Thursday, July 02, 2009

Can you have too many pairs of shoes?

Yesterday was Canada Day. To celebrate our anniversary (yes, again :P) I took HIM out for breakfast at our favourite local haunt Hamburger Marys. Though it's a block away from our place, we haven't been there for ages. Two years ago though, we made this all-night diner the place to be (and/or pass out) at 3AM on Saturdays. On Canada Day it wasn't quite 3 AM but it was still time for a good meal, followed by my favourite Caeser (virgin...I'm trying to cut back lol). Funny thing, I reached for this dress thinking "hmmm haven't worn this in awhile" and then realized the last time I wore it was LAST CANADA DAY! What gives? It's not even red, it's orange. Oh well. My mind is funny sometimes.

Dress + Sunglasses: Forever 21; Necklace: Gorjana; Shoes: Gojane: Bag: Coach

We spent the day lounging by the pool, getting a tan and drinking Corona (whoops, there goes my cutting back).

Ugh, I almost didn't include this picture because although the bikini (VS) is cute, I am not. It seems all other bloggers are super skinny and thin and trim and wicked hot and I must be the only roly poly pudgy one out there!!

It totally sucks because I've gained 10 pounds since last year and it doesn't move despite the fact that I barely eat and I work out a lot. I have tons of muscle which sadly just doesn't show. I am not making excuses, I just didn't want you all to have the wrong impression of me, which is that I am a lazy, non-moving slob. Well, I am lazy, but I am also strong like bull. Anyway, I guess I am posting this so that I have something to work for. I'll post another pic like this in August and hopefully you will see a difference!! :)

At night we watched the fireworks from the roof as well.

And in the early evening, we spent many hours packing. Yup. Since we are moving on Sunday we had to use our one day off to pack up as much stuff as we could. While we piled suitcases high with my stuff (thank goodness we are renting out my place furnished! Although, it's the little things that make up the most), my boyfriend ran them out to our new place while I cleaned. And tackled my shoes.

I am not sure how I am able to fit all of the below into my closet in a 435sq foot apartment but somehow I did. I documented my findings and counted my pairs. It was...startling, to say the least! 63 pairs of shoes, 20 odd pairs of boots...eek. And quite a few had never been worn! I am totally the woman who had to live in her shoes, ala Carrie Bradshaw.

10 pairs of pumps/heels (my cage heels aren't included in the pic, they were hiding under my coffee table) - this is an area that needs improvement, though it is hard to find nice heels under 3" - Back row, L-R: Asos red mary-janes (modified, I cut the straps cuz they were too tight); Christian Louboutin Mary-janes (modified, I added straps LOL); Some italian brand slingback kitten heels; Steve Madden Mary-Janes;
Front row, L-R: Guess lizard print heels; Vic Matie maroon and blue patent metallic Mary-Janes; Te Casan crackle metal heel patent and calfskin pumps; Vintage Ferragamo heels

15 pairs of ballet flats - Back row, L-R: Juicy Couture suede flats; Fair Lady flats; ASOS metallic canvas ballet flats (I added long ribbon); ASOS satin ballet flats; Bamboo pantent pleater elastic back shoes; Payless flats; French Sole sparkle flats (never been worn!)
Front row L-R: Kate Spade puzzle flats; Marc Jacobs blue suede shoes; Tory Burch leopard pont hair; Candies flats from Kohls ($2!); Nadia Grilli silver sequin bow flats; Coach flats; Pulp pointy toe flats; ASOS snow leopard sating flats

15 pairs of wedges - hmmm love me some wedges...need more! Which reminds me, I have some in storage including some Ugg wedges (don't laugh, they are cute!) - Back Row, L-R: Michael Kors cork wedges; Modern Vintage wood heel wedges; Espadrilles etc; Harajuka Girls nautical rope and canvas wedges; Cafe Noir gold mirror wedges; Payless wedges (my fav, so old); Marni wedge clogs
Front Row, L-R: Marc Jacobs velvet wedges; Christian Louboutin trash espadrilles; Colin Stuart low wedges; Patent red cork slingbacks; Dolce Vita snakeskin wedges; Manufacture D'Essai suede and leather wedges; GoJane snakeskin espadrilles

23 pairs of flat sandals. Make that 24 (forgot I had a Jeffrey Campbell awesome pair in storage). Yeesh. Back Row, L-R: Dolce Vita cage sandals; Pour la Victoire Naomi gladiators; Matt Bernson Jouer sandals; Erno Angliozi or something red sandals; Target beaded sandals; Gladiator sandals; Forever 21 gold wrap sandals; Gojane beaded cuff thongs; Matt Bernson Barracuda studded sandals; Diba gold thongs; Gojane nude hurrache-esque sandals; Prada patent flower sandals
Front Row, L-R: Twelfth St Cynthia Vincent fringe flats; Target studded gladiators; Forver 21 Pyramid flats; Gojane yellow cuff sandals; Chinese Laundry metallic green t-straps; Sam Edleman suede and gold coin sandals; Gojane pink cuff flats; Cocobelle roman sandals; Ugg flip flops; GoJane starfish jeweled low wedge sandals (guess it could have gone in the wedge category)

And then there are my boots which - at this point in packing - was far too lazy to take pictures of them, also they don't stand up straight. But I have around 22 pairs of boots, from ankle to over-the-knee.

