Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Social Bloggers

Question for you bloggers out there: how active are you in the blogging community?

I spend a lot of time reading people's blogs, finding new blogs to read and jumping in on interesting discussions. I comment often - when I have something to say, that is - and wonder about the people who never seem to. Meaning, from a lot of the BIG blogs out there, I never see comments from these bloggers on my blog nor on many other people's blogs. It's like they have zero exposure in the blogging world apart from press clippings and their own blog. I guess it seems fair that not everyone has something to say and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Also fair to say that these big bloggers probably just stick to their blogs that they know and don't have an inkling (or time) to venture out and read/visit new ones. Being too popular can be a pain sometimes, I'm guessing.

I don't know - I think the blogging world has become very self-centered, as of late. Which is an oxymoron in itself considering that OF COURSE it is self-centered, these are all blogs about ourselves! That irony aside though, I still think it is very important to maintain a sense of community in the blogging world and to be an active member in those communities. Because blogs by nature are all about the blogger (there are exceptions of course!), then maintaining a sense of "sharing" rather than "telling" is very important. I think.

It seems almost sad when you see this popular bloggers who are peppered with all this undying praise from their "fans" that they probably don't have the desire to at least acknowledge the person and where they came from. Occasionally it seems that some just want to brag about their latest expensive purchases (without humilty) and roll around in the comments. It's so impersonal in a way - we blog to connect so you would think it would be a two-way street, to keep the connection going.

But on the other hand, I really appreciate other "big bloggers" who do make the effort to visit other people's blogs and become more involved (such as Krystal, Budget Babe, Maegan and Fashion Chalet, Marian, Clothes Horse, to name a few, you guys are fabulous!).

I know when people comment on my blog, I always make an effort to at least once a week check out the people whose blogs I haven't heard of before or whose blogs aren't on my blogroll. They went through the trouble to read my blog and leave me some feedback, I just like to know a bit more about the person and see what they have to say.

What about you? Is it a hassle to read your reader's blogs? Too exhausting (so many blogs out there!) Or do you like to make the rounds and make sure you know what's going on out there in all these seperate worlds, whether you comment or not?

In other news, I've been stuck on this maddening journey to get a pair of Modern Vintage boots.

The great Budget Babe alerted me to Shopflick and this most awesome sale they were having on a pair of Modern Vintage Butero Booties. I had been looking for a pair of flat leather ankle boots and these were it, with buttery soft leather and ruching details. And what a steal, marked down from $295 to $44, and in my size too!

Only problem was my usual problem with online shopping: they don't ship to Canada. But I was able to provide them with my US post box in Point Roberts, Washington where I could easily go and pick them up on a weekend.

Well, the order went through. Then it took about two weeks for the boots to ship (shopflick's supplier, plumstyle, had problems locating the boots). Then they noticed I had a PO box so they couldn't use UPS. Then it shipped out - finally - by USPS.

I tracked it and saw it arrived at Lopez Island, WA. Now, I know that's not Point Roberts but I assumed that because it is surrounded by the San Juan islands, that it could be like a district name or something.

So after the boots had been there for 5 days, my mom and I went across the border on Saturday to pick them up. We went to the PO box, got the delivery notice and went to the counter with it. The woman at the counter than proceeded to give us a lecture on the package..."We only hold for 14 days, this time is the exception, it won't happen again here, etc"

I wanted to point out that the package had only been there for 5 days, but whatever.

So we get in the car and head towards the grocery store to get some milk and eggs (cheaper in the states) and I notice that the sender on the label says 'Forever 21 Inc.'

That's strange, I think, I guess Forever 21 owns Shopflick/Plumstyle or wherever these boots came from.

Then I open the box, expecting to see my boots but instead I see Forever 21 tissue paper wrapped around all these clothes.

WTF IS THIS? Where are my boots? And why do I have these clothes from Forever 21?

My mom is equally confused and is accusing me of buying more clothes again WHICH I DID NOT. But then it hits me.

