Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I wrote that title in all caps but you can't tell with my new blog layout, lol.

Anyway, this is what I hate:

This Balmain jacket which was featured on Sart's site. Now, I do appreciate the photograph. I like the woman's smile and her leather pants and gold watch.

But I hate that jacket. So much. SO MUCH. I do not understand why every "fashionista" is fawning over these damn Balmain jackets. Do they not see the ugly? Are you blind??

Yes, the jacket would be ok IF you took in those shoulder pads which look like they belonged on a 1930's airline stewardess/linebacker. You know, just a tad, that's all I ask. And then I would make it a darker wash of denim. At least. Or maybe even, you know, BLACK fabric. Even velvet would be prefered. Then I would tone down the gaudy metallic fastenings, because although I am sure that jacket is over 1K, it just makes it look CHEAP.

Sure, I could appreciate this thing on a the runway or on Michael Jackson but when normal people start wearing it, I think we have an ugly problem. Maybe this all stems from my utter hatred of bringing back the ugliest peices of the 80's (Harem jumpsuits, anyone?) just because fashion is bored and/or suicidal and losing touch with reality.

If you actually like this jacket (and remember I'm in the minority here as it appears most people have undying love for it which furthers my theory that the metallic bits are literally blinding them), would you wear it? And where would you wear it, exactly?

That's something I have been pondering a lot when making purchases...where would I wear it. I almost broke my shopping ban (which I admit has already been broken because I bought some stuff off eBay, BUT it was with the money I made on eBay so it doesn't actually count or hinder my saving scheme) to purchase a Herve Leger dress. It was gorgeous and marked down from $900 to $300. But then I thought...where would I wear this, exactly? Do I go out to fancy parties and hit up the clubs? No. I mean, I might but not in the foreseable future and not enough to make me spend that much on a dress, no matter the discount (I'm not saying I wouldn't spend that much if it was the RIGHT dress but it would have to be truly special).

So those are my thoughts on fashion today.

Meanwhile I am growing frusterated with my diet. Last week's 5 pound loss was temporary it seems. I weighed myself again last weekend and I went up a pound. I was expecting to go down again - not five but atleast ONE pound. I am so bloody sick of exercising almost everyday, I am really starting to resent it. I mean, if I was just concentrating on training for my race, I would run 3, maybe 4x a week and be done with it. But because I am doing it to also lose weight - and because the diet fucking MAKES me - I have to do it pretty much 6 days a week.

I am just so over running, so over the gym, so over spinning. I truly want to throw in the towel and give up. I am not losing anymore weight, so why bother?

The diet itself is also pissing me off. Yeah, I know it changes every 4 days, but it's just 4 more days of pure suckage. Sure, I got to have pancakes this morning. But only two 3-inch wide pancakes. AND THAT'S IT! Then what do I get to have? One pear (but I want TWO PEARS!) and then a sorry salad for lunch, followed by...dinner? Eventually? Which will be turkey and vegetables. Thank god for some substance.

I mean I understand that the reason the pancakes were included (and MAN were they good) was because it was a "treat" - but you know what, I would rather have a large egg-white omeolet and be allowed to eat more fruit or yogurt or something, than blow it all just to have a teeny pancake.

Funny thing is, this diet has changed my cravings around for the better. I want fresh fruit smoothies, big bowls of Kashi cereal, frozen bananas, cups of berries and grilled veggies all the time now. But I have to follow exactly what the diet says and most of the time I can only have, say, 2 fruits. Or 1 cup of cereal, once a month or something RETARDED.

Oh but I can eat all the bloody beans and salad I want. And if I have a sandwich, I can have HALF A FREAKIN' TEASPOON OF MAYO. Oh, and unlimited water, I forgot that you were allowed that too. IDIOTS!

OK, it's pretty obvious right now that I am fed up and hungry. Not looking forward to my salad because it won't fill me up. And I'm not looking forward to my run tonight because I already did 30 minutes on Monday and 40 minutes yesterday + 4 days of weight training in a row.

But my boyfriend won't let me quit - God knows I would have if it wasn't for him pushing me. I only have two weeks to go of this and if nothing changes by then, well, at least I tried.

As for being off the pill, my skin is still holding course, more or less. One pimple to speak of but not this horror of bad skin land that I had been warned about. I was feeling more energetic until Monday and I think that may have something to do with being fed up with diet/exercise and the damn time change. Sex is better, which is nice. And my face has de-puffed, which is double nice.

Have a happy humpday! I'm not :)

PPS finally updated my travel blog:

PPPS - I was sticking up for Karla the other day because she had some jealous anonymous commenters on her blog. It reminded me of a time a few years ago that someone had devoted A WHOLE FORUM in a Vancouver blog to my blog and how much it sucks, I suck, I'm ugly, fat ETC.

It caused me to remove anonymous commenting on my blog and really had me re-evaluate my role in blogging. On the plus side, I gained new readers, including Mitch who followed the fuss and became my friend in the end.

Well, checking sitemeter today has brought it to my attention that someone else has it in for me. They in fact "WANT TO KILL ME" - which is not only not very nice, but kinda illegal.

I'm sure it's all in good fun or something and I'm sure this random person doesn't need any publicity but hey, why not? They are driving new people to my blog as we speak, so why not return the favour. I may even get another Mitch after this one.

