Thursday, March 05, 2009

Win some, lose some

Calling all readers: I need your help with something! (read on)

I'm gonna admit that my "I'm gonna open my packages slowly so I have something to look forward to because I'm not shopping for eons" plan didn't go so well. I opened all the ones I had and low and behold, I found things I LOVE (big plus) and things I want to love but just don't fit.

Grrr. First, what doesn't fit is a smashing pair of Tory Burch horsebit pumps in a size 6. These heels are sleek, sexy and very Mod, would go with everything and seem to be quite comfy as well. Problem is, the size is just too big, no matter how many tip toes, heel grips or insoles I stick in there. The problem of course with adding insoles is that your foot is more likely to slip out of the shoe since the insole makes the fit more shallow - plus I have bigger than average heels so I'm already starting off rocky with any shoe.

Anyhoo, the pumps didn't fit, but the good news there is that the Tory Burch Reva flats in a ponyskin leopard print DO fit, just enough anyway. They were sort of a two-for-one deal from one of my favourite eBay sellers. I am allowed to return the pumps though, which is great, and exchange it for a cool robin's egg blue cargo blazer by Da-Nang:

Similarly, a package came in from Bluefly today and again, I was faced with the same dilemma. A pair of agate earrings looked fab, though the Marc Jacob knit jacket I scored (70% off) is a little confusing (is it a cardigan? A sweater? A jacket?). But what really irks me is I got this beautiful Kenneth Jay Lane gold-plated bamboo bracelet/cuff studded with swarovski crystals for $20 or so and it's TOO BIG.

Which is strange, since I have large bones and thus have large forearms AND larger than normal wrists. My hands aren't that tiny either. Regardless, the gorgeous bracelet slides right off my wrist. If I stand up and let me arms hang loose, WHOOOOOSH goes the bracelet on to the ground.

Not sure what to do. It was too much of a bargain to make getting it altered (if that's even possible) worth it. I can't return it since it was on super sale.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how I can wear this? (save from me giving it away to someone, which I may end up having to do).


While you are all pondering the size of your wrists and experimenting (I hope - anyway - cuz I really want to wear this bracelet without it flying off and hitting my boss in the face when I wave my hands over the latest marketing fiasco), I'll go onto what else DID work....

Gorgeous distressed baby pink leather bag by Kenzie which I scored second-hand (but in perfect condition) from an eBayer in Edmonton. Has studs, chains and tassels and the most complimenting shade ever - perfect for spring and just a little bit tough (and I must admit, I needed a smaller bag).

Skull-embroidered pinstripe peasant dress by Laura Lees. I've been buying/eyeing so much of her stuff lately, she's one of my favourites at the moment. This dress is slightly on the big side (it's a medium) but the waist tie pulls it all in - loving it.

The lightly embroidered Aristoc tights - not exactly new, but so lightweight and comfy (which is grand considering all tights to me are a one-way ticket to Itch Town).

Studded watch by Forever 21 - I didn't own a watch before this. 'Nuff said.

Ah, the coupe de resistance. A pair of high wedges I can actually walk in. Marc Jacobs, velvet and suede wedges (note it's actually Marc Jacobs and not Marc by Marc Jacobs). The price tag on the bottoms say $610 (which is ridic) but I'm proud to say I got them for under $100 - brand new and everything.

I even wore these shoes out to the bank and doing my shopping at Safeway, and I didn't fall over, or twist my ankle or stumble or do anything that I normally do when I am poised inches above my safety zone. The fact that these are quite comfy and extremely lightweight probably helps too.

And I'm not one to pair tights with sandals (cuz isn't that bordering on the German tourist "socks with sandals" thing?) but I did it anyway. And you know what? I liked it! and I think a lot of people in Safeway did too.


Amanda said...

Gorgeous purchases, I especially like the shoes!

RE: the bracelet - why not turn it into a statement necklace. Buy a loooong chain, and loop it around the bracelet - it'll look great with a boho type outfit. :)

Kass said...

