Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moody Blues (and greys)

Yesterday was my boyfriend's sister's bday (busy bday month for that family!) and we were whisked off to another dinner by their generous parents, this time to an exquisite beachside restaurant called Giraffes, in White Rock (a hilly, affluent beachside city right beside the border). Boy, was it ever windy!

I felt like rocking my bargainriffic leather jacket again (I just love it so - can't believe that it was marked down from $1080 to $19, just because it looks a bit worn and battered - I feel like a rescued the best pup ever from the pound!) so I put it together with some grounding greys - and outfit that went straight from work to dinner.






Nappa leather jacket: LILIU; Boots: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN; Bag: RAFE; Skirt, tank, belt, watch and sunglasses: FOREVER 21


The food was absolutely amazing, my boyfriend had this dungeness crab cake and scallop thing atop mashed potatoes - too yum.

I had chicken breasts stuffed with mango and wrapped with Westphalian Ham in a balsalmic maple glaze. Even the beets were good! Beets are the last vegetable I have yet to conquer because I think they unrefutabley taste like dirt but these at least tasted like clean dirt. I cleaned my plate.



Anyway, I still can't get over the bargain on that jacket, which makes me want to ask some questions relating to bargain and getting the most out of your clothes (Answer both or either one - yes even YOU who never comments, I know you're out there, I have Sitemeter, lol)...

Question for my readers: #1

What is the best bargain/deal/find that YOU ever had?

Question for my readers: #2

What is the one thing in your closet that you wear the most and why? Do you try to remix it and make it look new by wearing it in different ways?


Shannon said...

I think the best deal I ever got was a Vera Wang cocktail dress for $7. I think the one thing I wear most in my closet is probably black v-neck t-shirts, and I love mixing them up with different accessories and bottoms and sweaters.

p.s. just found your blog. loves it!

Kayla Linzy said...

The best deals I get are things that are originally priced at $50 or more and I get them for $15 or less. But now that I work in fashion retail, I get discounts on all the clothes in my store, and our store is huge! So stoked.

As for my favorite closet item, I have no idea. Probably my flats, because you can wear them with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, anything. And they are perfect for summer, spring, and fall.

xo. Kayla L

Budget Babe said...

Your jacket will go down in bargain shopping history. Net-a-Porter has a lovely aqua purse by Chloe that would match nicely ;) (not a bargain though...)

I'm glad you asked about best bargains today cuz I just scored some kidskin leather Calvin Klein black platform pumps for $39.97 on clearance at DSW --woohoo!!

also that restaurant looks amaaazing. ::drools::

Anonymous said...

Best Deal:
I was photo wandering before going to work one day a few weeks ago (I start at 1pm or later) and stumbled upon a yard sale where a group of women were selling off clothes. For $20 I got a bag, a shirt, a dress and.. the kicker.. a pair of simple black cowboy boots. They fit me perfectly and I wear them all the time!

As for what I wear so much.. this ratty brown leather jacket that I got at Sally Ann for 12 dollars:


Couture Carrie said...

Oh, fancy dinners out are the best! You look amazing in that ice blue, and I am coveting your shades!

The pic of the 4 of you is just wonderful!

These are fun Qs:
1) Best Deal Ever: Miu Miu thigh high shearling boots for less than $100 at the Barneys Warehouse Sale.
2) Fave piece of clothing: black J Brand skinnies - I wear them too much!


Rachel said...

Best deal was probably this really gorgous burnt orange suede jacket that I got from a boutique my cousin owns. Full retail was like $850 and I got it for $75. I still love that jacket.
Favorite item from the closet is probably my black tank top that I seem to wear to work almost everyday with different outfits.

Anonymous said...

Best deal = $4.23 Marc Jacobs skirt at Goodwill!

I wear my 7 for all mankind jeans all the time they are the love of my life!

and that jacket is ridiculously gorgeous! I can't believe it was $19!

Eyeliah @ said...

I really love your leather, the color also so lovely on your skin.

Best find, a Black Faux Fur jacket with white around the neck and cuffs, the collar can convert to a funnel neck when its cold, so gorgeous. Got it in my teen yrs, pretty sure I still have it in storage, was like $25.

The most wear is my lil floral skirt I only got recently, I wear it too much. :-)

No idea hat to wear tomorrow, I can never decide until the last minute, we are transiting there and back so have to factor that in to the look, def a skirt or dress and tights. :-) what about you?

♥ Marta ♥ said...

OMG...I can't get over that jacket, it is stunning. That color looks absolutely amazing on you :) I love the entire outfit, perfection.

It looks like you had a wonderful time :)

As for the question, my best find was Ruthie Davis shoes on sale from 800 for 200. I love them to pieces.

As for my most worn items,I have a few that I wear all the time.... like my leather jacket, my juicy and bloch flats,Kors booties, and my j brand skinniness. Those are my survival pieces that I wear with everything and anything. I just can't help it.

Have a wonderful day gorgeous :)

The Clothes Horse said...

That jacket is great--you look very chic. And so many lovely pictures from the day! best bargain would probably be some of my vintage dresses--like a 60s one for $12. Or a tee shirt I scored for $1 and now wear so much!
What I wear the most: a floral babydoll dress from H&M, I change it up every time with sweaters/vests/tights/scarves/etc. I keep coming back to it because it's so cosy.

smidge said...

My two best bargains have been recently, there is a new UK website called Cocosa which is a private designer sale site. I recently got a £190 pair of Micheal Kors boots for £30 and a £120 John Smedley Cashmere jumper for £40. They have Karl Largerfield next, but still way too expensive for me even at half price.

My most worn items are coats, My Ted Baker cape has seen me through winter everyday and I have a gorgeous Allsaints leather jacket that instantly turns me into a rock chick!

P.s if any UK girls want an invitation to Cocosa let me know!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great jacket, one of my favorite colors this time of year :) and j'adore all of the yummy food images!! You're looking great as always. :) And your comments sent me through the roof, thank youu! *blushing* xo!

Alice said...

my best bargain was the first (and virtually only) pair of sexy black heels i was ever able to wear quasi-comfortably, which i found on clearance @ aerosoles for $20. (unfortunately, those shoes were "misplaced" by some roommates, and i paid $80 to replace them from oh well. they were a bargain the first time!)

most worn is always my fave pair of jeans, whatever that is at the time. i wear them until they literally fall apart, then i'm really sad and can't ever find another pair i like as much...

Alice said...

ps: your butt looks fantastic in that skirt! ;-)

Marian said...

I love love LOVE those boots and the cropped jacket. you look terric sweetie and blue really suits you.
hope your boyfriends sister had a lovely b-day xx

DaisyChain said...

I loveee the colour of the jacket on you.
I am also rather jealous of where you live, it looks so damn beautiful.

The Clothes Horse said...

You can not be complaining about location with a beach so close! I'm jealous of you! Also, when we live in the country there are no nearby H&M...