Wednesday, July 02, 2008

One Year Ago (yesterday)

JULY 1st 2007

My Sweetie and I officially started going out. For those of you up North, yup, we started going out on Canada Day. I basically said that we should be a "couple" on that day, just so it would be a really fun date to remember. Every Year, it's our country's B-Day. Every half year, it's the first day of a new year!

We didn't do anything too special yesterday as we are both broke-ass poor, but we did spend the day on the beach, finally baking in the long overdue heat and then at a friend's house in the town we both grew up in, lounging by their pool. It was a fun day of friends, pizza, beer and ice-cream cake - the last three were big no-nos on account of my lactose and wheat allergy, but what the hey!

We are going on a romantic-ish 3-day trip away next weekend to the interior of BC, of which I can't wait for. Dry desert air, wine tours, swimming in the Lake Okanogan, visiting old college chums.

I'm not going to wax on about my Rockstar and how much he has changed my life (for the better) and how I'm looking forward to all our days ahead and how lucky I am to have such a truly, sincerely amazing man. I'm sure you can get all that from my blog.

But what I will remark on is how quickly the year went! I mean, it seems just yesterday we were sharing our first kiss, and now look at us! It's freaking July 2008! On that note, didn't 2008 just start? What is happening to time?

Even though time seems to rush on as we get older, we still got a lot done during that time. Looking back now, though it seems like we just started, so much has happened over the last year.

July 2007: Started relationship with my Rockstar - Had lots of fun parties - Dealt with stupid muffin problems at work - Went to Silverchair concert

August 2007: Went to Whistler for a night for our one-month anniversary - Got Fired from my job - Went to Italy for two weeks as an English-teacher volunteer

September 2007: Flew my best friend out from Montreal to visit, the first I'd seen her in two years - Went on EI - Told my bf that I loved him

October 2007: Boyfriend moves out of parents house, cutting the commute from 1 hour down to 15 minutes - I go to my first hockey game (yes, bad Canadian, I know)

November 2007: I am interviewed by Inside Edition and make my TV debut - Go to Whistler with all my boyfriend's friend's girlfriends (and his lovely sister) - Start on my weight loss and exercise hardcore plan - Get accepted to film school for January - Am the test model for my friend's makeup classes - Go to Seattle with my BF

December 2007: It's my 26th birthday arrrrrg - Lose 10 pounds - Join parents in Palm Springs for 10 days

January 2008: Get ill on NYE - Go to Disneyland with my BF for 5 days (bliss!) - My mother is hit by a car and my dog Ellie dies (so sad) - My step-grandpa dies (same day as dog) - Start intense school

February 2008: School, school, school - Go to Maui for a week with the BF and his parents (bliss, again!)

March 2008: ummmmm gain back 10 pounds?

April 2008: Cut my hair short (eek) - My Bf's bday - Dealing with freaky spring snow - Graduate from film school - Contacted by my fvaourite magazine who asks if they can include me in their magazine (hello, YES!) - Foo Fighters awesome show

May 2008: More freaky late snow - Go to Bellingham with the bf for a shopping spree - Start 28-day CLEANSE FROM HELL - Kiwi and Frenchie come to visit for a week - Start my hellish job - Quit my hellish job

June 2008: Look for jobs - Angst over jobs - Deal with jobless angst by going to the beach when everyone's at work

Well, that's pretty much it. Guess I got a lot done or at least had a lot done to me. Either way, hell of a year and my sweetie made it all the better!

What personal event stands out in YOUR mind of the past year???

JULY 1st 2008


Odette said...

A year wow congrats!!!! I still remember watching you guys make out at the Roxy after they played for the Seeds finals and I was like "YEAH Rockstar!" I for one am very very happy that you guys have found each other! I can tell that you guys are made for each other and I have not seen the rockstar this happy... well... EVER!!! Plus I got to become friends with you so that's like a bonus in itself! Yay for you guys, I really can't wait to hear about all the other awesome stuff that I know will come your way in the long future that you guys have ahead!

wee-h said... guys look so happy. ive just embarked on a relationship i reckon could see me as happy as life is pretty sweet right now.

although i need a bit of advice.. you being in the film and journalistic world... is Ryerson in Toronto a good school for Communications?

( . )( . ) said...

Awwww congratulations!! You guys make the cutest couple. Im glad you found such a sweet guy who loves and care for you! You deserve it!!

As for rubbing my face in the fact that its nice and warm where you are, and its freezing cold big thick coat weather over here... well... im not quite sure I can forgive you for that one. Hehehe

Happy anniversary!!

Vegas Princess said...

Congratulations! You guys are so cute together! And you have also had a momentous year. I hope the next twelve months are filled with such events as finding your perfect job, getting a new place and maybe moving to that next level! Hey, I can hope for you, right? :)

~nOe~ said...

OMG! One year!
I love the photo of the two of you!
Hope this is the beginning of many more happy years together :)

amanda jane said...

you should apply at Honda ;p LOL!!

amanda jane said...

sorry this is the wrong post for the wrong blog... what an idiot I am...