What about creating (as in cutting lol) your own insole, toe grip, thingee? Just putting it in the place where you need it for the shoe to fit comfortably? Would that work? Have you tried just having half insoles? Or what about just wearing those heels with super thick (but sexy!) socks, as in this - Not really what I was thinking, more like, kind of folded back over the shoe? But then again you could wear it like that too lol.

But what the hell do I know, I don't even wear heels lol.

That bracelet is gorgeous, could you wear it further up your forearm? With the right clothes, that can look pretty hot. Or maybe even wind some delicate, and pretty fabric around it, to make it just that little bit smaller? Might work, worth trying! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Love your dress and shoes--you look so darling!

Gina said...

hehe i bet everyone at safeway loved it! :)

sorry i have no suggestions on the bracelet front...

wee-h said...

I agree with Amanda, wear the bracelet as a necklace, long long chain, add some other charmy things (coins, shells, anything in bronze or silver to clash) and hey presto a very fashionista thing right now!

issa said...

wow you found tons of great items.. even with a few that didn't fit so well... i usually have to avoid bracelets because i have smaller than usual wrists :(

Couture Carrie said...

Looooove your outfit - congrats on all the purchy's! And that gorgeous gold cuff will look so fabulous pushed up on your arm, almost to the elbow - very Mary Kate O chic!!


Marian said...

hey honey,gorge blue dress. in ref to the bracelet which is gorge, i agree with amanda on wearing it as a pendant on a chain!
muah x

WiscoBlonde said...

Lady! I'm still looking for that link to your ebay items! Facebook it to me!

Lisa said...

love the blush kensie!
so pretttty.

oh just checked out nina ricci.
a m a z i n g.
these designers inspire me to no end.
just their dedication + hardwork is inspiring alone.
whole other story.

i agree- with the forearm bracelet (a la sienna miller)
it will look gorgeous with a maxi dress.

have a lovely weekend


♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm always impressed that mk can rock so many layers given her height as well, always impressive, that one. Ashley is classic will always love her ! =]

You are always darling, a little dress up doll! =]


STARR said...

You look so pretty. I usually push bracelets up over my elbow to my upper arm when they're too big :)

muchlove said...

I agree with turning the bracelet into a necklace pendant. It would go with almost any outfit! Or you could loop a fabric belt through it? Although I'm not sure how well that'll work.

Lovely skirt!

Ashleigh said...

they look really comfortable and super cute :) ....also had to say you look GORGEOUS in all these shots! Love the flush of pink on your cheeks...AND Monday I hope to have the package waiting for me at pops office ;) will post soon! xox

Ashleigh said...

and under 100$ ...would def do...$610?! you have to be kidding me....!

Anika said...

Woah, I'm uber jealous of your bargain purchases (and here I was congratulating myself on my bargain pair of leather peep-toe booties that I absolutely adore!)

Love the bracelet too, sorry I can' be of help (unless you wear it with a slightly smaller bracelet to allow it to sit in place...this will only work with a slightly smaller, wider/chunkier bracelet)

gybe ♥ said...

your outfit so sweet :' )))
and you're so cute in blue dress ,, woww :D

and i'm agree with amanda.
sounds great!!

DaisyChain said...

I LOVE your outfit, the shoes are incredible.
No suggestions about the bracelet, I have the same issue with a few of mine..if you find an answer I'd love to hear it!

Have a great weekend x

Krystal said...

you look SO gorgeous! well put together! x

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks everyone for the tips! I am definitely gonna try wearing it shoved up my forearm, though I still think it could fall down. Also gonna try anchoring it in place with a large bracelet in front. AND of course, try it as a necklace with just the right outfit.

Thanks for the compliments - I do love the dress, especially the pinstripes, puff shoulders and of course those skulls!!

Vegas Princess said...

Maybe wear the bracelet with another tighter bracelet so it will stop against that one and not fly off your wrist? That's all I got. :) Cute things though.