so pretty and those shoes are amazing :) You look absolutely gorgeous.

As for the $1000 question- I think that I would buy myself a new laptop... hehe

You're so sweet...I am the same way when it comes to shopping, so the lists usually help. Thank you so much mentioning me, it means so much to me :)