A month ago I placed an order on the American Forever 21 site because the Canadian version sucks. They had all this great stuff that we didn't have, plus Twelve by Twelve which I always had a fancy for. Anyhoo, I placed my order and then had F21 email me saying that unless I jumped through all these card verfication hoops, they would not bill me or send me the package. I guess because my credit card was canadian but the address was american they had some issue (even though I did it that way last year) and I had to call my bank, find some code, provide the code, fax a copy of my card and id....no thanks! This was a sign that I was not meant to have the clothes. I remember then ordering stuff on the Canadian site instead (not as nice stuff though) and cancelling the order with the american one. Forget it, I told them.

Anyhoo, I guess the economy is affecting sales because apparently they put my order through anyway and here I am with a box of clothes that I wasn't supposed to have. And yes, they had been sitting in the post office for a month so no wonder the woman gave me a lecture!

But that still didn't solve the mystery of the boots. Where were they?

So we went back to the post office and discovered that Shopflick/Plumstyle shipped my boots TO THE WRONG ADDRESS! The wrong Zip code, in fact. We have no idea where Lopez Island even is! So as soon as I got home (after my mom and I donned all of the clothes from the box in order to fool Canadian customs and have nothing to declare) I looked up my boot order and I did supply them with the right address so obviously someone on their end made a HUGE boo-boo.

Now, I don't mind waiting even LONGER for these damn boots, I'm just afraid that someone else is going to claim them! Could it be, these boots and I are never meant to be?

I'll keep you updated. The people at Plumstyle are on it and being very nice about it so hopefully I can have some info on the missing/possibly abducted boots soon.

Meanwhile, I absolutely fell in love with Twelve by Twelve's stuff! So much better quality and design than original F21. I got this gorgeous nude cardigan with sheer back panels (Sheer + Nude = two 2009 trends right there) and vintage-style buttons and paired that with my sequin forever 21 dress/tunic (from the Muse post, yesterday) to kind of keep a lady-like check on the rock and roll style. The cardigan also went awesome with my new nude leather wedges from manufacture d'essai...

Today I paired the cardigan with a silky, khaki Twelve by Twelve bubble skirt with pockets (love pockets, so slouch-inducing), an olive F21 one tank and cheetah print pony-haired Tory Burch Reva Flats...Safari attempt #2?

Rounding out the rest of my purchases was a gorgeous green cardigan (more pockets, yay!), a yellow linen skirt which bunches in the wrong places, black/navy (I can't tell) wide-leg linen pants with a foldable yogastyle waistband (tres flattering and comfy) and an H81 striped dress that reminds me of that crazy Fruit Stripe Gum.

Quite the score considering it was an accidental purchase, though I admit it did leave me with a sense of guilt. I mean, I felt proud of myself for cancelling the order and not spending more money that I don't have and yet these clothes still found their way to me. I guess if Modern Vintage and I aren't star-crossed lovers, I'll always have Forever 21.


K said...

I read a lot more blogs than I comment on. I dont comment unless I really have something to say.

Anyways, I usually dont fall in love with the "popular" blogs. It seems like those people censor themselves more and you really dont get a true story of their life. IMHO.

Wanderlusting said...

I agree - and yeah, I know I read a lot of blogs but half the time I DON'T comment is because one million people have already said the same thing and I don't want to seem redundant :)

jiggins said...

I read alot of blogs, and comment back on those that seem to be interested in my comments. I also try to comment on those that participate in mine, before commenting on a random blog, so as to help build some communication.

In the past, if I have not heard from a particular blogger that I am following and commenting on their blogs, i remove them from the list so i can make room to follow someone else.. not out of spite - there just used to be that limit on how many you could follow. With the new Google Friend Connect, tat has changed.. so i follow alot more hoping i can gain some insight to other people's lives, and in turn see how I can make mine, more my own.

As for blogging being 'self-centered'.. lol. .what did you think it was about? Not to mock you, but you mentioned that - then proceeded to talk all about your new boots. I'm just sayin!

You are beautiful by the way, excellent pictures... and I get what you mean.. this is a great post. I just wanted to comment on your blog so you didn't think i wasn't paying attention :)

jiggins said...

also.. i don't think it is about redundancy... it's about a support for the writing.. ya kknow?

Wanderlusting said...