Scary thing is, I only really started buying shoes in the last few years...before I was a handbag crazy lady. Still crazy though, apparently. Oh well. My only issue now is to figure out how best to store them. Now that the floor of my closet is all bare, I'm really taken with this light, airy zen look that my apartment currentlty has! Oh, to realize these things just as you are leaving :(


Anonymous said...

to answer your question, no we ladies can not have too many pairs of shoes. This is more of a requirement.

You look great girl!!!!

OceanDreams said...

Wow, I thought I had a lot of shoes, but I guess I don't feel like I have that many now. Lol.

You look fantastic in your bikini, what are you talking about?!
If it makes you feel better I gained 10lbs too and I've been working out and cutting back the food, but it is SO super hard to lose the weight. But, if you are muscular that is okay - that makes you beautiful! I have a muscular bod too so I understand.

Looks like you had fun!! Love the orange dress and ALL of your shoes, you lucky girl.

myownlittleuniverse said...

that is A LOT of shoes! and cute ones! now i wont feel bad if i buy more....i'll just have to find a place to put them all!

The Clothes Horse said...

Wow. You do have a lot of shoes, but definitely not too many. :) I love you in that red/orange dress--actually makes me want to go to F21 and see if it is still there. Also, you look great in your swimsuit--really toned from my view!

The Clothes Horse said...

P.S. The Star photographer is not the same as the moon one--but I definitely saw that connection too when I found this guy.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

WOW, that's a lot of shoes! Haha, and I thought I had a lot.

I think you look GREAT!!! Think of how many people out there would KILL to have your body. A lot I bet! Also, you might want to try eating MORE?? When I was trying to lose weight a few months ago I figured out I wasn't eating enough, when I started eating an extra 100-200 calories a day I started losing! Just a thought :-)

Also, I'm jealous of how fabulous you look in bright colours!!

Kass said...

HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! lol. I'm jealous. So nice :)

And this paragraph made me sad:

"Ugh, I almost didn't include this picture because although the bikini (VS) is cute, I am not. It seems all other bloggers are super skinny and thin and trim and wicked hot and I must be the only roly poly pudgy one out there!!"

Mostly because the way you see yourself is not the way we see you. I wish I could give you my eyes for a day then maybe you'd see how super fly you are sweetie :)

And another thing, so you've gained weight. You eat right, and you exercise like a machine, yet you still remain, maybe that's your body telling you what weight you should be? I know you might prefer to be smaller, but your body is obviously telling you that that size isn't right for you?


Kass said...

And besides, if you lost weight, and became skeletor like some of the ladies out there, you wouldn't be able to fill out this skirt ( as superbly as you did - PHWOAR!

Face it Karina, you're a hot bitch ;)

Sher said...

Al right! You have more than me! I'm at 60 now and that includes boots etc.

MizzJ said...

Holy crap! Ok this makes me feel better b/c people already laugh at how many pairs of shoes I have! Don't feel bad though, those shoes are fabulous :D

You're very brave to post a pic of yourself in a bikini and I'm proud (even though I don't know haha) that you did it! Your body is def not as bad you are thinking and that's honest to god truth lady.

Anonymous said...

Echoing Amber's sentiments here, you don't know how many people would kill to have your body (including me!) You don't know roly-poly till you have spent your whole life being a chubby kid and now I realize that I am slowly but surely metamorphosizing in to 170lb beached whale as an adult, only consolation point is that I have age on my side and can do something about it. Still I know I'll never ever rock a bikini like you clearly can, thanks to all the freaking stretch marks.
So gah, all I mean is that people like me totally turn green when they see a picture like yours :P. You are beautiful (and I am not just saying that!)

Pinky said...

1. You can never have too many pairs of shoes as long as you rotate them fairly =)

2. Pudgy? Are you blind? You are perfectly toned and curvy! And there are a ton of not-model-skinny bloggers out there, and I honestly prefer them. It took me 10 years to learn that I have curves. And even if I am fit and toned I will still have hips and bubbies and booty. And you, dear, are a perfectly gorgeous curvy woman. And trust me, men prefer curvy to stick thin. Like my boyfriend said "who cares if all clothes look good on her, I need something to grab on to, not just bones." But I digress. My point is that you are fab, and I wish you could see what we all see =)

Carlotta said...

absolutely not!! I've more than 250 pairs and they're never enough!! love the pic, I'm gonna wear something orange/coral like your pretty dress today..and you look stunning!!

