Monday, April 27, 2009

Fruit Punch





Sandals: my new Matt Bernson Nouer III - so summery and bright, I love them!; Bag: Coach; Everything else: Forever 21

On Sunday I got up nice and early (for the second Sunday in a row) and went to spin class. I am so happy they are now offering the classes on the weekend because weekend workouts are the absolute best - even if it means you can't sleep in. I used to just lie in bed forever but these days if I am semi-awake I know I should get up and get the day started - you get so much out of it that way. I still sleep in when I can but if it gets past 10:30 AM, I start to feel guilty (a lot different from my college days when sleeping in till noon was the plan). I honestly think getting up earlier on the weekends has also improved my overall sleep for the entire week - I guess it's either that or the near-constant workouts!

Energized from my workout, I got home and started tearing apart my closet - today was the day I was going to haul my winter clothes to my parent's house and take back my summer stuff (as well as sort the clothes I am to giveaway to friends at Eyeliah's clothing swap party and give to charity).

It wasn't till I arrived at my parent's house and went into the storage room that I realized how much clothing I had. I mean, I knew I had shirts that I just didn't wear anymore, or never wore, or were gross, didn't fit, etc. But I totally forgot about all of my legitimate summer stuff which I moved out there last October. Dresses I had totally forgotten about, which were promptly coming home with me.

Of course, I had bought a lot more dresses between October and now, so my newest biggest challenge is trying to fit them all in my closet when my closet was already way too full. WAY too full!

Did I mention that I had the sweetest dream the other day? In my dream, I reorganized my closet and realized it was a walk in! Then I woke up, saw my actual closet and almost cried.

But there IS hope on the horizon. After spending the afternoon at my boyfriend's parents house (up the street from my parents) and lounging outside with that Rum Punch in the sunshine, I realized my potential move there in July wouldn't be all THAT unbearable...especially after revisiting the bedroom we will be staying in and its epic closet-space :)

In the meantime though, I impulsively bought an iTouch (my last hurrah of online shopping). I had actually been meaning to get one for a while since I needed a music player and I loved the idea of having iPhone apps without having an actual iPhone. But most of all, I really wanted the closet organizer app (thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere for the tip!). Remember last month when I took photos of all my clothes and wished there was some way I could make this turn into Cher's closet doohickey from Clueless? Well, now there is! I can't wait to try it :) it might change my life, me thinks :P

And speaking of online shopping, my ban OFFICIALLY starts on May 1st, but it has more or less already started. And let me tell you...this is SERIOUS business.

Yes, I had shopping bans before, which - like restricting diets - only leads to binges. So I am not banning shopping in general. Like I said, if I want new shoes then I need to get my ass to Aldo and buy them. Laziness will prevent 90% of all my shopping though.

So I am just banning online shopping - and really avoiding all online retail sites. I have even written out a sworn oath to God that I signed and my boyfriend witnesses. Sounds extreme, but when I've sworn to God, I don't dare piss Him off.

Sadly enough, this is already hard. Just looking through magazines I see stuff that I could have bought had I known about it, but now I can't. And it JUST started - it really will take the grace of God to get me to last till July 1st. But I can do it. I MUST!

Ah, check out the nice views from the yard of my future temporary home - watched this bratty crow annoy this bald eagle for a good hour or so. Sigh. I love BC!


By the way; question for you readers out there: How do YOU organize your closet? Is it a mess, stuffed to the brims (like mine) or a calm and soothing sanctuary, organized by colour? (for the record, mine is stuffed full, but in my actual hanging closet I try and put pants together, skirts together, tops together, dresses together and then in colour order - but it rarely lasts like that for more than a day :P)


Savvy Mode SG said...

love how you mix bright pink and orange, tres chic.

Farrielle Design and Fashionista said...

I so love reading your blog. Nice punch, that is one of my favorite drinks to make when I am feeling home sick, I make my caribbean fruit punch. Ok so how did the race go, I was busy shopping with my sister for the wedding the dress so I did not check. What a view you have there, first I thought is that real or fake the eagle, wow.
Ok so now to the closet, my is organized by color and also by pants, tops, jeans, etc and scarfs for the summer, scarfs for the winter , winter clothes, and also bags are by colors, clutches by color and by themselves, I have a walk in so I have space, but I need to reorganize and donate . I am proud of you to do the ban. Let me know how it goes.

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous summer outfit--the color choices are fantastic. I also love those sandals. They are fabulous.

As for closet organizing, everything hanging is organized from long to short (sleeve length) and by color. For things folded it's also by color and type of shirt (tank top, long sleeve, blouse). I can get kind of obsessive about it. But at least I know when someone touches my clothes.

Kass said...

I've been through shopping binge stages, where I'd drop hundreds in a matter of days. It's not nice. And whilst I wouldn't ever say I've ever been in the grasp of a shopping addiction like yourself, I would say I've had to kind of ween myself off shopping.

These days I may buy an occassional top or handbag, maybe a pair of shoes here or there, but nothing major, and never more than two things in one pay fortnight.

And how did I ween myself off?

I stopped buying the magazines that made me want those things. I stopped looking.