Jiggins - ha ha thanks. But no that's what I mean. It is very self-centered by nature (and I don't so much think that is a bad thing) but because it naturally is really "me me me" then that's why I think reading other blogs kind of makes it more involving and more "sharing" instead of "telling"...know what I mean?

As for redundancy, I dunno sometimes I feel silly but it really depends on the context. Like, if I like a pair of shoes, a lot, I'll leave a comment about them whether it's been said before or not. But if I just like them enough, I might not comment...*shrug*

Loxy said...

Blogging is meant to interactive and it's kind of unfortunate that most people use it voyeuristically.

I put myself out there not just for me, but hopefully to spark interest in others so that they share as well.

BTW, high five for the sheer paneled cardigan!

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

Love the cardigan, really cute and what a great bubble skirt. I thought your post today was really inspiring, I normally did not understand when I post something on someones blog and never get a response. Love your style. Hope you get your boots quickly. Oh forgot to say I read a lot of blogs and I try to post a comment whenever something inspires me or to cheer someone up etc etc.

Alice said...

i try to always comment on blogs in my "blog social circle," no matter if i have something to say or not - it's like if i'm out w/friends and one tells a story, everyone chimes in at the end, even if you don't have something new to say, because you still want to show that you're listening and involved :-)

i read a few Big Blogger (sundry, amalah, etc) and don't comment there, and it's for exactly why you say - i don't feel part of the community there. it's more like watching a show on tv with them. i still love going and reading about their lives, but it's not a 2-way connection, so i feel silly shouting my opinions at the tv when i know it won't answer me back.

Kass said...

I try to leave a comment on all blogs I read, but for some of the ones with more readers, and more comments, I don't always leave one. I just figure it'd just get lost in the jumble of comments anyway. I prefer to be one of the first people to comment (or atleast one of the first 10) otherwise it just seems like total iteration.

I hope you haven't lost those boots, I lost my sweet yellow shoes, which I'm still waiting to find out about, but the stupid seller is being a total wanker :( I have sadface on a daily basis about that.

And those flats, are totally freakin' cute. I wantz!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely cardi.
I think commenting is a personal choice--I appreciate comments and I enjoy leaving them, but I don't think it is the responsibility of every blogger to leave them. Also, there are some out there who leave self-centered comments and clearly use the comment section to drive up traffic to their blog--and this frustrates me to no end!
I feel a comment (even when brief) should be about the blog you are reading, or a response to a question--not really about yourself.
In the end though, writing a blog is what blogging is about. Less than 10% of readers leave a comment and bloggers do not have an obligation to visit other sites and comment there...Blogging can seem like a community, but those who opt-out of open communication shouldn't be penalized for not having all the same motivations for blogging...it's all a very complex world and quite reflective of communities in the real world, if you ask me.

Odette said...

I read other blogs occasionally, but I mostly just stick to the blogs in my blogroll. I do always try to comment though. Even when I have nothing brilliant to say, just so the blogger knows I was there and I liked their stuff.

LOL I love that you and your Mom put on all the stuff! So fun! Oh and I love pockets too! :)

Wanderlusting said...

Clothes Horse - I'm totally guilty of leaving comments about "me" on other people's blog but obviously because the post has struck a chord with me and I say "me too, for example." Is it a bad, habit? I dunno. I do that in "real life" too - guess I've got too much to say! I've never really gotten (or left) random comments that don't pertain to the blog at all, all though when I do it's obvious that the person hasn't read the post.

I have pointed my blog out in comments when I think it's of interest to the readers or blogger - their choice if they wanna look. And I don't care if people try and do that on my blog, I know especially for starting bloggers, it's tough to get your voice out ther. But I have also seen bloggers commenting with a generic "you have a nice blog" comment, leaving their site and THEN seeing them write the same thing on other sites. That's just spamming.

You're right - it is complex and to each their own. I personally feel better about blogging though when I feel like I am sharing among friends VS talking aimlessly to no one in particular :)

Anthea said...

Interesting post. Sometimes I get disappointed when I comment on a big blog and never hear anything back but I think it's hard when you are getting over one hundred comments to get back to everyone. I try to comment as much as possible on other blogs even if it's just saying how great the blogger looks..it brightens all of our days don't ya think?

