Monday, October 19, 2009

Obligatory Blog Post



Comment #6 (as chosen by which belongs to= GOURMAMA! Congrats! Contact me to claim your prize (love your name, btw :)

Thanks to everyone who entered! I'll be having another Forever 21 giftcard giveaway this Friday so be sure to check back then for that awesome contest.

Speaking of, I won't actually be doing any posting this week until Friday. I've been feeling very "blog" uninspired lately which I think is because I have been feeling very "fashion" uninspired lately which I think is because I've got my sights honed in on other things at the moment.

This also explains why I haven't really been around to visit your blogs lately. I am sorry for that - I know the blogging world is very reciprocal and that half of you would forget about lil' ol' me if I didn't make the rounds but to be honest with you I don't have the time and the time I do have is spent on other things. SUCH AS:

* My novel. I am at over 30,000 words now and 40% of my goal, which is awesome in some ways. But also reminds me that I have 60% to go! And I have one month to do it in....because....

*In one month (and a day) I leave for New Zealand. AAAAAHHH! I was so busy planning this trip in Sept and August....then I started writing the novel and I totally forgot I was going anywhere. I mean, I have blinders on and all I can think about is my story. That is a GREAT thing mind you, because I have an ADD mind that is easily distracted and easily loses interest in things. But on the other hand, I also easily get obsessed and consumed by things and I am embracing the fact that I am being consumed by my novel at the moment.

*This Thursday will also mark the one month of my writing - remember the 30-day challenge I started? For nearly 30 days I have IGNORED the fact that I am NOT a morning person (seriously - I am NOT a morning person...Night Owl all the way) and gotten up at 6AM to write for an hour before I leave for work. This of course hasn't happened on the weekends, though I have still managed to write, but it at least has stuck to the weekdays. Funny thing is, since I get up so early now, I've found I'm turning from a Night Owl to a ...Day Owl...Are there even Day Owls? Anyway, with each day I start off writing, I am more inclined to write the whole day (well during down times at work at least) and I find my creative juices are flowing full tilt.

*What else? Oh yes, Halloween! Success!! I have my entire Leela costume now, INCLUDING the homemade Cyclops eye. It works and everything and looks awesome, though I am starting to think this might be the first Halloween where I don't look attractive lol. My eyes are my best features, right, so when you cover up both my eyes and replace it with one big ugly cartoon eye, well...let's just say I've got nothing on Leela herself. Oh well, the point is that the costume is hilarious.

Oh, I have got to show you these vintage "Angel Dust" album cover boots I am loving these days. I got them from this excellent Etsy seller. I can't remember her name at the moment but I will link to her on the next post. I've got a pair of AMAZING "day of the dead" vintage red pumps from her as well - will show them off next post for sure (also look for my Portland ghost adventure and "Inspired By: Mike Patton" and "Inspired By: Smashing Pumpkins" posts too).

Also, this dress was for sale in my store but I decided to wear it anyway. No longer for sale! Only problem is my DAMN HIPS! I hate how clingy dresses ride up when I walk...doesn't help at all that I have a small but long waist. And an ample behind. Thank god for tights.

Dress + Necklace: ASOS
Leather Moto Jacket: Vintage
Boots: "Angel Dust" Vintage, custom-designed
Bag: Ringspun

OK, well I am off now to start booking the remainder of my New Zealand trip...I've got LOTR tours to book, Dolphin swimming trips, flights, rentals cars, hikes, you name it. EEEEK! One month of work left and then one month off of work =)

See you all Friday and congrats again to Gourmama!

PS _ I was also wondering if a few of you readers could help me out - I've got 106 followers, apparently, yet my comments are at a all-time low (another reason why I am not posting as much because it literally feels like no one is reading this).

My sitemeter readings are not reliable either so can any of you followers let me know if my posts are actually popping up in your feeds when I publish them? Because it really seems like all of my followers are A) dead B) given up on my blog (why?) or C) just aren't aware of my blog posts.



elena-lu said...

*oh you're so pretty!*

Couture Carrie said...

Hi, gorgeous!
Congrats on your progress on your novel!
And congrats to the contest winner too :)

Love that dress, btw!


Jennifer said...

Hmmm that's intersting that you bring up that there might be a problem with your feeds, I thought it was just me that wasn't able to get them. I have to type in your web address to see your blog, because for some reason one day I just quit getting your updates. For a while I thought you hadn't posted anything until I finally visited your page and figured it out.

