Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Faith No More to play San Francisco in April 2010

It has been confirmed by Bassist Bill Gould that Faith No More will in fact be coming to the USA this year.

This comes a few days after I deduced that FNM would be coming to San Francisco in April, after reading between the lines of keyboardist Roddy Bottum's Twitter response to the question "Come to SF!" from screenwriter Dave Eggers (author of my fav book ever, "Giraffes? Giraffes!!").

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be going to San Franciso (already called dibs on my friends couch) and probably to Seattle or Portland if they play there as well...come on guys, now you just have to add Vancouver, BC to your list and all will be right in my world.
my own remake of Hitchcock's Vertigo, with me as Kim Novak (see original Vertigo post here) and whathisface as Scottie Ferguson:

I'll leave you with the smexy "A Small Victory" video:

Faith No More - A Small Victory

Angel Dust MySpace Videos

PS - for anyone is now vaguely aware of FNM (I realize my blog audience isn't entirely made up of rock chicks), I wonder what your dream set list would be?

Mine would consist of:

From Out of Nowhere
Absolute Zero
Be Aggressive
Chinese Arithmetic
A Small Victory
Last Cup of Sorrow
The Cowboy Song
Crack Hitler
This Guys in Love with You
Everything's Ruined
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies

Midlife Crisis
King for a Day
Zombie Eaters



Odette said...

First comment maybe? YAY a first for me! Anyway I really hope that someday someone will teach me how to use photoshop so that I can do cool things with my pics too. That was sweet. Sorry that this comment isn't post related, I just had to break my comment drought! :P

Wanderlusting said...

LOL I don't care. yay you still read and are alive in blog world!!

Eyeliah said...

Yay that is exciting! Thats how I would feel if Guns N Roses announced another tour!

PlanetLumiere said...

they were in istanbul this past summer! have lotsa fun ;)


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Oh it's always so fun/awesome when a favorite band comes to town (or close to town)! My wish list would definitely include Empire of the Sun ;)

ps- Love that photo of you- you totally do look like Novak/a movie star ;)

Annie Spandex said...

Your set list is PERFECT!! And you're so beautiful as Kim Novak... I'm off to check the tour dates!

Annie Spandex said...

Ah!!! Not updated yet! XD

Talk Pretty To Me said...

YAY for you getting a chance to go see your band! Whoop Whoop!



CMA said...

these shots are FANTASTIC

check out my blog @

Anthea said...

Great post! You look gorgeous! I am running a great contest right now! Check it out when you have a chance and spread the word the deadline is a few days away!

Anika said...

I need to look into some of these songs...I'm intruiged.
And love the pic, lol.....so intense. Just another Western huh? ;)

Have a great weekend

p.s. I'm a sad loser who is unaware so will head to youtube now!

Wanderlusting said...

Anika - glad you're checking them out!!!

BTW Vertigo isn't a Western. It's a Hitchcock film from 1958 :)

Dave said...

Wow! That's awesome. Last I heard they were touring/playing in Europe only. LOVE FNM.

web design Los Angeles said...

Wish you look on your trip to San Francisco. I hope your team wins.

Brian McDonald said...

Faith No More touring the states is my dream show to attend next year. I met Billy Gould back in 1990 when they played Raleigh on The Real Thing tour. Awesome band and Mike Patton is a GOD!!!

Like your setlist. You can check out their Download Festival entire show on YouTube.

FEASTofFETUS said...

Hey FAITH NO MORE - FEASTofFETUS wants to play with you! Visit http://fnm.feastoffetus.com to experience the interactive love note / song called "Hey FAITH NO MORE, We Want To Play With You!" Maybe you will see them on the US Reunion Tour!