Friday, April 24, 2009

Summer sandals


These Cocobelle sandals just arrived today from and I had to try them ASAP, even though it's not exactly Summer yet :P I rolled up my pantlegs, ran out of the office for a few minutes and enjoyed the summery feeling. Then I felt the pain - you know the pain of the first thong sandals of the year, how that delicate skin in between your toes just isn't used to it? There's also plastic covering that part (attached to the shoe) so I'm not too sure how well the break-in process is going to go.

That aside, I love these sandals. The colour is fab and the ankle cuffs not only take the edge off of my scars but they don't chop my feet off either - they are the kinda sandals you'd see worn with a golden maxi dress on the islands off of Turkey.

I also got a House of Harlow gladiator cuff which is gorgeous! Only problem is that it can easily slip off my wrist, which is odd cuz Nicole Richie made this bracelet and her wrists are TINY so I kinda thought it would be otherwise. No matter, I'm just shoving it up my arm this time.


Of course as these additions arrived at my work mid-day, this is what I looked like before work - finally taking advantage of casual Friday!


Jeans: Mavie; Tunic shirt: Forever 21; Belt: ASOS; Huge bag: Chinese Laundry; Shoes: Tory Burch Reva Flats; Huge aviators: Forever 21

But that wasn't all that arrived! I finally got my package from, which Budget Babe turned me on to. Fabulous make-up at heavily discounted prices, such as:

Sue Devit Starlights clear water eyeshadow - been wanting to try this for YEARS! Looks a lot more subtle on the eye than it does in the bottle though.

Deluxe Beauty Elastic Gloss in Dean - love this colour!

And the Joey NY SoBe Sunkissed Bronzing Makeup pallette. I got more Deluxe gloss and Smashbox cream liner and eyebrow powder as well (they were like $6 each or something) :)

Anyhoo, productive day, girly stuff wise. I'm looking forward to going home and having a BIG glass of red wine. Oh, and then go see The Killers after that - should be a nice way to spend a Friday evening, even though part of me wants to nap instead :P

Alas, question time before I leave....

Reader Question: What is the oldest piece of clothing in your closet? Do you still wear it and why haven't you thrown it out? My Mavi jeans pictured above are 5 years old and still kicking, however I have a denim shirt I've had for well over ten years (bought in a mall in Sherman Oaks, California when I was 15 or 16 - though the pic below is from 2006, in Sognefjord, Norway):


Happy Weekend :)


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love that bow belt! there's a similar one for sale at topshop that i just might need.

Wanderlusting said...

Thanks, it's half made from recycled leather too, so that's kinda cool.

BTW - just bought an iPod Touch lol - just for that closet app! Well, honestly I really needed an iPod (never had one before) so I figured it was a good way to end my last day of online shopping for 6 weeks :)

Amber said...

Cute clothes, as always!

Oldest thing in my closet, hmmm. I have jeans that are about four years old, I think that's it! I gained and then lost 20 pounds in the last few years so my clothing has been switched out a lot!

Budget Babe said...

oooh house of harlow! how's the quality? i think nicole richie has such great style and i love her jewelry line.

glad you like the beautyticket goodies, i got some stuff from them too and loved every item. such great prices.

have a lovely weekend!!

Eyeliah @ said...

Those sandals are the cutest, I should paint my toes too.....
Too bd about the cuff, I can't stand when they are too big. :-(

Sarah said...

oddest thing in my closest HAS to be my 21st birthday dress. I had it made for the occasion and I havent worn it since. Its NEVER going to fit again either so Im not sure why I keep it!

Anonymous said...

As I sit here, I'm wearing a burgundy zip-up that I bought while traveling across Canada at age 20.. 8 years ago.

Here's me in a dress I bought just about 10 years ago (the brown one)

Still wear it, still love it, but it's barely holding together anymore!

Nicole Marie said...

love the sandals!!

Erica said...

The oldest thing in my closet is probably my taupe sandals. They were my first "expensive" pair of shoes, my mom bought them for my when I was inducted into Honor Society in the 7th grade. I'm a junior in college now...and they still fit!

It's kind of sad actually, when I was younger, I was REALLY short but my feet grew fast. I had such ugly, huge feet when I was younger :(

Amelia said...

I love the shirt! It's a nice take on classic white. The sandals are really cute, too.

Anika said...

Adore the bow belt, its gorgeous!
And the sandals rock, I recently saw a pair that snaked around your ankle to mid-calf that I wanted to buy but its winter here so probably not the best idea.

Have a lovely weekend.

Couture Carrie said...

You look fabulous, darling! Especially loving that last pic!


Michael said...

That top picture makes it look like you're hiding a big ol' something sticking out.

I still have my concert T-shirt from the Eagles Reunion Tour in 1994.

word verification: "doickn", which was a failed heavy metal band in the 1980s.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love the chic shirt teamed with jeans look, so classy :)

Vegas Princess said...

Even on casula Fridays you manage to look fabulous! :)

S of HighLighter said...

I have handmade leather sandals of very similar style that I wore with maxi dresses every single day while vacationing on the Turkish mediterranean coast last summer- just like you said! Also Mavi makes some awesome jeans, I can't blame you for still keeping your pair.

xx S