Sunday, June 08, 2008


Thanks everyone for your input on the last post.

As it stands right now, I'm sort of off the hook since the video game place hadn't called back yet, even though they were still interviewing people as of Friday.

I really like Ashley's suggestion and a lot of the latter ones - that the video game job may be kind of a cool place to spend most of your week, but it's NOT what I want to do. At all. And I have done so much of what I don't want to do, something else will eventually come along that will be better. Maybe worse than the film job but at least better than the video games job.

And sadly, I can't get the film job to move around my schedule - believe me, I asked. But there are TWO executives that need to interview me and both are away at the Banff TV Festival till Thursday. So that means no interview, no phone interview - I mean, they aren't in a rush and I knew that, I understand that if they really want me, they'll consider moving but even if they WERE NOT away on business, that wouldn't happen. Remember, I was interviewed by the HR girl only. The two decision makers, well, they have no idea who I am, except that I am a candidate. Which is why when I go in on Thursday, it's like a first interview all over again. HR girl won't even be there.

At any rate, I am feeling pretty good about things at the moment. I have decided that I will turn down the video game job - if still offered - for the following reasons:

A)Temporary - 5 months later I will be back in this position again. No thanks. I want a job to stick with.

B)Weak Skills - this job will exploit what I am not good at and ignore what I am good at.

C) Not related to career goals.

I'm not in dire straights, I'll be OK with money for awhile, so my best bet is to take something that is at LEAST full-time and has health benefits. And you know what, something else has already come up.

I've got a NEW second choice. An interview with an online travel photo company on Tuesday. Again, it sounds like a dynamic and awesome place to work (more keggers on Fridays, what is up with that in the tech industries?), plus the job description sounds up my alley (proofing writing and images) and it looks like down the line it could lead to travel writing, which along with film, is a huge love of mine. Who knows, it may not, but at least I'll find out soon enough.

Anyhoo, hopefully by Fridayor next Monday I will be employed SOMEWHERE. Of course, I still really want the film job but I am more relaxed about it now (time will do that) and figure whatever happens, happens. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna prepare my ass off, though!

In other news, I applied for Finnish looks like I will get it too.

Don't worry, I'll still be Canadian but now I will be a dual citizen of Canada and Finland. AND will be able to legally live and work ANYWHERE in the European Union! Bring home the Euros baby!!!!


I had always thought that because my Mother gave up her Finnish citizenship (many moons - or Moomins - ago) to become Canadian, that I could never apply for it. But it turns out I could - well, for the last five years anyway, up until last Monday.

And I applied, last Monday, right on the deadline.

I figured, hey, why the Hell not? Nothing wrong with being Finnish (except for having to properly learn the language - oh man).

After all, I lose passports so easily, it'll be good to have an extra one lying around- just in case :P

PS - SISU means "guts" or "courage" in Finnish.

Hey. Maybe I do know Finnish after all.


Odette said...

It sounds like you made a really good choice! As for the citizenship thing I am jealous! Stupid Canadian parents.... grrr! :)

Kass said...

Yay for career choices!

Alice said...

omg, i'd be happy even with CANADIAN citizenship... i'd be ECSTATIC with EU citizenship! good luck with that!

also: i missed the friday post so catching up now, but wow that film job AND the travel job both sound awesome. keep us updated!