Thursday, June 26, 2008

Le Sigh

Totally called this one.

Today I found out I DID NOT get the Executive Assistant role at the post-production/VFX lab.

Actually, no one got it.

I got an email from HR girl saying that due to internal circumstances, they are holding off on filling the position and will contact me IF and WHEN the position opens again. IF.

So, that sucks. What a waste of my time - why advertise positions, put me through the run-around and then find out that the position was a mistake anyway?

My theory is that since the other big post/vfx lab in the city just laid of FIFTEEN people, I am assuming that this company just didn't have the funds for the role. Damn you stupid film industry! Why do you have to be so slow and screw everyone over?

Anyway, I'm a bit upset but I'll get over it. I do have my eye on another awesome job prospect (more awesome than this one) as an Executive Assistant at a national broadcaster. TV here I come! But I have a feeling that ones not gonna be easy to get. Hell, nothing is easy to get these days, which is apparent after having applied for 40 jobs this past month and having only heard back from three. I just don't get it. I have tons of education and experience in a variety of things - I mean, what was the point of all my schooling and jobs if it doesn't lead anywhere. It's enough to make you REALLY really discouraged.

But I will keep applying and keep having hope because there is no alternative really.

On the plus side, and there usually is one if you look for it, my meeting with my parents went well. My father is paying off half of my personal debt and that honestly takes SUCH a load off of my shoulders (cuz I had way more than anyone should-damn you online shopping!). Now I know that when I sell my car one day, I'll be even closer to having none at all. So yay for that.

Boo to everything else.


Farrell said...

My father is paying off half of my personal debt and that honestly takes SUCH a load off of my shoulders well that is certainly something!!
looking for a job SUCKS and is PAINFUL and AGNST-RIDDEN and FULL OF FALSE HOPE
actually, interviewing is a lot like think it went great, you two really hit it off, there's lots of chemistry, you can envision a future together and then:
he never calls.

Odette said...

Wow I am so sorry, I was really rooting for you! I am glad that things with your parents went well though and I am praying extra hard for you now! Good luck!

Todd said...


Well, at the very least, it's healthy that you're staying with the hopeful mentality! Good luck!

Sheila (Charm School Reject) said...

That really sucks about the job....I hope you find something soon!

Luckily your parents came through for you....just don't do what I did.....your dad offers to pay off all of your credit cards before you ruin your credit and then repay him by charging up all of those cards again....and two years later, still trying to pay them off. Daddy doesn't like when that happens.

Steph said...

Bummer, You'll get something thats right for you soon. I bet.

Karinaxoxo said...

You'll find your dream job soon enough!

Bridget Jones said...

Am so sorry about the job....but have a question.

Would you parents adopt me?

AKG said...

That sucks a pile of arse.
I'm sorry