Monday, March 23, 2009

Live Nude Girl(s)

Frack, I can just imagine how many weirdo hits I am going to get now just because of this title. It doesn't help that I once wrote a blog post about "how to be good in bed" (it's somewhere in ye olde archives) and I get at least 20 people a day who find me by googling that. That and my love for garter belts. Google is a stange beast.

I'm gonna keep this entry short (is that even possible for me?) as I only got around 4 hours of sleep last night thanks to a running mind and tossing and turning. I think it's cuz I totally ignored my diet this weekend and got very very drunk. Yep turns out my "giving up booze" for Lent only lasted 21 days but hey that was 21 days of torture not being able to relax with a glass of wine or go out with friends, etc.

So I totally overdid it (also last time I got DRUNK drunk was NYE so that ain't too bad) and had a bottle of wine, jagerbombs and tequila shots and I'm sure other stuff I can't remember. Oh man. Waking up to an epic hangover PLUS $150 broker was a good reminder as to why I hadn't gotten drunk in awhile. I'm glad I got it out of my system though, because after being a hermit for months and not going out ANYWHERE it was bound to happen. Just think I'll keep my drinking to a glass of wine or two from now on ;)

On top of the torture, I had physiotherapy that morning which had me running on a treadmill for 5 minutes. Can you imagine doing that with an epic hangover? not fun! Though I did figure out what I do wrong when I run...apparently my spine collapses with each step. yah. Doesn't that sound nice. And my therapist warned that even if I wanted to run 4x a week in the future for the hell of it (ie not training) I still would have to take breaks from running for a while because it's really not good for my body and my body will begin to get rather damaged from it. Yikes.

So that was my weekend. Went to a friend's engagement party on Saturday which then spilled into a a huge tournament of quarters. Had a lazy Sunday. Overall nice but I'm glad I'm back on track with my diet today - makes me feel a bit more in control over things.

Outfit post: I've been in love with the concept of nude dressing for awhile but I just never seem to just start pulling things together. So I decided to attempt a nudey look on Friday for work. I think it worked out all right, though next to my rather beige dress, my cardigan wasn't really the nude colour I thought it was. In fact, I have no idea what colour it is...and I am way too tired today to wrap my head around it.

Cardigan: H&M; Dress: ASOS; Tights: H&M; Shoes: Unknown; Bag: Coach

OOh, I also finally got around to documenting some of my clothes last night. See I have a whole bunch of tops piled in two drawers that I always neglect because when I get dressed I normally look in my overpacked closet and pick from there and forget I have a whole slew of clothes elsewhere. So I decided to take pictures of what's in those drawers so I can find and plan my outfits easier, without tearing through the drawers everday. Then I made a collage of all the tops together.

In an ideal world I would love to be able to Polyvore this stuff, and it's somethinG I am considering doing WHEN we get our new apartment. See, I want to buy a mannequin (they are like $100 or so) and use that to start planning my wardrobe, plus taking pictures of my clothes on that would look a lot more realistic, etc etc.

A thing I noticed though when really examining my clothes is that half of my stuff has an immediate "feel" or look (such as the red and white polka dot me it says va-va-voom 50's can't really tell from these photos but I assure you it does) and the other half is just "fat clothes." As in, the reason I bought it was so I wouldn't feel fat. Now that I am feeling less "fat" I am wondering where do these clothes belong? What is their place? It's super easy and acceptable to pair a flowy top with jeans but is that really a "look?" It's kind of just lazy dressing, which I admit I do often.

Another problem with the flowy babydoll tops (Oh man, i have so many) is that they can only be paired with one thing: skinny pants. You can't wear a babydoll top with a skirt and you can't wear it with widelegged pants cuz you'll just look too wide overall. I guess it could go well with shorts but I don't own any shorts. And I guess you could tuck a babydoll top into a skirt, but wouldn't it make it too lumpy and bumpy?

If anyone has any babydoll top advice, please insert below!

Anyway, until then I'll just print out this contact sheet and stamp it by my closet.

Whoops, I just wrote a lot more than I thought I would :)

Happy Munday


MizzJ said...

Cute outfit! Hmm as for babydoll tops, I'd say you are kinda limited in your options. Tucking them in will just look kinda funny and lumpy as you say. Sometimes I layer an open vest over top of my babydolls and that seems to work ok.

aya said...

This might be my first time commenting but I follow your blog regularly for outfit ideas!

I usually pair my flowy babydoll tops with leggings since I don't look good in skinny jeans. Some people are adamant about not wearing leggings though so I don't know how well this suggestion will go over.

Vegas Princess said...

I like the nude look, very posh. :)

I can't go out drinking like I used to either. Too expensive and it takes me twice as long to recover the next day.

issa said...

haha great post.. i love the outfit!!

Eyeliah @ said...

hey work well with skirts, when the skirt is layered underneath(but only sometimes) or the skirt just below the bustline (kinda defeats the purpose though). I too struggle with babydoll tops.

Amelia said...

I tried to take pictures of all my clothes like that once, but then it got out of date really quickly and I never used it. Cute bag!

Anonymous said...

Love the pop of color from your bag!

And babydoll tops - the only thing I can really think of to wear them with are skinny jeans, because you can't tuck them in to ANYTHING. Sorry I'm not a huge help here....

Wanderlusting said...

I don't think my tops will get outdated since these are maybe 30% of all the tops I own and I have downsized a LOT. Problem is, I buy new clothes and just forget about these ones more and more. They aren't "new" so they don't get to go in my closet where I see them everday.

That said, today I am wearing a shirt I found in the drawers and thought, hey this could be a plain white tee with a twist and as such I am wearing it under my blazer today!

styleburst said...

lovely outfit!! your bag looks great! the pop of color is fab!

prettyneons said...

Hello's...babydoll tops are a bloody nightmare I avoid them at all costs.
Oh yeah I really like your bag, the colour is so bright, I loves it!!;)
PeAcE & BoWs...

Holly said...

oh dear! i cant imagine thinking when im hungover let alone running and trying to communicate with people. haha

♥ fashion chalet said...

I like the way it came out, and the helpful nod to color with the bag really pops. I hate when I pose in front of the mirror perfectly and then it comes out not-so-perfect for the camera. :[

Thanks for the comments, gorgeous! xx

Couture Carrie said...

Omg I want to buy a mannequin too! Search "dress form" on eBay!


Alice said...

as someone with an epic hangover myself today, i have NO IDEA how you managed to run with yours!!

haha, i love that you photographed all your shirts! i totally don't have the patience or the organization.

baby doll tops and i do not get along well. they always make me feel like i'm hiding a pregnancy.