Len said...

Your posts show up in Bloglines at least. I'm just a lousy commenter. I do read though ;)

blinder said...

Well - I just bookmark your site and visit every other day - seems to coincide with your updates.

Your NZ plans suggest a visit to Christchurch? I'm always up for a coffee break...

Eyeliah said...

You are in google reader nad they've all shown up for me :-) Your trip is coming up fast, good luck with the writing.

Lindsay said...

I, too, have felt utterly fashion uninspired, and have been so busy that I haven't been able to keep up with blogs that I love (like yours!) or my own.

But you are STILL posting great stuff, and congrats on your novel... you'll get there before you know it!

Roselle said...

hey...i read all your posts, although off of bloglines, so i may not show up on your stat counter!

Glitter Scrubs said...

This is always the first blog I check when I'm looking for a great read. Is Sept/Oct maybe a slow time due to people being back to school? I know I've been too swamped to write anything, but I still love to procrastinate and read everyone else's blogs :)

Vegas Princess said...

Your posts are always in my feed reader and I try to comment on every post. However, sometimes life gets away from me and I get behind so I may pick and choose which ones I comment on to save time. But I do read all of your posts!! Please don't go away. I want to see more of your incredible outfits and hear all about your NZ trip!

Georgia said...

I haven't read your blog in a month and I was so surprised to discover the new rockchic you! I like! The things winter can do..
I want your necklace :)

It would be mine

daisychain said...

oh man those boots!

and well done on the novel progress! you rock x

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks guys - too bad its not coming up in Jennifer's feed though, I was reading on someone else's blog the other day that this was happening to them so figured it could happen to me.

And GlitterScrubs, you're right, I mean I barely have time to update this. I just don't want to do anything blogrelated (post or read posts) because I feel I HAVE to (hence my tongue-in-cheek title) but because I want to and have time. Anyway, good to know some people still read lol.

Coastal Aussie said...

Great photos. I've been reading your blog for years, and years. I think I only commented once though. I've always enjoyed your posts, and your feed is showing up Bloglines.

GourMama said...

YAY! Thank you so much for the giveaway. I am super excited! I just emailed you. I have your blog on my google reader and it works great for me. I do not comment every time, which I will do more now, cause I know how that is.

Again, thank you, thank you!")

Ashley aka Gourmama

myedit said...

Hi! I'm reading!!! Well, sometimes I can't follow the rock music stuff because I, admittedly, have really bad/cheap taste in music.
Write that novel... I'm dying to know what it's all about.

Kristin said...

Those boots are amazing. And WAY TO GO with your novel!

OceanDreams said...

Hey girl I love your blog too, but I agree that blogging takes a lot of time and I know for me I get more comments when I comment back to everyone that comments - it creates great bloggy friends. I know this is time consuming but the more time you spend on others the more attention you will get in return, it is a ping pong game. Loving your style, as always!

Wanderlusting said...

LOL - yes. But I'm tired of ping pong :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Cute outfit; those boots are really wild!

The Budget Babe said...

So that's where you've been. I'm glad your book is coming along, you gotta write when the inspiration strikes and drop everything else. Can't wait to see your Halloween costume, so please make time for that. We are not dead! And New Zealand?? For a month? I am so jealous. You will post updates while you're away right?

Alice said...

hello! your posts are all coming up on my feed reader, but i've been MIA for over a week, so there's that :-)

also, late to the party, but my costume this year? tonya harding. just bought an ice skating outfit on ebay, and will be picking up a pipe at home depot next week ;-)

Jodie said...

Did you know I was planning to buy that dress?
Oh, oh well, there's always another piece.
Or something.
Anyway, you look really good in that dress!

J-Diggety said...

You look cute in that dress, btw. And I'm sorry I've been MIA as of late... hella busy... but once October passes, life should be a li'l more SANE in my life... or so I tell myself ;)

Anyway - NOVEL!?!? SO exciting!! And I'm impressed with the 6 am bit... I doubt I'd be disciplined enough to actually get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button 500 times...

Happy weekend and Halloweeeeeeen!
xoxo J

Fran said...

I haven't given up on the blog, I've just been busy! Keep up the good work, the blog is really cool.