Anonymous said...

firstly, you look amazing :) i wish i looked that good!

secondly, one can never have enough pairs of shoes, seriously. if they look lovely and protect our feet in the bargain, what's the harm? i think i have just as many as you! your pairs are lovely.

Len said...

And I thought it was much when I counted 15 pairs of high heels only.

Though I must admit that most of your shoes (especially in the first pic) look the same to me. lol.

Love the Batman pic!

Len said...

Oh, and about your weight (I forgot all about that moaning when I saw the shoe pics... lol): you're NOT fat. You have a wonderful, curvy waist and bottom!

Actually, I opened a women's magazine for the first time in maybe a year or two yesterday, and I was SHOCKED by the women you see in there. NONE of them has a normal weight, and I remember that when I used to read those magazines regularly, I never thought those women had abnormal bodies. Now I do and I'm satisfied with the weight I have. I don't have superthin thighs, but my ass rocks and I'm STRONG.

I understand you want to lose weight because you spend a lot of time at 10 pounds less (same thing for me actually), but if it doesn't happen, as said above, maybe your body is trying to tell you something. It's also possible that you're taking medication that hinders you from losing weight.

( . )( . ) said...

Oooooh i should send you pics, I am the proud owner of over 140 pairs of high heels. That doesnt include flats either!! I love my shoes too!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call a shoe collection! I'm very jealous - you really do have a shoe for every occasion.

I can't believe you don't like your body - you look gorgeous. I certainly wish I had a flat flat stomach like you've got. You rock girl.

I will eventually get around to setting up an account on here so I don't just keep coming up as anonymous!

Amelia said...

Oh, I've been to Hamburger Mary's! We always used to go there when we went to Vancouver when I was little. That's cool.

I love your dress and I'm totally envious of your shoe collection!

geisharock said...

You can never too many pairs of shoes, never! I dread to think how many I have.. doesn't help that I live between a house in london and hong kong and I've basically got a shoe wardrobe in each city!! darling you look AMAZING in your bikini, don't be silly! I'm also a member of the not-an-effortlessly-slender-modelesque-blogger club. At 5'4 I am still probably a bigger clothing size than you, believe it or not! :) xxx

geisharock said...

oooh I forgot to say where my wedges came from! They're from a brand called J Shoes and are so well made and comfortable. They are in UK sizes but run small in my experience, at least on amazon UK where I bought my pair. for instance, my wedges are a EU37/UK4/US6.5 but they fit more like a EU37/UK3/US5.5 (hope those conversions are correct!) so definitely go a size up if you do buy :) they also have great customer service - i wrote to them complaining that their sizes are misleading and they apologised profusely and offered me another pair, gratis, for the bother! they are at xxx

geisharock said...

ok, just realised they have a US site! i can't say for sure about the sizes there, maybe they run true to size as UK half sizes correspond to US full sizes! (ie. UK 4.5 = US 6). okay i'll stop spamming your comments now :) xx

♥ Marta ♥ said...
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♥ Marta ♥ said...

Holy Moly... that's a lot of shoes :) but I don't think that you can have too many!!!

Darling, that color of orange/red looks absolutely perfect on you.

BY the way, YOU LOOK HOT IN THE BIKINI. SMOKING HOT. You should take lots of pride in you body... in really is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

If my stomach was as flat as that...and if I looked as good as you do, I would not be ashamed to post my picture in my blog.

You go girl!

Write Me Beautiful said...

I have shoe envy!

S said...

And I thought I had a lot of shoes! I'm only up to 50 something. I'm a sucker for shoes and snatch them up whenever I find my hard to find size 11.

Kristin said...

1. Your shoe collection rocks. 2. Roly poly? Ah ha ha ha. You look AMAZING!

DaisyChain said...

Nope, you can never have too many pairs of shoes.

I hate you for looking so amazing in red!

DaisyChain said...

P.S. damn you look amazing in your bikini.

♥ fashion chalet said...

So many shoes :)

I love the red dress too!!!


Eyeliah SS said...

Yes, quite the amass of shoes!!! and you look soooooo good in a bikini gal! :-)

Vegas Princess said...

Wow. That is a lot of shoes. I used to love shoes. Somewhere I lost that and starting only wearing one or two pairs. Maybe I need to look into that and start up again because I do love me a good shoe.

Sweetie, you look perfect! There is no shlub on you. Put us in that teeny tiny bikini side by side and you'll feel LOADS better!! :)

Francie. said...

i thought i had a lot of shoes! I am going to have to go home and take note of how many i have!

Shannon said...

I think you look fabulous in your bikini. Weight gain is hard. I've gained 15 pounds since New Years so I understand.

And I adore your shoe collection.

Spatzi said...

you have lots of shoes.

and get rid of that caption under your bikini shot. there isn't an ounce of roly poly on you. you're perfect.

Eva Ana said...