Monday, October 05, 2009

How to win free clothes and other stuff

Enter giveaways! D'uh.

Congratulations to DAISY CHAIN DREAMS- you have won a $20 E-gift certificate to Forever 21. Please email me (mon email is on the sidebar) with your details.

True Random Number Generator

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(technically it was MY own comment that was number 48 haha so I had to skip that one :P)

If you didn't win, don't dispair! I am doing another giveaway tomorrow for something super duper new and awesome and expensive. Ooooh!

I never do these meme tagged things...I say I will but then I always have other posts planned and then forget to do them. But this time - thanks to my novel encompassing all that I live and breathe for at the moment - I decided to do this decidedly simple one put forth by Annie Spandex. I welcome anyone to do this meme - just let me know if you are!

Answer these questions with one word and then hand the award over to others.

Where's your cell phone: purse

Your hair: fuzzy

Your mother: cute

Your father: Norwegian

Favorite Food: sushi

Dream last night: rollercoaster

Favorite drink: wine

What room are you: office

Hobby: writing

Fear: mediocrity

Where were you last night: home

Something that you aren't: boring

Muffins: nope

Wish list item: completion

Where did you grow up: everywhere

What are you wearing: blazer

Your pets: muffin

Friends: there

Something you're not wearing: dress

Favorite store: Forever 21

Favorite color: red

Last time you laughed: 10:30PM

Your best friend: Kelly

Place you go to over and over: Palm Springs

Person who emails you regularly: Blogger

Favorite place to eat: Jack in the Box

BTW - in the spirit of all these answers, I thought I would have an FAQ on my blog. I've never done this before because I think 'Who the hell cares?' but then again, I HAVE had this blog for nearly FOUR YEARS! That's a hell of a long time!!! So maybe, over the course of the last 3 and 3/4 years, you've wondered about some that case, I turn the questions over to you.

If you wanna ask me anything, please leave a comment below and I will compile a list for my next post (after the next awesome giveaway)!!


Couture Carrie said...

Fun tag, darling!
I would love to go to Palm Springs someday!

Can't wait to see tomorrow's giveaway :)


Lily G. said...

Congrats to the winner. Great list! I LOVE sushi!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Oh I love FAQs and getting to know a blogger better! Can you tell us about your travels? And you said you grew up all over- is that what gave you your wanderlust?
Hope you had a terrific weekend!!

Meghan said...

Sushi is love. As far as a question goes-most embarrassing moment?

pretty*pink*rat said...

Great list, so fun that its one word answers.

Your Question: favorite Beatles song?

My sister says it always says a lot about a pressure! :)

Excited to see what you're giving away tomorrow!

Annie Spandex said...

OMG, Jack In The Box -- guilty pleasure!!

Rachel said...

Ah... I've been wondering this the past few days!

What is it that you're writing everyday? Is it a novel / fiction, autobiography, screenplay?? And will we ever get to read some of it? :)

Anika said...

Great tag :)

And qs for you:
When are you coming back to Australia?
Why are you so cool? ;)
How tall are you?
Whhich country are you craving to visit but haven't had the chance to do so yet?

have a great one bella.
and cograts to Daisy Chain Dreams :)

issa said...

jack in the box is the best.. haha i always forget to these tagged things too. it is like my vice.

Anonymous said...

love the post, congrats to the winner!!

my question would be, "what has been your motivation to keep up with the blog for all of the four years?"

cant wait for the next giveaway!!!

check out my blog @

Dane said...

Cant wait for the next giveaway!

What I wanna know is, what do you do professionally?

What do you do in your down time, hobbies other than fashion?

What is your signature alcoholic beverage?


Kristin said...

I totally want to plan a Palm Springs getaway! That and San Fran. Oh, and Napa. I guess I have quite the lust list. AH ha

muchlove said...

congrats to daisy chain dreams!

daisychain said...

huh, me?! haha I never win. I'm just off out, but if it is indeed true, I will e-mail you later