Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunny days are here again

OK, that's a total lie, considering it was almost warm enough to go sleeveless last week and THIS WEEK it freaking snowed. I took the above picture as I went on my walk Sunday near my apartment, and as the sun was setting the sky was ablaze with light flakes of snow. While it was sunny. Twas weird, yah? Then yesterday morning: BLAM! White Christmas all over again.

It's all melted now but it's still bitterly cold cuz of some damn front coming in from the North. Dry, yes, but when we've had a taste of Spring these last few weeks, dry just isn't enough when you have to bundle up like an eskimo. On the plus side, I get to wear my Michael Kors boots more, which is kinda factoring into that Costperwear dealy I was talking about a few posts back.

Let's ignore the deep freeze, shall we, and pretend it's warm(ish) again...

Top: Laura Lees; Skirt and tights: H&M; Satin snow leopard flats: ASOS; Necklace: Hannah Makes Things; Cardigan: Forever 21. - I felt some bright colours and pastels would make my work day a little cheery. I was a bit unsure about the quirky top as it was a hasty online purchase (Oh wouldn't this be fun - add to cart) but though I have reservations about how flattering scrunchy cap sleeves are, I kinda like it!

Someone before was asking what kind of skin cream I use because I look luminous or something. I hate to disappoint you but I actually have quite horrible skin. The "glow" function on Picassa really helps smooth it out in photos though!

My skin is very oily and I get quite a few pimples, have enlarged pores, that sorta thing. In fact, the whole last few months I've started to feel dull and OLD with regards to my complexion. Like seriously feeling the aging thing.

Lately though - and I hope I'm not jinxing myself - it's been looking a lot better. I had heard that going off the birth control pill will make your face freak the fuck out so I was a bit apprehensive about that. But it's been 2 weeks now and my skin is fine - maybe because BC pills never helped my skin to begin with, like they did other people.

But for the record, I did start using new face creams and potions too so maybe that helps.

My variable routine?

I use Murad acne wash at night, followed by Murad anti-aging acne cream, Peter Thomas Roth Power K eye cream (for my super dark circles - been using it since Oct and I don't know if they are any better :S) and then Elizabeth Arden Intervene Stress Recovery Night Cream (LOVE the stuff!).

In the mornings I use Murad to wash my face or Pro-Activ or Bliss Foaming Face Wash (to mix things up). Then to treat, I use Murad antiaging acne cream again or Korres Wild Rose Brightening Serum (if my face is feeling dry from all the anti-acne stuff) followed by Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer (love this stuff too!). To prime before makeup I use either Smashbox Lite Photofinish Primer or Laura Geller Mattifier. If my eyes are puffy I'll dab on Patricia Wexler anti-puff eye gel and if my lips are chapped, I'll put on Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

For masks I'm really loving Bliss Triple Oxygen Engergizing Mask or Bliss Steep Clean (when my skin is pimply), Boots No.7 Intensive Moisturizing Mask (when my skin looks dry and tired). For scrubs I use St. Ives Crystal Microdermabrasion scrub or Philosophy Microdelivery Pads.

And for that formidable frown line between my eyes? Well, I'm holding out for Botox on my 30th b-day :D

As you can tell, I have as many beauty products as I do clothes. These are just the products that work for ME - I can't begin to tell you all the other products I have that I don't use and are just cluttering up my drawers :)


the yellow elephant said...

my daily beautyroutine is far away from yours, i really need to start being better! but i just can't find the time..


PS: lovely outfit, dear

Georgie said said...

I love Laura Lees, I have a few items from the topshop line she did. Although... the items I do have arn't cut very well, but that top looks great!

DaisyChain said...

I love your top and necklace, gorgeous.

Couture Carrie said...

Such a cute top. And btw I think you would look fab in silver! But if you are hesitant start with a silver bag or sandals and go from there!!


Kass said...

Love that outfit, it's aweeesome :)

And you know, for someone that takes so many pictures, you really should invest in a DLSR ;)

Erica said...

I discovered your comment through Karla's Blog. You mentioned that you had gotten some nasty anonymous comments on your blog, I received some as well. It's hard to stay positive, isn't it?

I just wanted to say that I think your style is wonderful and I was hoping I could add you to my blog list.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank youuu, I really love your little lavender skirt!! :]


Michael said...

I could never be a girl. Setting aside the whole childbirth thing, there's no way I could coordinate an outfit every single day and make it look good, much less figure out what to do with all that makeup and how to find which ones work best. And the heels. How on Earth do women walk in those high heels?

Nemerae said...

Nice pic and lovely outfit :) and I love your dress in the post before!! so sweet!

MizzJ said...

Cute skirt! Where did you get Boots products here, or did you get them in the UK? Argh I can't believe it snowed either! At least it's sunny today. I hear it's going to warm up the rest of the week... by raining.

The Budget Babe said...

Cute skirt! If you don't mind my asking, what are you gonna use in lieu of the pill?