Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm a woman, I'm allowed to change my mind

Call me fickle, call me wishy-washy, it's all true.

I've decided to accept the video game job.

Yes, yes, I know everything I said in the last post but things have changed since the last post. Such as...

The job was offered to me this morning - well, it would have been yesterday but I was successfully avoiding any calls from them.

Anyway, I would have said no off the bat, however I learned two new, important things about the job:

1) My pay is about 5k higher than I expected

2) I still get two weeks vacation

Yes, the main flaw is the fact that this is a temporary position and I really do not want to be back here in the jobless world come December 19th (though taking a LONG extended Xmas break WOULD be nice), plus there are no benefits.

However, they said there would be immediate benefits, stock options, performance bonuses if my contract was extended - plus, the extra 5k would totally pay for any medical, health stuff in the meantime ANYWAY.

OK, so that's the story with that. I have until June 12th to fax in the contract - the day of my film job interview - I am thinking about faxing it in at about 5PM, AFTER my interview, just in case. If I am offered the film job that day then I don't even have to bother accepting the vid game one.

Regardless, the good news is that once I sign it, the contract stipulates that I have until June 16th (monday) to terminate the contract without cause (oddly enough, so do they).

Which means that if I find out by Friday evening about the film job, I can either break the contract without consequences or stay on with the job (depending how the film job goes of course - and I think if THEY don't know by Friday, I'll just stick with the vid game job regardless).

And remember how I had a NEW number two choice for jobs, the online travel picture thingy?

Well. I had that interview today. Oh boy.

Reasons why I am definitely not pursuing THAT job?

1) Interviewer kept stressing about "stress." How well do I handle stress, how other people handle stress, how everyone is always stressed and some people cry cuz they can't handle it and some smoke 20 cigaretes a day. Mmmm. Sounds like fun, when do I start?

2) All the fun atmosphere and go-karting and keggers? GONE. Everything on their website needs to be updated and they are staying AWAY from the youthful, fun atmosphere.

3) 70% of the employees are new - they basically fired everyone 6 months ago and are redoing everything.

4) There will be no training and will be expected to know everything off the bat (at least they are honest). Did I mention the stress? I hope so, cuz she sure did.

5) I will have to go through three more interviews after this one - program head, CEO and then the team. No idea what kind of team. Baseball team?

6) I will have to fill out a 20 page booklet on my career history - what did I like about this job? What about the manager? What did I like, didn't like about them. FOR EVERY JOB I HAVE EVER HAD.

7) Which seems like a lot of work for a job that would pay me only 34K...

8) And for a job whose benefits ONLY kick in after the SIX month probation, in which they made it very clear they could easily terminate me without cause.

9) And the kicker? They need TEN references!!!! TEN!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't even had ten jobs in my whole life! I mean, what the hell? And they all have to be from work only and all have to be managers or clients (no co-workers) and they are going to grill each manager about all my strengths and weaknesses.

I can't believe that after such a long and drawnout processes - four interviews, paperwork, ten references, that they would STILL pay you entry level and still keep you on probabtion for 6 months. I mean...holy crap. Has any of YOU ever had to go through so many hoops for such a mediocre Admin position???

So, it's safe to say that I am cancelling my second interview with that company. Job sounded cool, but I'm definitely getting the big NO vibe from them. I got that vibe with my last job and I ignored it, so I'm gonna listen to my instincts.

In the meantime, I guess I'm employed. Yay? Though I still won't feel better until I know how the film job goes - after all, that's still number one on my radar! Then once I know that I've got (or not got) that job, then I can rejoice in my impending employment. SHIT! I've better appreciate these last few days of sleeping in!

I'll keep you posted.


Kass said...

Oh. Dear. Whilst I am slightly disappointed in you for going back, I am also slightly jealous lol. How exciting!

Anyways, TEN REFERENCES?! WTF! That's insane. I think 3 is bad enough!

Wanderlusting said...

Ha, yeah I know. I'm still holding out for the one I really want but at least now I know that if I DON'T get the film job, I have a job waiting for me. I have a feeling if I said no to the video games guru, that somehow I wouldn't get the job. Just cuz life likes to screw me in the ass like that.

Again, do I see a career there? I honestly don't know but if all else fails, maybe a "dream" job will pop up again in January.

Wanderlusting said...

BTW - here's something odd about EA though...whereas the one company wants ten stupid references, EA wanted...none. They never asked for any. What is up with that?

Kass said...

That's weird..but I remember just going to see Janice about the tester job, leaving her office, then only realising I got the job when she told me the start date lol. That's gotta be the most relaxed interview/job process ever, maybe they're just as lax about REAL EA jobs? lol

Kass said...

Of course, it could also be because you've worked their before..lol

Karinaxoxo said...

Like u said... even if you are in the same boat come dec...at least you've had an income for the last 6 months and you can just have a nice xmas break!

Delicieux said...

Uh yah... I've never seen someone with that many application requirements... ever! Geeze, you'd think you were applying to be top secret agent woman or something!

Good that you have time after your other interview to figure it all out. You'll know which one you want all by that little gut feeling. Oh how I love that feeling when you know something is just right!

Good luck!! :)

Alice said...

uh, damn. good job on the HELL NO to the travel job. i'm not even sure i'd jump through all those hoops for a seriously awesome job, i'd be so turned off by it all.

Tawcan said...

Glad to hear that things are falling into places for you. :)

Odette said...

That application process sounds similar to the CSIS application process and they're an intelligence agency! Frack!

I think that you made a good decision re the jobs, but I am still crossing my fingers for the film job!

Hells yeah I am bringing my cat with me! He's my baby (and I am not even a cat person!) Christopher can cry me a freaking river and move out of my parent's house! For Christ's sake he's been working full-time for the last two years! Anywhoo that's a whole other kettle of fish! I am jealous that you were at my house... I want to be at my house!

Todd said...

Ten references is insane. You could get into medical school with less then that.

All the new employees would shy me away too. It sounds like you made the right choice :)