Thursday, June 05, 2008

Money for nothing, learning for free!

Have you noticed a definite drop-off in the blogging world?

I have. More people are giving up on their blogs and quiting - which sucks because they are usually the people I enjoyed reading the most. And less people are coming to my blog than ever which saddens me. Yes, I have been slack with my posts but I'm trying to keep up - and believe me, I do have a lot to talk about. But it's not just less comments, but less people.I used to get 200 a day, now it's like 100.

Maybe I should start blogging about things like those sexy garter belts that I used to wear (which reminds me, why haven't I worn them lately? It's not like it's been summer). Or maybe blog about men in general and why they are such commitmentphobes - how come its easier for men to have a child out of wedlock instead of actually getting married and doing it properly? A friend's bf said it's because you can easily ditch the child (pretty sure he was joking) and not claim responsibility. Though when you think about it, if you were to get married and divorced, you could essentially forget it ever happened and be free from your ex forever. But not with a kid - you will ALWAYS be a father your whole entire life, whether you like it or not, plus that kid will keep YOU involved with that ex of yours. I think men have it backwards. Actually, men are just silly beasts in general.

Thankfully my man is open to talking about marriage (which is good since we are buying a house together) but most men - including my ex - run for the hills? Sheesh, women just want to talk about it, it won't hurt - believe me, if she's really desperate, you'll know it. Though you probably won't realize it, much like the doomed relationship of a certain couple that is getting married (out of pressure from her) this fall. You know things are bad when your wedding party is taking bets at the wedding on how quickly you'll get divorced).

Ok, so I could talk about those debatable things. I could talk about how confusing and mixed up our twenties are how no one ever warned us about that, how having too many choices in life can spoil the broth.

But I really just want to talk about this: Free Education!!

Did you know about this? There are a ton of universities that offer online courses for free? Most don't give you credits but it doesn't matter - for people like me that love to learn (knowledge is power), this is the greatest thing ever. I can educate myself for nothing and at my own pace. I've just downloaded a few courses from MIT. MIT! That's the Masachusettes Institute of Technology - as featured in Good Will Hunting, A Beautiful Mind - it's where all the top minds of the state go, apparently.

Anyhoo, through them I am learning Marketing Strategy and Managerial Psychology and possibly Spanish. Through the University of California, Irvine campus, I am learning Personal Finance.

And that's just the beggining. MIT has over 1800 course you can take from the comfort of your own home. Or you can peruse universities from all over the world, including the United Nations University.

Take a look HERE

And start getting smrt!


Todd said...

Thank you for the OpenCourseWare link! That's very cool!

As for the page views, have you taken into account the people who've switched to reading your feed (like me)? You've got 32 subscribers on BlogLines alone!

Kass said...

I totally dig you with the blogging community, it did seem to dwindle, but when it did, I just went out and found some more sweet blogs to read :) There's heaps out there!

Alice said...

ooooh i had no idea there were any free courses from real colleges out there! this is fascinating... and perfect, because HOLY CRAP do i have no interest in going back to school, but would love to take some new classes..

Dan said...

maybe people have just gotten smarter and use rss feed readers now instead

Delicieux said...

awe... I had to go away for the past few weeks because of all the changes going on... moving, quitting my job, starting back at school, etc...

I'll be back in no time flat!

(and i <3 reading your blog!)

Swistle said...

I think Todd is right: more people are using readers, so their visits don't register.

Swistle said...

I should have said Todd and Dan are right.

BecsLifeOnline said...

Wow I'll have to have a look, I really want to learn Spanish! (So I can write to the little girl I sponsor in Nicaragua without all my letters having to be translated for her to read).