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I definitely love to catch up with all the readers of my blog, I want to know who they are too! That is the best part of blogging (hello - I even got to meet you and Shay in person)! It seems many of us revolve in the same blogging circle, (for example) when I end up on a new blog I dont recognize many names in the comments! But on my regulars I recognize many names. Your comment on rolling around in the comments really made me laugh, and I know what you mean as some bloggers don't seem to comment anywhere, or the worst is one or two I can think of that commented on my blog like crazy, and as soon as I started reading and commenting on theirs they stopped on mine! It made me feel like they were just trying to turn me into reader. Which they probably were as they know how 50+ comments per post. I guess its good marketing, but I wouldnt want to do that. I only read the blog I like. And re being redundant with comments, I like to leave mine anyway just so they know I was there. :-)

MizzJ said...

Even if it's a redundant comment that chimes in with what everyone else is saying, is still appreciated by me as a blogger! It's always great to hear from readers and know that someone out there is reading your words :) I always try to comment on blogs if I genuinely like the post or have something to say, but I do hate the self-absorbed who just blather on about how the post related to them.

haha bloggers are very narcissistic (sp?) it seems, esp once they get a little 'big' and then see themselves as experts. I try to "keep it real" haha Nobody can be an expert on fashion when fashion is so subjective!

Vegas Princess said...

I comment on those I consider my blog friends, i.e. people who comment on my blog or who I know personally. There are several blogs I just read and occasionally I will be compelled to leave a comment once in a while. I admit I do get intimidated by the blogs that get hundreds and hundreds of comments a post. I figure mine will just get lost in the mass.

( . )( . ) said...

I read on average about 100 blogs, but i just dont always know what to comment, or I dont have time, because I am trying to read in between angry bosses coming into my office asking me to do work. How dare they!!!!

Todd said...

I still read my entire blogroll, but I've been commenting a lot less as of recent. I blame Facebook :)

Todd said...

Sorry, second comment. Who takes your pictures?

Wanderlusting said...

TODD! There shall be no second comments on this blog! Actually I take pictures will self-timer or my bf begrudgingly does it. And I agree, when I first got into Facebooking, my blog and everyone else's blog was waaaay neglected!

Vain and Vapid said...

Oh what a great surprise, an unexpected box of clothes... the stuff that dreams are made of.

Although I have been horrible at commenting for the last couple of months I do think it's part of blogging and being a blogger. I actually read tons of blogs and my one complaint with google reader is that you can't comment in it so I think they need to update it. Having said that, I resolved to get back onto the commenting wagon.woohoo.

STARR said...

I agree with you about the big bloggers but I guess they don't really feel the need to reply to most of their readers comments because they already have such a strong fan base. I also try to comment or at least look at the blogs belonging to the people who left me comments. It's an easy way to check out new blogs while also maintaining a connection imo.

p.s. I want that cardigan ;)

Sarah said...

I often dont comment on people's blogs because A)I have nothing to say or B)I feel like they probably wont read it or care about my opnion! But thats mainly my own insecurities coming out there.
Im commenting even less now that I have this new job... got to behave! But I am still reading :)

Amelia said...

I love both outfits. The nude color is lovely.

I always return every comment that I get on my blog. I kind of feel like it's my duty (and I also hope that it will get people to comment on my blog again), but I also just really enjoy reading everyone's blogs. I usually don't leave comments on the really big blogs if I know that they never comment back, because they get practically 100s of comments per post as it is, so it doesn't seem like my comment would make any difference. I definitely think participating in the community is integral to blogging and I get most of my inspiration from other blogs.

Lovely post! Hopefully it will inspire people to participate a bit more.

Amelia said...

Also, re your comment: It's not really about patience, but about psychological inability to pay full price. I usually can't really afford things full price anyway, so I always wait for sales. I do miss out on a lot of things, but sometimes I end up with really cool stuff for cheap.

Karinaxoxo said...

I am guilty of sometimes reading without commenting - although I try to always comment when I stop by - to show the writer that I am reading! I know I get a little kick when someone new has commented! I am going to try and be more active and comment whenever I stop by a blog!

