Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productivity levels are through the roof

Ha. Yeah right. This is what I've done with my morning:

All Greek to me

I fooled around on Polyvore and created my ideal outfit for today's mood. And I've decided that I want that dress badly (I love anything drapey and Grecian) and that I can't wait for those shoes to arrive in my office on Thursday (also wishing I could have ordered them in yellow). I also want a brightly coloured crochet bag for the hotter months and tons of gold clinky jewelry.

It's raining raining raining here and all the while I am dreaming dreaming dreaming of everything that spring and summer have to offer. Sure, my summer won't be spent in Greece (unlike some people I know, ahem, Keirsten), but I can still dream.

What I want most of all the freedom that comes with it...I know that Summer doesn't suddenly mean that all my responsibilities go away (that was what high school was for, unless you were stuck doing math in summer school, as I was once)but it gives you more freedom of choice to do what you want. I mean, you have the whole OUTSIDE! Right now, I am stuck in my pitiful apartment. If it was sunny and warm, I could go to the beach and suntan. Or swim (yeah right). Read a book in the sun. Have a picnic. Go swimming in the pool on my roof. Relax with on the patio with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate and watch the sun go down. Go for a walk without toting an umbrella or wearing bulky, itchy clothes. Being able to just slip something effortless over your head and on to your feet. Imagine! Slipping on a gauzy dress, slipping on some freeing sandals. No worrying about how you'll keep warm or your feet going into cold puddles (ugh, is there a worse feeling out there than wet shoes?).

Most of all, I am really looking forward to go sailing again. I didn't get to go last year (we rent out the boat to tourists during the summer months) and so I'm really jonesing for a chance to feel that sweet salty breeze on my face, relax on deck with a beer and listen to Johnny Cash while the seals swim past and the loon calls out from across the bay.

But enough dreaming. As much as this constant rain suck suck sucks, spring and summer will eventually be here. I'm hoping it won't be as wet and cold as some summers we have had in the past but anything is better than what we have now. Plus even a rainy day in summer can be lovely - so as long as you remember the hope of sunshine around the corner. Because to me, that's what the season brings. Knowing that better days are right around the corner and because of that, anything is possible.

Was totally NOT supposed to be a long rant about summer but anyway. I'm still tired from being overtired from yesterday and now have a grueling spin class to look forward to after work. The rain has also been interefering with my running plans so I haven't been able to go since last Wednesday. I don't care if my physiotherapist says my body won't be able to handle most exercise very well, I'm already feeling doughy and chubby from my few days off (and the excessive drinking and eating on the weekend probably didn't help either. Sigh). What's moderation again?

Oh yeah, last week I attended a clothing swap party hosted by Style Symmetry. I was so happy that most of the girls liked my clothes and that they were going to a new home. I myself walked away with a few key peices: a mint light v-neck sweater from H&M, an Express jean jacket (I don't own any jean jackets!) and a green-print H&M dress which will be perfect for summer (with new sandals):

Anyhoo, one girl at the swap was taken with a few shirts that looked fabulous with her leggings. Then the question came up over leggings and if they are acceptable fashion or not. There are so many arguments for these seemingling harmless items of clothing but here is my take on it.

I know "Leggings Are Not Pants" - doesn't matter how many times you say it, girls will still wear them as pants. The thing about leggings with me is that I think they are totally fine to wear with a long tunic or short dress or skirts (not shorts though, ew...no). In fact, I often prefer it if someone had leggings under a billowy, short or see-through dress because it would look a hell of a lot trashier without it. And with the often awkward length of tunics, leggings can be your only option.

My rule is: If I can't see your full ass or your crotch, leggings are fine. If I can, then you are indeed wearing leggings as pants and that's a big no-no. Especially on certain people who have no business wearing them (you out there with the 45-year old wobbly, floppy ass, I am talking to YOU). I think actually the worst part about leggings is the whole "Are those tights are aren't those tights? Where are her pants?" musings you get from passerbys.

What's your take?

Last but not least, it's good to know that if I'm not able to lose the weight, I can always subscribe to "Pounds and Personality," the popular bestseller for parents of chubby daughters - written by well-known authorities. I didn't know they had fat girl authorities back then? Just goes to show how the "skinny=better" mantra we are bomarded with everyday didn't come from nowhere...


Hillary said...

For me it's all about the crotch - if your top / tunic / dress covers your crotch, you can get away with wearing leggings as pants. If crotch shows, leggings CANNOT be considered appropriate coverage.

Eyeliah said...

Haha, the leggings as pants, you know where I stand! NO WAY! Great pic (I took it - lol!), will add it to the group. ;-) Shoe shopping yes for sure, although I kinda really hate to shop!! lol. I found a pair of boots I like at Joneve so I bought 'em. They will tide me over for a bit. :-)

Odette said...

Chubette fashions?????? WTF??? lol

I totally agree with you about the leggings ass/crotch thing. I have a friend who is a but *ahem* "voluptuous" who wears what I can only describe as opaque tights as pants and it skeeves me out! I cannot look at a girl wearing leggings as pants without wanting to tie a shirt or something around her waist!

Oh and wet shoes are horrible!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

The swap sounds cool--as does a summer on a boat! I don't like leggings as pants--I don't care how hot the body is that is wearing them! And the tall/skinny obsession is totally wearying me...

Cupcake Blonde said...

For me leggings are fine as long as you wear something that completely cover your bum and hooha. Like a skirt, long shirt belted or a dress.

I wish I could go sailing. I miss the water so much. :)

Gina said...

omg!!! she can have a tummy and still look yummy!!?? that is hysterical!! hehehehahaha

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling! Love your collage and outfit...

As for brows, yours look fab but you could ask your hair stylist to point you in the right direction. In NYC, the beauty level of Bergdorf Goodman is fabulous. Also check out my friend Ren's blog and just search brows- she does lots of fab tutorials and such!


PinkFleurette said...

I agree. Leggings are fine! I think it depends on the thickness of the fabric, too. Some of the really thin leggings just don't look good under a tunic or a long top.

I think I agree...if it covered the rear and the crotch, you're fine.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Aww you look so cute in that dress... and the polyvore outfit is adorable :)

Personally,I don't understand why people wear leggings as pants and feel comfortable exposing themself,lol...I don't understand leggings and why they are still being worn...they bother me as much as Uggs do, but it feels like both will be about for the next 20 generations. ( it think my irritation came across a bit tooo much in this paragraph, lol)

I wish you a beautiful day :)

Fashionology said...

Nice outfit! I like the way you write! <3

James said...

Leggings are awesome but, like money, are at the root of many evils. Most of which I have witnessed.

Spandex is a privilege, not a right.

MizzJ said...

I am a firm believer of the leggings are not pants mantra, but once I bought my liquid leggings, I wanted to wear them with anything and everything just b/c they were so damn comfy! As long as you don't have cameltoe, I'd say go for it.