Friday, June 06, 2008

What would YOU do?

Ok, so I think I may have a minor problem on my hands and I need some advice from my fellow peeps. God, I hate it when I start talking like that.

Anyhoo, I could be jumping the gun but I see a potential problem coming down the track. And when I say track, I mean TODAY.

As you all know, I've been unemployed and looking for work, ever since I quit on that Hitler boss of mine a month ago or so (lookie back in the archives a week or two for a refresher). I've been applying absolutely everywhere with my totally awesome cover letter, but so far it's been really slow with hearing back about things. But the two places I have heard back from are competing for my heart with awesomness and thus where my dillema is stemming from.

I had an interview at a HUGE film studio that does post production and visual effects (VFX) for a whole slew of films that you've seen or are going to see. It was for an Executive Assistant role for the two heads of the company.

I was made for this job. A) I've been an EA for FIVE execs and I enjoyed it (the EA part, the Office Manager role was the part I sucked ass at) so I know that two will be much easier to handle - uh, here's hoping at any rate B) I just finished a course in Post Production and VFX Technology, so I know the ins and outs of everything that this company does C) they need someone to help with marketing and I can do that too - not only did I just ace my Film Marketing course, but that is a long-term career goal of mine (I've suddenly decided ;) AND I've had practical and educational experience D) they need someone pleasant and polished to represent them to their clients - Um, hello, I could totally charm Mr. Ben Stiller when he comes in to discuss his upcoming film. Actually, pat him on the back for his hilarious sketch on the MTV Movie Awards - fuck I love Robert Downey Jr.

This role not only represents what I can do well now, but what I can do well in the future. I can see myself staying with this company and growing with it. I have never wanted a job more. And yes, I will find out more about the role later - who knows, perhaps it's not all it's cracked up to be. But I have a feeling...

I've already had a phone interview with the recruiter and then she called me in for a half hour interview with her. She seemed to really like me (we got along great), was enthusiastic about everything I said, and saw - as I did - how my smorgasbord of work experience and education was all coming together to this role, to right NOW.

So she signed me up for a second interview with the two execs. The only problem is that they are travelling a lot - LA, Banff TV Festival - and won't be able to meet with me until next Thursday.

I would have rather had the interview sooner rather than later, originaly because I just wanted to get it over with and find out. This does give me heaps of time to prepare and go over my 80 questions an interviewer might ask sheet and know every answer by heart.

But then I got called in for an interview with another large and influential company. I won't mention names, but let's just say I worked for them before as a temp in 2006 (where I met good ol' Kass, btw) and now I am being considered as a Production Coordinator for a certain 2010 car racing video game that I am going to call "Really Want To Drive Fast." Clever, eh?

The job interview was supposed to be a half hour with an executive producer, but then ended up being an hour and a half long with two other people. I figured it was good practice as the first interview was fairly intense and it would help me prepare for the job I really wanted.

But as I got talking to the people, I realized that this was a good option too. Beer and cake Fridays? Salary plus paid overtime? Room for growth? Fun atmosphere? 30 minute walk from my house? Video games up the ying yang?

The interviews ended up going really well at any rate. The only problem I would have with the job is that it is 5 months contract, there are no benefits with no guarantee of contract renewal and I don't know the salary (they didn't even know). The job itself isn't exactly what I want to do, but it could be a good stepping stone. And like the film job, this place seemed like a wonderfully supportive place to work.

So I left with them saying that they would let me know really soon, as in today, about their decision.

And herein lies the rub.

If I got offered the job - and I'm not saying I will - what do I do? Do I take it? What about the other job, the one that I feel in my heart is the one for me? I won't know about that one until Thursday at the earliest. And while I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't hire me at the film job, there is always a chance that they won't. And that's cool - it wasn't meant to be and all of that poetic jazz that I buy into. But what if I had turned down the cool job at the video game company? I could end up with nothing (though, I know that even if I DON'T get either job, I believe I will eventually get something that I will like).

So what would you do in this scenario? Turn down the video game job and risk it all on the job you really want (and know you have at least a 80% chance of getting after the interview, unless things go horribly wrong and I set the exec on fire or something like that). Or accept the video job and turn down the job you really wanted. Or accept the video game job, go on the interview for the other job and then, if you get THAT job, basically screw over the other company and back out? I don't really want to do that either - I don't want to burn any bridges with an international company like that. If offered the job, do I see how long I get to think about it (even though they know you can start as early as June 16th) or be honest and explain that I have another job prospect?

