Thursday, June 12, 2008


Not just an awesome Deftone's song.

I find myself frequently bored, which I partly enjoy because I take great pleasure in doing absolutely nothing. But somedays I am more bored than others - odd considering there are times when I've found stuff to amuse myself with before.

I read a recent article and it had noted that 70% of the time (OK I made that statistic up, but it's supposed to be most of the time) when you are bored it is because you are avoiding doing something.

Hmmmm. Let's see. Right now I should clean my apartment. Put my dishes away and do new dishes. Put the pile of clothes away from my Saturday wardrobe freak out. Print out the employment contract for the video game company. Walk to the store and fax it. I have a stack of interview questions to go over before the interview, to prepare myself. I have keys I should mail to my ex-work. I have my mortgage person I need to call to set up an appointment. I need to order cheques from the bank. Maybe I should start writing again. And I really want a half-caf iced soy latte from Starbucks.

Yet, I'm bored, which is why I'm writing this post.

I have to say, that article couldn't BE more right! I'm bored because I'm avoiding all the stuff that I have to do.

SO...what are YOU avoiding doing??


Coconut said...

I am ALWAYS avoiding something! And I'm usually bored, so there you go!

Delicieux said...

I just moved so I should be working on getting all the boxes unpacked and finding a place for all the useless shit I tend to keep... but instead, I spend time with the boy... go out on the weekends... watch tv... watch movies... read...

Oh, there's a LIST of things I spend hours on instead of what I should be doing! :)

Odette said...

I am avoiding getting off my lazy ass and walking to the Gare D'Australitz to go see le boyfriend... (it's so FAR!!!) and I am also avoiding checking my work e-mail because I know that I'll have 100 new things I need to get done before the weekend!

Sipwine said...

I'm avoiding:
- Talking to my roommate to tell him I'm moving out
- cleaning the bathrooms
-calling my boyfriend's sister back
-watering the plants in my garden
-getting groceries
-doing research on getting a dog

Farrell said...

working. it's after lunch and feels like friday, hence, at this particular moment i have a very low motivational vibe.

Rachel said...

Hmmm. I'm avoiding doing a whole bunch of stuff. Mainly dishes though.. they're neverending. But also bored :)

Todd said...

Easy answer: Studying. I've got an exam in like 2 hours.

Miss N said...

Clearly procrastinating on everything at work while I catch up on blogs..

Steph said...

As a fellow procrastinator, I feel your anguish. I think we ALL have stuff we should be doing, but who wants to do dishes?
Not I.

Jul said...

A long to-do list of boring little tasks. Which means I really can't win here.