Right after I report this guy to the police. But as my friend Kass pointed out, if I had the choice of marrying or boffing this baffoon, perhaps being killed is my best option :)

Or, as another friend pointed out, they might want me dead because of this photo:


Kass said...

Ha-ha! I blocked your caps with my supreme CSS skillz lol!

That jacket is disgusting. Wtf is with the shoulder pads? It looks like it's made out of old denim jeans. Ew.

So what's going to happen when you lose the weight? What are you going to do to keep it off? I wanna hear the plan lol.

DaisyChain said...

I hate that jacket!

I'm going to link you right back, right now x

Kass said...

That picture is the most hilarious thing I've seen so far this year LMAO

Memphis Steve said...

OK, first of all, that jacket is so very Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. And they were all high at the time, so they had an excuse.

Second, anyone who wants to kill you is going to have a fair number of your readers going after them. We kind of like you around here.

Lastly, I had no idea you were related to Osama. You look nothing like him. I mean, except for that picture.

Sarah said...

hey, dont give up on the diet! I know it totally sucks but you've got to just hang in there! I've gained back all the weight I've lost so far, but still going to the gym 4-6 times a week and eating healthily. I want to kick it all in too, but I know in the long run I'll be more mad if i do!

Len said...

đťaybe you can try to find a work-out you enjoy more? I hate all kind of sports and running/etc., but I've found rock climbing to be amazing. I go there once a week for a couple of hours and I can almost see my muscles grow and my belly disappearing!

If you can find a sport that you can practice regularly and that you actually love (or at least enjoy), you'll find it much easier to do it often.

Gina said...

the jackets nasty! i hate it too :)
&& about your diet thingy.... fad diets never really worked for me, did i already tell you about i think i did;) i LOVE LOVE LOVED it when i needed to lose some weight

and for fun exersize you could try dancing around the house like a lunatic!!?? hehe

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks for the tips.

Thing is, I actually like running, I just don't like ANYTHING when I know I HAVE to do it. This includes work, appointments, mailing eBay packages etc.

I love horsebackriding. But if I know I HAVE to do it, instead of going when I want to, then I'll hate it too.

See, tonight I was supposed to go for a run. But I felt super rundown all day so I told myself that I don't have to go.

Then on the drive home, I decided I would go for a run, because the 'pressure' was off and I could do what I pleased.

Long story short, I can work out when I feel like it no problem. But when I am told I have to do it every damn day...then I resent!

PS I was doing calorie counting. I ate only 1200 for all of Feb and three weeks in Jan. And I gained weight. So this diet is what I am doing now because at least I did lose 5 pounds.

Wanderlusting said...

Oh, KASS - once the weight is off (only ten more pounds to go!) I just want to eat around 1500 - 2000calories a day, do weights twice a week and run 3x a week for min 30 minutes. I could do that for life and be happy.

Kass said...

Why don't you try Tai Chi? It's not really a form of exercise for weight loss or anything, but it is a great "side meal" if that makes sense. Brings about wellbeing, helps you sleep, motivates you for other exercise.

Well it does for me, and I'm the laziest person ever. I freakin' love it. Makes you feel so good, even if it doesn't bring out the weight loss - as I said, it's good in combination with other things :)

Emz said...

yea I know what you mean about the jacket. It looked great on the runway but it looks really odd street style..

MizzJ said...

Well, I guess you could take it as a compliment that he mentioned you! I took a look at the blog, and it seems it's all a gimmick to incite reactions in people, so I'd just ignore him. Guy is prob a fat, bald, dork who nobody would "boff" anyway.

The Clothes Horse said...

I must confess I love that jacket--I think it is the extremity that makes it so awesome. But I would probably want to pair the lighter wash with lighter pieces as well.

muchlove said...

haha, very few people would pull off that jacket style, and I'm not one of them. I stay away from anything with shoulder pads!

Couture Carrie said...

I guess I am just a fashion victim . . . I love the Balmain strong shoulder, and I do adore the version of that jacket that is not made of denim...


modern antoinette said...

Ahahah you're funny.

I'm one of those that love the

thanks for the sweet comment. The hair is pretty easy to do and i'll do a post about it tonight.


Couture Carrie said...

P.S. You should totally get that Ronny Kobo dress if it's still available - I just pull it up so it looks kind of ruched and it's really flattering!


issa said...

puahaha.. i don't like the denim version either.. but i do sorta like the black one....

Janellerific said...

Hey Lady...I'm back! Took me long enough...but I lost my other blog. (how, I don't know...)

Looking' forward to following along again!

Anthea said...

OMg that's terrible! I hope you they leave you alone. It's awful. I hate some of those jackets coming down the runway that have those huge shoulder pads aiieeee who can wear them except VIctoria Beckham? Some are great but others are definitely questionable. This jacket is definitely a little over the top! Anyways keep up on you exercise. If nothing else at least you feel healthy right?!

STARR said...

I do like the jacket and I would wear it IF I could afford it. Honestly I think if you can afford it then you probably live a lifestyle where you'd have the opportunity to wear it too. But I commend you for not agreeing with the masses :)

Stacy said...

Aww, the Balmain jackets are for the most part fabulous, though this one, with the nasty jean is rather ugly.

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

I just want to say, I love your blog and have been following it for a while now, just stay strong and don't give up with the diet and the exersice in the end you will see good results, it might be hard but you can do it. You are looking great by the way. Have a great day.