Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Halloween Music Ever: Fantomas, Director's Cut

It's the most wonderful time, of the year.

Every year, since I was a child, I have partaken in Halloween festivities to the extreme. I used to have spectacular Halloween parties, some of which involved setting up a "Haunted House" in our garage.

I love to scare the crap out of people. So it's fitting that the novel I am working on is essentially a ghost story (sort of ). It's scary, nonetheless. At least, it scared me writing it late at night, in a big empty house, while listening to Fantomas "Director's Cut."

Speaking of which, if you want awesome scary music for Halloween but are sick of sound effects or the Monster Mash/Thriller/Ghostbusters played a million times, download Fantomas Director's Cut. Or at least sample a few songs at Amazon HERE.

Fantomas is yet another one of Mike Patton's bands (I am sorry I keep bringing him up but he keeps being relevant- though I don't actually like this band of his. They are too loud and noisy for me (I do have some standards) HOWEVER, their album Director's Cut is AWESOME!

It's basically creepy rock/electronic-based covers of scary/weird movie soundtracks. That song that is/was playing right now? That's "Rosemary's Baby" (what have they done to its eyes?)- there is also The Omen, The Godfather, Cape Fear, Twin Peaks, among others. And Charade....which is one of my fav movies ever, but not necessarily scary. Though their cover of the Henry Mancini theme is amazing.

Anyhoo, back to Halloween.

Sometimes I think I am a pretty sadistic person at heart. I used to leave my friends alone in the woods and take off with the flashlight. Or I'd write them threatening notes and tell them that a glowing-eyed monster was watching them (SORRY AYNSLEY!). One year, at a sleepover, I told my friends that my pool (which my bedroom's large screen door looked out on to) was haunted and had my mother dress up as a ghost and roam around the yard at night and tap at the windows. GOOD TIMES! For me. Haha.

I even continued to trick or treat until I was about 15 years old and then I guess I looked too old and people stopped giving me candy. But I always kept up with the tradition of dressing up - even when in countries like New Zealand that don't do Halloween.

I started with a movie/tv character theme in 2000 and have done it for nine years now, starting with: Rogue from X-men, Holly GoLightly, Marilyn Monroe (from Gentleman Prefer Blondes) and one year from The Seven Year Itch, The Bride from Kill Bill, Cinderella, Peggy Bundy...

...Lindsay Funke (from Arrested Development) and my bf was Ferris Bueller:

....Phoenix from X-men:

....Selene from Underworld (my bf was Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder -the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude):

And this year? I'm going as Leela and my bf is going as Zapp Brannigan:

SO - I wanna know, what are YOU going as this year??!

PS - I am in Portland right now as this post is getting published. We are here for the long weekend...I'm doing character research for my novel. We also just went on a ghost-hunting tour. I'll be sure to share that experience with you all real shortly!

Rosemarys Baby (Lullabye) - Fantomas


Missy said...

oohhh you'll have to share your halloween photos!

For all things fashion:

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! You really did look like selene! :)

Kristin said...

I must ask where you got your Underworld costume! The hubs has a majah thing for Beckinsale in that flick!

Annie Spandex said...

OMG I can't wait to see your costume this year! Yesssssss to Fantomas, and I'm still convinced you need to bob your hair and dye it black. Oh, and I want to be Tank Girl this year. :)

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

That's so awesome that you are writing a novel! I might be too much of a weenie to read it (I scare really, really, really easily- your mom wouldn't even have to dress up as a ghost and I'd be scared of your pool).
As for Halloween costumes- I love all of yours! You look awesome!
This year I'm going as Lady Gaga: blond wig, big sunglasses, thigh-highs, leotard and something ridiculous and geometric on top ;)

Rachel said...

creepy creepy song. i love getting into halloween, too but never quite make it as big as you do. maybe i'll have to have a go this year!

funny, I'm actually watching Futurama as I read this post. Good choice!

and looking forward to hearing about the ghost research trip!!

daisychain said...

Oh man you look HOT in the Selene costume!

I'm not going as anything, we don't really *do* halloween over here, sadly. I do eat a lot of candy though ;)

janettaylor said...

So cool!


Eyeliah said...

Really Leela? I have wanted to be her forever but the cyclops thing always confused me how to do it!! Have a great time, the dude disguised as another dude is awesome - perfectly executed.

Vegas Princess said...

Can't wait to see how you do that costume this yar. I would think the one eye thing would be difficult. This year I won't be anything since I have to work. But I have always been a Halloween freak, and since my birthday is two days before I had the BEST birthday parties.

Jowy said...


One Love,

myedit said...

I'm pretty sure it's predictable but I'm going as lady gaga. i hope to keep my lady bits under wraps so I'll be style stealing her earlier styles.
You work a wig like no other...

C&C said...

thats a great idea
check out my blog

kirstyb said...

great pics - i have no idea what to wear this year! i was going to go as a vamp but i am not sure if i should do that now due to vampires being everywhere! ugh! xxxxxx

Couture Carrie said...

I love how you get in the Halloween spirit, darling! Your costumes have been awesome... can't wait to see pics of this year's!


The Budget Babe said...

i love ghost tours, it's a secret pastime of mine you could say. your costumes always kick ass. somehow i'm not surprised that halloween is your favorite holiday. i could see you doing a Hitchcock themed costume as well.

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog !

Wowww,you look great on halloween each year !!

And this year I bet you both would look great :)
We don't really celebrate halloween here :/

L said...

I agree with others; I can't wait to see how you manage the one eye for your Leela costume!

I still haven't figured out my costume, which is certainly stressing me out at the moment...


Anika said...

whoa, those outfits are all fantastic!! cannot wait to see the next one :)

loooove the x-men one.

this year's is going to rock.

Happy Halloween in advance :)

p.s. I'm with you, let's sell our sisters/siblings/boyfriends for those Ann Ds ;)