Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fresh strawberry flowers

I've never actually smelled strawberry flowers, but it is the name of one of my favourite perfumes. Unfortunately the smell doesn't last very long but it does give a burst of zingy freshness.

I like to think this dress does the same. I've demurely dressed it up for winter - here - but it really shines when I allow it bloom, along with all the other flowers.

Dress: Forever 21; Bag: Rafe; Sandals: GoJane

Speaking of flowers, my favourite ones are Tiare, Frangipani and Jasmine...what's yours?

Oh. I'll be leaving for Toronto tomorrow to attend my bf's family reunion for four days. I'm not to jazzed about the cost of the flight to go to a stinky city (no offence Torontonians, but I'm from Vancouver so you would expect me to say that :P).

I mean, $700 to go to Toronto? I could fly to Paris for cheaper. Hell I could stay in Hawaii for a week, for cheaper. Damn country and its airline monopoly. So expensive for anyone to go anywhere within the country!

That aside though, I am looking forward to getting the hell out of dodge - and though I am disappointed I won't actually be in the actual city of Toronto, because the locals do speak highly of it (and I enjoy visiting big cities), and will be in the burbs instead, I am looking forward to seeing how the other side of Canada lives - all travel is good travel :)

I'll be posting while I'm gone though, so stay tuned!

PPS I've answered some of your questions about the previous post - see those comments :)


Hillary said...

Have fun in Ontario! My husband and my mom are both from London so I have to make the trek back east every couple of years. I do not love it.

Meghan said...

Have a blast in Toronto. And that is a fabulous dress. Looks great on you.

Sher said...

Beautitful, colorful dress next to those Hydrangeas. Like a fashion magazine photo shoot!

Have a safe trip! That price does sound high...:( But still have a blast!

sil said...

love the dress!
my favourite flowers? magnolias, gardenias, lilies :)
have fun at the reunion!

Couture Carrie said...

Love that dress! You look gorgeous! Have a great trip, darling!


Sylvia said...

You wear that dress so well! Beautiful.

DaisyChain said...

more gorgeousness!
yeah, most tea cup stuff has gone now, the pink necklace is still available for now x

Yuka said...

i love your bag

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for the free preview on your post darlin - I guess I was the lucky one and thanks for the preview. ;)

You look so pretty in your flowery dress with all of the flowers!

Have a fun and happy trip - at least you get away, but damn, that ticket is expensive! :O)

Eyeliah SS said...

Yes, I like to travel out of canada thatis for sure, it's just like the cost of canada post (wtf) have a great time anyway!! :-)

plt said...

So lovely! Both the winter and the summer look :)

issa said...

gorgeous dress!! love the colors on you!! and no problem about the contest dress! i was just hoping it didn't get lost in the mail!

The Budget Babe said...

I love how you mix high and low pieces, so chic. btw are you going to scan the article from Shape? I'm dying to see it! (and apparently too lazy to look for it on newstands hehe). i just planted a hydrangea in my garden, i hope it lives. they're so pretty.
i think we're going to quebec in august (did i tell you already?) and montreal. toronto sounds fun too!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Oooh, I'm so glad they arrived there safely. I know you will like fabulous in either dress and color. Loving this one on you by the way, dear.

What's the Closet app? I couldn't find it...


Alice said...

such a cute dress! i can't do short little strapless numbers like that - my torso and shoulders are too long and i look weirdly out of proportion. wee spaghetti straps = my friends!

my fave flowers are lilacs, lilies, and whatever mishmash of wild flowers are around at any given point during the summer :-)

JINX said...

i wouldn't want to be any where but ther....i'm in love with your style


Underfunded Heiress said...

I love those flowers! They compliment your dress perfectly! I've been to toronto but not to vancouver. I assume by your comment Vancouver is prettier- I've only seen photos and it looks AMAZING. Toronto seemed pretty clean and nice to me though. Maybe because I'm close to LA so many cities are cleaner :) Have fun!

Georgia said...

You look beautiful, especially next to those Hydrangeas (don't ask how I know that, I don't know why I do)
Have fun in Toronto!

It would be mine

Kristin said...

Are you kidding? $700? That's crazy talk! On an up note, you look gorgeous in that flowery frock!

leeselooks said...

ah beautiful canadian summers.

i miss everything about them!

enjoy your trip out east. i've still NEVER been!

you look so pretty in all the florals.


The Clothes Horse said...

Your dress is lovely. The colors are wonderful.
Too bad about the airplane ticket.

MizzJ said...

Aww that's too bad, you should try to make it out to TO if you can, I hear summer is _the_ time to be in TO if you ever have to be cuz there's lots of festivals. Plus the shopping is pretty darn good ;) Have fun!

My favourite flower is plumeria and orchids.

ivy said...

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Melissa said...

Have a great trip! :)Beautiful dress you're wearing. I love those vibrant colors!

ana b. said...

Wow you gorgeous girl! Look at you all summery and beautiful in your floral dress. I love love love it. And hydrangeas are my favourite flower.

christelle said...

i love tour dress! very beautiful!

Vegas Princess said...

Have fun! And what a beautiful summer dress.

marqthompson said...

looking so cute looking like barbie doll

marqthompson said...

looking so cute like barbie doll

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