Thursday, October 08, 2009

Inspired by: Mr. Bungle

Confession: I used to hate Mr. Bungle.

Back in high school, I wrote them off as too bizarre and far too weird for my tastes. Granted, I had only heard their CD Disco Volante, which is still bordering on being too bizarre and weird for me. Also, I had yet to experience the genius that is Mike Patton, so obviously I didn't "get" it.

But as my appreciation for Faith No More grew and then branched out into a full-fledged obsession with anything Patton touched, I decided to give Bungle another try.

After all, Patton started Mr. Bungle in high school - and even when he was called in to be the lead singer of Faith No More in 1989, he said ok ONLY if he could still continue with Mr. Bungle.

I started with their last CD and the most accessible one, California, released in 1999. It has been described as "psychotic lounge music" or "the Beach Boys on acid."

I had already heard the CD in my bf's car once. First thought: "What is this weirdass bullshit? Turn it off!"

I heard it again a few weeks later, "This is fucking weird, crazy ass circus music on the beach acid trip."

Then I listened to it 6 months later, "So damn weird, but hmmm I really love that Pink Cigarette song."

Fourth time I listened to it: "Love song number one too. Hate that creepy circus freak sounds song though."

Fifth time listening to it: "Love Retrovertigo. Love None of them Knew they were Robots. Love that freaky circus song."

Sixth time and beyond: "One of my top 10 favourite albums of all time Ev0r."

Yep, I finally "got" it and the result is musical crack. I've been listening to this album at least twice a day for weeks now and as a result, I think I'm losing touch with my sanity.

Mr. Bungle is not for everyone, obviously...

The music is bizarre, lots of weird noises, it switches tempo, the song structure constantly changes. Often there are no choruses, no bridges, no repetition. Patton alternates between Elvis-like drawls to screaming to Beach Boys harmonies. You'll be listening to a fast song, then it becomes a slow song. Then suddenly it sounds like cats are singing. Back to slow again and then suddenly monks/indians chanting in a cathedral - then CHAK! chakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchakchak into acid metal and guitars. That song, for example, is Goodbye Sober Day and I invite you to Youtube it just for kicks. I happen to LOVE it, God knows why.

But even though Mr. Bungle is not for everyone, I think the album California COULD BE and I invite you to watch a few videos from it.

To start, here is the first 'Fanmade' video. I don't believe Mr. Bungle released any vids, and if they did Warners hold on Youtube would get in the way, but ingenius fans have made their own.

This is for Pink Cigarette. It is an amazing song and the video is a work of art - kudos to the fan who made it. Very David Lynch-ish and just a perfect fit:

"How can I forget that your lips were there
Your kiss goes everywhere
Touches everything
But me"

Next up, another fanmade video for another brutally awesome song (my favourite Bungle song), Retrovertigo.

This video is bloody but brilliant. The song is haunting and gorgeous.

Please watch. It will leave you speechless. Especially at the 3-min mark - when Jesus comes in.

"Sell the rights
To your blight
And you'll eat"

I can't believe how devoted and talented Mr. Bungle fans it.

And for a taste of more "Bungle-esque" weirdness (but genius) here is Mr. Bungle playing live another of my favs, The Air-conditioned Nightmare, at the aptly named Bizarre Festival- I am impressed at how well they are able to play this song live:

How can you not "Mbap bap bap mbap bap bap" bounce along to this song with Mike? So fun!!! Makes me wanna dance right now.

"Birds and faeries
Atop the rolling hills of Hell"

So, how do I dress inspired by Mr. Bungle?

Well, like a f*ing weirdo, what else?

The tights, pants and jacket were all "circus" to me. The mask because Mr. Bungle used to play with clown masks on (in order to stay anonymous). The black lacey top was dark and the pink corset was retro. Pluto because he represents California. And he's cute. Just like Mike.

Silk pants + Jacket + Black Tank: Forever 21

Pink Latex Corset: Sex shop on Davie St.

Snakeskin Tights: Celeste Stein

Studded Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

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Couture Carrie said...

Yya for that pink Latex corset ~ woo hoo!


Couture Carrie said...

oops I clearly meant Yay

elena-lu said...

dude thats crazy hot! man you rock a photoshoot tell ya what!

Anonymous said...

Love the pink corset, quite an outfit you dreamed up dear! :) Love the JC's too!


Tights Lover said...

Great tights! Love Celeste Stein.

Rachel said...

i'd never heard of mr. bungle before. i kinda liked it!! i'm gonna have to see if i can get into it.. thanks for the introduction!

Kristin said...

It's not every day you see sex shop apparel featured. Way to be. : )

Eyeliah said...

you're weird ;-)

Ginny said...

I think I already like Mr. Bungle just from those three songs. I'll have to check them out.

daisychain said...

you look awesome in your crazy cool way, and stunningly beautiful as usual.

Fashion Chalet said...

Thanks :)
I really want a corset!!

Ab/ the shoes.. they are kind of the teetering wedge, very thin, must walk with caution in. ;) BUT LOVE THEM. Saw some similar on


The Budget Babe said...

This shoot is really weird. And I love it!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look gorgeous and sexy as always. Thank you for the lovely comment. I'm not feeling very good at the moment and I'm trying not to cry because I'm at work.

I just had a most horrible night last night. My boyfriend (we've been going out for almost 2 years) told me that he's been pretending to love me all along! He said that he wants to keep looking for someone. I felt like he punched my heart and stomped on it! He knows how much I love him and he knows I want to be with him. Everytime we went though a hard time, we had a discussion and we agreed to work on it. I've done everything he wanted; spending my nights with him instead of doing something I want, going out with him and his friends, and make him happy as much as I could. When he went to the mainland (twice) for four months, I kept in touch with him all the time with emails, sent him a lot of postcards and talk to him everyday and I even had a phone bill that cost me $400.00. I supported him when he was being undecided in his job search and I encouraged him and helped him. Then he went away again for two months and told me his feelings have changed and then if our relationship doesn't improve, he'll leave. Then he came back and everything seemed just fine. Now he's telling me he's just telling me lies just to make me happy (while sleeping with me at the same time!). I don't really know what to think of at this point. I've believed everything he told me and I felt like a biggest fool. To be honest, I still love him but it really hurts. Thanks for listening to my long rant but I just feel like I need to write to someone.

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Found your blog via FNM 2.0.

"This is fucking weird, crazy ass circus music"

I said the exact same thing, word for word the first time I heard Bungle. My husband was the one to force me to listen. And now, I love that crazy ass circus music, (and just about anything Patton.)