Once again, I could not be offered the vid job and I might not get the film job either. But I want to figure this all out before this scenario rears its ugly head. Because as much as the vid job sounds like an excellent and exciting second choice, it's still my second choice.


ashley said...

I say risk it all on the job you really want. Let's play numbers (scale of 1 to 10):

Job you really want- 9
Video game job- 4
All other jobs out there that you WILL get eventually- 5/6

If you get the first job, you luck out. The video game is a 4 because it's cool, but the salary is unknown and the contract is short. All other jobs will average out to a 5 or 6. So since you know you will eventually get a job (even if not the original one you love), anything will in the end be better than the 4.

Good luck!

Court said...

I have to agree. Go with your gut and take the job you know would really be a good fit for you! (FYI--I too just quit my job because of a Hitler boss.)

Michael said...

Wait to see if you get an offer from the video company, and if so, ask them if you can have 24 hrs to think about it.

Then talk to the recruiter from the first job and tell her your story, you really want the job with them over the video game company, and is there any chance you could do a phone interview with the execs since you're time-limited.

Mitch said...

it's simple...

Ask them when they need an answer about the job. That will give you a schedule of timing of when you need to know!

And then ask the first company about timing, the situation, and find out when you might know something...


arbyn said...

Tough one girl.

I just went and took the first job that came to me, even though I was waiting on a job I wanted MORE and was better qualified for.

The justification I used was I would still go to an interview if I got one and could always quit before I got too involved in my new job -- both parties get a one month period to see if it's a good fit and if it's not, no hard feelings.

In the end it work out in my favour since I never heard from the job I was perfect for.

They ended up hiring internally.

Anyway, I don't know what you should do. That's tough.

Miss N said...

Go for the Exec PA job - the video game job I doubt is something that will make you happy - plus it's further away from what you really want to be doing. It isn't like coording a show or feature - the VFX house will be a much better career move.

Girl About Town said...

I think I would accept the vid game job if you are offered it ON THE PROVISO that you need the weekend or a couple of days or whatever to think about it.

Then approach the people from the job you really want, tell them the situation, and say, yours is the job I want, what can we do to make this happen? If they are really keen on you, trust me, they will do whatever it takes to move your interview so they can give you an answer. If they don't want to do this, then they are not really serious about you and I would just go ahead with the vid job and not worry about the other one.

All the best of luck to you and let us know how you go!!!

Odette said...

Look at how long you have been waiting for "the perfect job" and the film job sounds like the closest you've gotten.

Let's face it you could take the other job and potentially be jobless in 5 months. Also if that happens and you turned down the job you really wanted you would regret it.

It is rare that we find something that we really want to do and I think that you would regret more not going for the jib youreally want than being jobless for a little bit longer.

Plus worst case scenario you can always follow the great advice from mitch (I just read his comment) and that may give you enough time!

Bon Courage! Ce n'est jamais facile!

Kass said...

Dude, beer and cake just aint worth it in that world. They treat their staff like crap. Have you not heard the stories of people coming back from lunch and found they've been locked out aka fired? Seriously, it's not a nice industry..

Not to say that the film industry is nice (is it?) I say hold out for your sweet film job dude, and even if you don't get it, oh well.

Don't go back!!

Even if the cafe is delicious..mmm delicious ice cream machine..

Vegas Princess said...

This is a tough one, especially since I just recently was so sure I got a job after going through two really long interviews and a whole mes of paperwork on to not get the position. So while my heart tells you to wait for the one you want, it is not guarenteed you would get it. So the practical side of me says take the game job if they call.

You know what, screw what I just said. Wait for the film job. It is just too perfect for you!

Karinaxoxo said...

The Video game job shoulds a lot like some other jobs you've been offered/had - really 'cool' place with lots of perks.
The EA job sounds a lot more stabel and will get you on your career path.
If I were in your shoes, and got offered the video game job first, I'd except it and if you also get offered the EA job back out of the video game job. As long as your do it in an honest and tasteful way you will not burn any bridges.
In the end u have to look after yourself and obv your #1 proity is getting a job. If you have the luxury of choosing between two... than choose the one you really want.

kimberlie said...

hold out for the dream job, you may just get it!

Wanderlusting said...

All good advice, thanks everyone! I think Karina summed it up best (how can she not, she has the best name ever). Accept and then back out gracefully should I be so lucky to get the film studio job.