But that may not work for you, since you seem to totally and utterly LOVE fashion, whereas I like it, but not so much. I prefer the buying and having of new things, rather than the trends and colours and whats in and whats not.

It might work tho? Once you stop looking around at what everybody else is wearing, at what is in and what is out (you get a feel for that without looking anyway), you might realise that you don't need to go out and buy buy buy, and it might help your money sucking addiction..

MizzJ said...

Cute outfit, so summery! Hmm I organize my closet by item type (pants, long-sleeve T's, tanks/t-shirts, sweaters, etc) but it's still getting a little cramped and I'd actually cleared out a bunch of things when I moved here a few months ago! Good luck on your shopping ban! You can do it!!

Wanderlusting said...

Kass - Funny thing is though that I don't follow the trends - otherwise you would see me in hammer pants like every other fashionista. I like what I like and wear what I like, regardless of what mags tell me is in. And frankly, I don't have the body to pull half that shit off!

I don't think stopping reading mags would help because all it does is inspire me to wear what I already have. After all, I have so much that I have all I need to make a million outfits out of a million mags or sites.

For me with shopping, it's not just fashion. It's everything. It's about having new things - it doesn't matter what they are. And as long as they are "new" to me. So it would be great if my addiction could turn to say, Thrift shopping! Then I could spend little money and still have new stuff AND expend the energy to do so. Online shopping though is just a lazy way to pass time for me and that wasn't good in many ways :)

Wanderlusting said...

MizzJ - thanks for the support! I tend to go through phases...there were times (years ago) I would buy makeup ALL the time from Sephora and one day I just stopped. Now i do it maybe every 6 months (vs twice a month) - so it's just a matter of getting it out of my head and breaking the habit. Too bad I derive so much pleasure from sitting down with a glass of wine and searching for awesome things online lol.

Vegas Princess said...

Those colors just scream Spring! I love the sherberts. :) My closet is pretty organized, I try to keep all things together and similar colors in line, but it tends to get a bit messy every now and then.

Kass said...

Maybe you should stop looking at the online stores then lol! I know, such a horrible thing to say.

Wanderlusting said...

That's why I've stopped looking at online stores! But that too is hard, it's such an easy way to pass time.

tanya said...

lookin' gorgeous! I just love orange and pink together--so perfect for the lovely weather :-)

Eyeliah @ said...

Sweet, so excited for the swap! Love your pink cardigan.

Underfunded Heiress said...

Cute outfit!

Karinaxoxo said...

I am lucky enough to have 3 'closets'. The one in my bedroom hangs my most rotated tops. Another has dress' and coats and whatever is not in season. And the 3rd is where I hang pants, jeans and work clothes

( . )( . ) said...

Hehe, my closet, is massive, and its all in colour order. One half is for dresses, the other half for shirts and then pants etc go in drawers.

As for your online shopping ban, I am currently doing the same. I shop so much online its probably an addiction, but I am starting up my own online shop so i need my money saved to hlp set it up.

Good luck with the ban, I am with you in spirit!

Couture Carrie said...

You wear color so well! Love this outfit, especially the sandals and your toenail polish - fabulous!

I organize my closet by item - jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses, etc. And I rotate things out seasonally. Fun Q!


Anonymous said...

I also organize my closet by item: jeans, tops, skirts, etc and then by colours and prints. It looks so much prettier when I take a step back! :-) However, I understand when you say it's hard to maintain since you're sifting through to pull an outfit quick.

As for shopping...I admit I had an online shopping addiction!! It was easy to feed the addiction since I'm married to an American in the US (but I live in Vancouver, BC) I had no problem shipping my purchases to my husband's house in Washington. Anyhow, I was cleaning my closet one day and out of the blue just started doing an estimate tally of how much each purse/pair of shoes/piece of clothing cost me in the last 5 years. The thought made me ill! I've realized how much $$$ I could've saved for a down payment on a house, a new car, or a big trip if I had saved! In addition to reminding myself of this is that I do a big closet clean-out twice a year. Basically this is when I switch over from fall/winter clothes to spring/summer clothes. I take a look at each piece and assess how often I wore it. If it's been worn at least once within the last 3 months, then it stays. If I didn't even touch it (or forgot about it), then that tells me I will never wear it. It's brutal, but it helps! I've also convinced myself to sell/donate an item from my closet for every new item I buy. I've tried it and have never looked back!!!

Hope you realize that you're not alone in that struggle! You always look so absolutely amazing in your outfits, so I'm sure you won't have trouble pulling items together even after you've sifted through and cleaned up your closet.

Budget Babe said...

I'm always inspired to wear more color when I see your outfits. I went through a no-black phase for about 2-3 years, now I'm back to black and neutrals.

My closet is very organized, but its not the stuff I wear! All the stuff in current rotation gets dumped in these massive piles and in woven basket-type storage thingies, over the back of chairs, hanging on door knobs, etc. It's shameful but until I get that walk-in closet, its the best I can do :)

Journeys Through Fashion said...

My closet is more than a's a hot mess! Clothes everywhere, shoes's terrible.