Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Patience: tested

I know you are all probably very sick of my ranting about my work situation (or lack thereof) but believe me, I am MORE sick of it.

So far, I have heard nothing about anything.

As you know, I decided to not take the video game production coordinator job as it felt wrong and I did not want to be looking for another job in six months. It was a risk that, even after you read on, I am happy I took. Well, maybe not happy (I haven't felt "happy" in days) but I certainly don't regret it.

Last thursday was my promising interview at the film place - like I had said before, I rocked the interview and left feeling very confident. They were impressed by my answers and gusto and that I had brought my own copies of my cover letter, resume and references - see, they were so busy they didn't even have a chance to look over my resume until they sat down with me.

Anyhoo, later that day I had emailed the HR girl who was sick, and explained about the situation with the other job - wondering if I knew what my chances were and when I could expect to hear back. After all, in the interview, the executives did tell me they have been putting this off for way too long (indeed, they started advertising for this position since May 6th) and that they wanted to make a decision by next week.

The next day, I never heard back from the HR girl about my email. I assumed she was still sick.

On Sunday I emailed the HR girl again - still hadn't heard from her - and then said to disregard the last email. I turned down the job and decided to take my chances with the studio as it is better suited for me, blah blah blah. Then I added there was no rush for them to make a decision regarding me (in the previous email, there was a lot more urgency).

It's Wednesday now. I still haven't heard back from them. I emailed the HR girl to get the email addresses of the executives so I could send them a thank you note for the interview - she got back to me right away. But only about that. She never responded to my emails over the weekend. I thought at least I would get a "no worries" or "We should let you know by this week" but there was NOTHING. Plus, the first email, the one that I told her to disregard, well it had two questions in it as well regarding salary and benefits - you would have thought she would have disregarded the whole "I need to know my chances" part and at least told me the salary and benefits question!!

Then I checked in with some of my references - they hadn't been contacted either!

So now I am so confused and have no idea what to do and am so tired of just sitting around.

Why haven't they contacted my references? Is it because I said that they didn't need to rush? Are they super busy (I know this is true) or traveling again? Or did I TOTALLY misread the interview - did it actually not go as well as I thought and they decided to not even bother to go as far to check my references?? Was I out of the running the minute I stepped out of the office.

The thing is, I have emailed the HR girl enough, I don't want to keep harassing her. Plus if I asked about when they would make a decision, well that kind of goes against my email in which I said they could take their time. I am looking for other jobs (and there really are none but I'll keep looking) but I am just sick to my stomach about this whole thing (literally - I've been sleeping all day, sick with stress). If I am not in, I wish they would just tell me NO and get it over with!

Any advice?

And just so you know, I did email them the thank-you notes. No response then either. But I don't think it's normal for the prospective employers to email you back - is it?

PS on a bright note, I received my UBC diploma in the mail!! This is momentous for me because on one course I DIDN'T EVEN DO MY FINAL EXAM! I was so angry with the class (and hungover the morning of the exam) that I didn't even go. I literally handed in one weeny assignment and ended up getting a C+ for the whole term. Why can't I have the same luck with jobs as I do with school???


Kass said...

I think you need to go out, have some fun and stop thinking about it. I've been through the same thing with quick responses then nothing from HR departments, and I think it's all really down to a) either being busy with other things or b) not wanting to let the cat out of the bag about the position situation.

Tho I do think a simple "We'll let you know" or some sort of confirmation that they had atleast recieved and read the damn email would've been nice.

But anyway, seriously don't read too much into it. They've mentioned that they're busy, and since they've already been taking their time, it's quite possible they're going to be taking some more! Crazy and frustrating, but may be essential.

Gah. I hate looking for jobs. The job I currently have is only for maternity leave, which is supposedly up in March next year (tho I think earlier!) so yeah, FUN TIMES LOOKING FOR A STUPID GOD DAMN JOB!!

Go get drunk. Yeee-ah!

rednetlog said...

AS a person currently three months into a contract job with the hopes of catching on permanently (I've had two interviews already - the last of which I was identified as a "strong candidate" for the next opening - whatever the eff that means - besides that I didn't get the position, of course) I can identify with how much it suck to be looking. The uncertainty - the angst - UGH! Anyway, three things: 1) Relax - or at least try to. Keep yourself busy and get out of the house. Always use your cell number as your primary contact number - that way you never have to worry about being out and about when they call you with that offer you can't refuse! 2) HR will not tell you anything - ever - until after an offer has been made and accepted. Hopefully they're packaging up something for you now! They are very unlikely to e-mail you a response to your thank-you's.
3) Don't expect the gears to turn very quickly - remember they are completely in control here - Give them another week (yes, week) and then very politely ask if they can give you an update on the status of the decision-making process.

Best of luck to you!!! I'm rooting for ya!

Jul said...

Don't worry about the references thing... a lot of employers don't bother to actually check references, even when they ask for them.

Odette said...

The blogging community is here to listen to your woes, however long and complicated they become!

I agree with Kass and I have also had many employers not bother to check my references. Give it some more time, as hard and stressful as that is, because the last thing that you want to do is sabotage your chances by being impatient. They know that you're still interested and unfortunately that's the best you can do now.

I'll be home in just over a month, and I am sure that when I get home I'll be taking you for a late congrats drink! Good luck! :)

Delicieux said...

Patience, lovely :)

Take this time to do some hobbies you enjoy!!

wee-h said...

i can feel your pain. at least your previous job didnt give you a bad reference (due to a week off sick) which meant you nearly lost out on the perfect job and had to beg! Im too scared to leave my job now and sticking it out where to be honest im bored and earn way too little for my experience.

good luck with it all.. i might be job hunting in canada next year so im learning from your experiences!