Journeys Through Fashion said...

I read a lot of blogs, and I mean a LOT, andI usually comment, unless I have absolutely nothing to say, or it it's been said already. I know if I get 20 people saying the same thing, as often happens on bigger blogs, I'm going to ignore them because they're redundant.

Oh and I like how you did the Safari type look, shoes especially.

Amber said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my site yesterday!

I have to admit, I don't do an awful lot of commenting, and it's not because I don't want to: it's purely a time thing. And with really big blogs, that are getting dozens and dozens of comments every day, it becomes totally impossible to keep up with every single person who comments. My other blog gets well over 100 comments every day, and as much as I'd like to be able to go and read every one of those people's blogs and comment on them, if I did that, I wouldn't have time to write the content and do all of the other million-and-one things that come with blogging for a living. I can totally see how that could seem self-centred, of course, but it's not always deliberately so, it's just sometimes hard to keep up with everyone!

Dixiechick said...

I too read a lot of blogs, rarely comment....I have been reading you for a long long time...so, I am outed....oops! LOL....Love your blog, love your fashion sense...that bubble skirt is the bomb! I have one just like it, but my is leopard print one....maybe I will post a pic on my blog with mine on??? LOL..probably not.
Anyway, now that I am outed on here...I will comment a lot more often!

Blicious said...

i can get lost for hours reading different blogs but i do not comment on all. :)

Great pics!

Couture Carrie said...

I love our little blogging community and your look - great cardi!

And btw I am having a contest on my blog and Stockingirl will ship to the winner anywhere in the world - yay!


Wanderlusting said...

Thanks for your comments guys - see this is why I personally love comments, I like to know more about people on certain subjects, etc.

The main thing I think about blogging though is not so much commenting - it's obvious why we have a million reasons why we may or may not do it - but about checking out or reading other blogs.

Obviously yes, it's hard to know if people do read your blog if they don't comment, unless you check them on sitemeter and that only shows you so many people and not everyone comes to you through a link...

But I mainly think it's important to know what's going on with your readers as well as other blogs as well so you can get a sense of who appreciates you (or doesn't!) and so on.

So while I know we may not always comment and I certainly don't think we should be expected to, as long as everyone is interested in hearing/following what other people aside from themselves have to say, then the blogging community is indeed alive! Yay!

Marian said...

Oh i love stumbling on new blogs that I fall in love with. love this outfit! the colours are PERFECT!
muah x

modern antoinette said...

I totally get what you mean! Even if I do realize that it can be impossible to respond to every single comment you get, as you sais, It's nice to check out those people blog at least once a week. I do realize that blogging can take up quite some time from ones life...and commenting back to every post could be a full time job. I also think that when you do that uis when you get the kind of comment The clothes Horses is talking about...you don't really know what to say but comment anyways to be nice.

I know I do not want to do that and that when I comment I really mean what I write.

Apart from that, I absolutely love this blush pink color on you. It's looks incredible on your skin. It's totally one of my favorite color for spring and you wear it so well. The bubble skirt and leopard flats are gorgeous.

Ps. I love reading the comment you leave me...always so nice!!

Erica said...

I agree in the sense that blogs should be more of a community...although I have gotten some really hurtful comments on my blog before about my fashion sense and style and it really affected me. I was told my entire life that my look and style was classy and unique and a couple people came across my blog to say nothing but nasty things.

I try to comment on all the blogs I read regularly, just to say something nice or to ask a question...you can learn so much from other people about so many things, I think it would be foolish to act high and mighty as if you know everything.

Anyways, I love the skirt you are wearing, its gorgeous, I wanted one just like it a few weeks ago :D

Carolyn said...

I totally hear you. I'm always really impressed/surprised when "popular" bloggers take the time to personally respond to my comments. Add Nina from Femme Rationale and Juley from Swank Heights to that list... they are super sweet!

P.S. Just discovered your blog and am loving it. That Missoni dress is hot!!

The Budget Babe said...

interesting post, i wonder about the exact same things. as i see it, i learn so much from other bloggers and i love connecting with the people who actually take the time to read my blog...isn't that the point? :)