Friday, June 20, 2008

Well that just SUCKS

Ok, So I have been SO tired of applying for jobs, all the while having the little voice in my head wonder about the film job I so wanted. I mean, I didn't want to bug them but still. I thought they would have said SOMETHING, anything.

So - I went into spy mode.

I opened up a fake email account and emailed the company, asking if they were still hiring for the position.

I got an email back (to my fake name and fake email account) saying SORRY THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED!

I am gutted. I really, really really really thought I had the job. I mean, I aced the interview ( I KNOW I did ) I fit ALL of their qualifications and then some. And I still didn't get the job.

What's even worse is that they didn't even TELL me!!! I mean, FUCK I could have spent another week here worrying about the job and all the while they had already hired someone else. That makes me so angry and ARGGGG!!!

Anyway, I'm really glad I took the initiative and emailed them, though I wish I had done it earlier, it would have saved me days of moping around and stressing out. But as angry as I am, I am also kinda relieved that I finally KNOW, no thanks to them, of course.

The other post production/VFX facility in town though, they just laid of 15 people because the industry has slowed down so much here. Makes me wonder if that's the state of things, if they still have money for the EA role, and it also makes me wonder if their choice of hire won't get the axe a few months down the line. After all, they've proved they can handle themselves so far without an EA...

Anyway, just trying to make myself feel better. I'm meeting with my parents tomorrow to go over my finances and to help get me out of debt. Then we can plan how long I can afford to survive with them supporting me. This way, if I get a month or 6 weeks or whatever of being able to be picky and look for a job that I want to stick with for a LONG time, I will be able to.

Just still sucky suck sucks, that's all.

(more angst to follow - please see comments)


Mitch said...


I'm pulling for you!

Good luck!!!

Alice said...

oh NO... i'm so sorry to hear it! i can't believe they didn't TELL you. that's terrible.

Wanderlusting said...


So at the coaxing of my wonderful bf, I emailed as myself the company JUST to make sure. I figured that if the position is gone, no harm in bugging them RIGHT?

Well, as it turns out...HR girl got back to me and said: FUCK YOU BITCH!

NO, that's not what she said but she might as well cuz she said:

"A decision has not yet been made.

We are aiming for next week, and I will let you know either way."


I'm totally giving up on this thing GOOD NIGHT

rednetlog said...

WOAH! Look at this from another angle - You sent an anonymous post regarding the position they had open. The "accepting applicants" part of that is clearly over. The response you got was to an anonymous inquiry regarding a position they are no longer accepting applications for - they are well within their rights to say it has been filled (as they are indeed filling it).
At least she told you she would be getting back to you either way. Responsible companies, assuming you want to work for one, all do that.
It's the professional way of doing things.
I am not trying to give you false hope here, but don't put out your torch on this one yet - I believe you are still in the running!!!

Good Luck!

Kass said...

I agree with rednetlog. They may just not want more applications and lied to the fake you about it. So don't get your knickers in a twist about it just yet sweetie!! :)

Karinaxoxo said...

It may not be all over yet.
Like rednetlog said... they may have just told a 'new applicant' that the position is closed because they are no longer accepting interest.
But, if i were you, in the mean time I'd keep looking...just in case!

Delicieux said...

They're right - you're probably still in the running but they're not accepting applicants anymore. I'll cross my fingers for you :)

Court said...

I never thought of getting a fake email account and emailing to see if the job had been filled. Hmm...there are a few jobs I've interviewed for that I'd like to do this to. It sucks though that the majority of companies don't just send a quick email to let you know you didn't get the job. :-/ It only seems professional, right?

Odette said...

I agree that you may not be out of the running! I am crossing every available appendage for you!!!!!

Rosie said...

Ya ya! I agree with everyone else who said not to give up hope yet. I was on a hiring committee (only once, thank god) and they did almost exactly what rednetlog said they might have. Plus the girl who had to respond to all the inquiries eventually just started sending out a form "position filled, thankyouverymuch" email to all the people who either sent in resumes and weren't selected for an interview OR the random anon inquiries who weren't applicants.

Fingers crossed for you. How exiting! In any case, awesome you for following your gut with the vid game job. That's tough on to do sometimes when it comes to our livelihoods, but always worth it in the end!

Vegas Princess said...

I think you need to wait and see if they call you. They said they would inform you of their decision either way so give them a chance to follow through. Although I know exactly how you feel because I just went through this process, thinking I had aced my two interviews, filled out tons of paperwork and they called my references only to discover they gave the position to someone else. And the worst part is you never know the reason why. I wish they could tell me more than the standard bullshit line "we decided to go in a different dircetion." I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!