Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's good, what's bad


What's good:

*I have been offered a job in a position that I would love to do. Basically working in post-production on an educational film. It sounds a lot like my internship, lots of research and I LOVE research. I was just informed about it today BUT I have not said yes yet. Two reasons why: Pay is low and it's a contract position for two months. Again, there is a possibility of going full-time afterwards and maybe becoming a permenant employee with the company, but for now it's just this project. Also - it did sound slightly overwhelming.

But I may need the position because hell, it's better than nothing (a LOT better) and well, my recent education would suddenly come in handy.

Yet, here I am, twidling my thumbs and deciding whether to accept or not. If this was last Tuesday, then YES. I would have, no doubt. But now, I have doubts. My instinct says something more permenant will come along.

I'm not sure if I trust my instinct anymore.

I will get back to him later tonight or tomorrow morning with my decision. Whatever the hell that is. And I will ask you what YOU think I should do...but I want to give another bit of info to the situation.

I have a job interview today. Uh oh. ANOTHER "dream job." And for some reason, I feel really serene about the whole thing. I think the position would be perfect for me...I mean, the REAL ME. Not the me I want to be or hope to be but the ME that I am and always have been. Sounds corny, I know.

Funny thing is, a month ago, I would have overlooked this job. Why? Because the pay was "too low" for me. Not so low that I couldn't survive but lower than my past two jobs (by about 2-4K per year).

Now I've come to realize that as long as I can survive, the pay doesn't matter anymore. My wonderful boyfriend (who, despite being two years younger, is freakin' years older in maturity) recently said to me that perhaps I should just go for something that pays less, something I can handle and something I can work my way up in. In the past, I lucked out big time. In a way. My Executive Assistant/Office Manager role and my Production Coordinator role were both ones that paid a lot more than I expected....and for good reason. They came with big responsibility and in the end, it was a lot more responsibility than I could apparently handle (among other things). An easier role in which I could gradually work my way up - well, it sounds mighty appealing right now.

OK, so I've gone off on a tangent. Anyway, I would go too much into the role right now because it's just an interview and who knows anymore if it will go anywhere (though the way I got the interview is a funny story - I'll post about it IF I get the job because otherwise it'll mean nothing).

I know not to count on ANYTHING at this stage. But I also feel OK about it...because when I lost the Executive Assistant role at the Big post-production company (back in early June), the role I thought was my "dream job," I kind of thought that was it. But now, another "dream job" has come along which gives me hope. Even if I don't get this one, there is another one out there.

In fact, I am applying for three other jobs this week in which I could see myself being very happy in - one of the jobs I actually have an "in" because an ex-employee of the company is recommending me to them.

So you can start to understand why I may be feeling hestitant about the job I was just offered. If it was a permenant position, there would be no hesitating. That said, even with all these great prospects lined up I've been freakin screwed in the past in this same situation (remember when I gave up the video game job because I thought I would get my "dream job").

*What else is good:

-I'm gonna be featured in my favourite magazine: SELF! I'll let you know what issue it'll come out in, I'm just answering the final interview questions at the moment. Ah, me and my mediocre fame continues...

-I listed my apartment yesterday! After spending three days of cleaning and clearing out half the stuff to make my place "showroom ready," I feel like I am living in someone else's apartment. Someone's really clean and spacious apartment. I wanna start doing ballet in here.

-I'm writing two articles for a travel website. Woot!

*What's bad:

-Guess what job I saw advertised on Craigslist yesterday? Well, if it isn't my good 'ol personal assistant role at DeviantART. Of course, I'm not above petty revenge, so I made a warning post on Craigslist. Not about anything really except that whoever applies should NOT send out their personal info (certified copy of passport, SIN number) and file paperwork with the IRS, until they sign a contract. I like to warn the public.

-Speaking of warning, the EA job to the hotel president which I was warned about, well that's reposted again too. Remember this job, the one in which I went for my second interview and while I was waiting there for an hour, an assistant came out and said "Sorry to waste your time but the boss just offered the position to the girl before you."? Well, what a lie that was. Why is the role available so soon again? I still feel like the boss took one look at me and thought, "Nah, she looks like a blonde idiot." To satisfy my curiousity, I emailed the assistant just now and asked why the position is available again. No way in hell do I want it or want to be considered but it's really intriguing - especially when I was warned about this job and how often it has been filled and advertised for this year!

-Oh and finally, remember the EA job at the online publishing company? The one I did the suprise Excel test for and bombed. Well they're still looking for someone to fill the role, a month later. Maybe if the boss didn't ambush nervous interviewees with a hard pop quiz in something that wasn't even a requirement for the role, he would have better luck.

Speaking of luck...wish it for me! I'm off to my interview shortly and then on to two other companies where I am going to drop my resume off in person. I'm leaving nothing to chance anymore.


So I had the interview. It went well enough, maybe harder than I thought but I did the best I could. But I've learned to not count on anything at this point - I wouldn't be suprised if I did not get it, let's put it that way. Hmmmm. Starting to lean towards that temp work now...


Odette said...

oooh toughy... why can't you just say yes to the for sure job and draw out the contract signing until you hear about the "dream job"? That's what I'd do. Good luck!

PS I'll be home in a week! YAY!

Wanderlusting said...

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I'm pretty good at drawing out the contract process as it is, though I would feel badly for bailing at the last minute (the reason I opted out of the video games job). BUT at this point, screw it all! I have to look out for ME!

Coconut said...

I love Self! I have a subscription, I will have to watch for you.

Good luck, I hate the job search process.

Mitch said...

If you are offered the job, take it regardless of the time.

It's SO true that it's easier to get a job while you're employed!

You are allowed to walk if the new job comes up...


Wanderlusting said...

Thanks Mitch - the ONLY problem I am having with just accepting and walking out (if it comes to it) is the damage to my reputation. This is the industry I would like to be in and word travels VERY fast. I would hate to feel reprocussions down the line for this...and I know they would. In film, everyone knows everybody and I don't wanna be "red-flagged" (thats what they do, I was warned).


Funny thing is, even though I can pretty much relax cuz I guess I have a job and its something that's super cool and related to what I want to do...I keep on applying for new jobs anyway! Either that means its become a habit, OR I subconciously don't want the job.

Stupid contract - am NOT looking forward to being back here in this position again in two months.

SheLikesToTravel said...

Even if you applied for a job today, there would likely be a week or so before they finished all interviews, and then a week or so while you negotiated, and then they'd expect you to give your current employer two weeks notice. And that is in a perfect world where decisions are made quickly. Seems like I'd really consider that contract job and keep looking in the meantime. Maybe you could make that a point that you negotiate... "I would be happy to take this contract work, but would need some schedule flexibility to accomodate appointments for future projects."

Just a thought...

Miss N said...

Take the temp job - it's fallen into your path for a reason and after all the maybe/ maybe not dream jobs of late it could be just what you need now.

I agree with above - it's so easy to get employed when you are employed! Especially in this industry! As film jobs are generally word of mouth temp jobs - long or short - doing this job well could be a major bonus for you.

Good luck with what you decide.